SCP-1128 Aquatic Horror | Euclid class | Cognitohazard / Infohazard scp

Item #: SCP-1128 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Written descriptions
or imagery of SCP-1128’s appearance, or videos of the entity “breaching” (see Addendum 1128-3)
found outside the Foundation are to be destroyed, and class-C amnesiacs are to be administered
to anyone exposed to such information or showing signs of SCP-1128 contamination. A written
description of the entity’s appearance is to be kept at Site-██ for experimental
purposes only and is not to be read by anyone other than D-class used for testing. If exposed,
staff are to report immediately for administration of Class C Amnesiacs. Mobile Containment Force
Kappa-12 has been assigned to intercept and redirect any and all water traffic that passes
through their designated patrol area by any means necessary (see Addendum 1128-2). Description: SCP-1128 is an entity that manifests
as a massive aquatic predator to anyone given a full description of the being’s appearance
through either spoken/written descriptions or visual depictions of the being. Persons
infected by SCP-1128 will initially exhibit no abnormal behavior, though some cases show
a general aversion to activities involving bodily immersion in water such as bathing
or swimming. Should subject ever be fully immersed in water, they will disappear completely
under the surface of the water, regardless of the water’s actual depth. In most cases,
subjects will reappear moments later in a panicked state and frantically try to leave
the water, while in some other cases the water will become polluted with blood and debris
confirmed to be the remains of the subject. Subjects that have reappeared intact claim
that they were transported to a vast ocean where they are pursued by SCP-1128. Interviews
with these individuals carries some risk of further SCP-1128 contamination, as descriptions
of the being’s appearance trigger further infections. SCP-1128 infection can be treated
with class-C amnesiacs, as it appears memory of the entity or descriptions of it are required
for its anomalous properties to take effect. Addendum 1128-1: Testing with infected D-class
have shown that wireless communication devices function normally when used by submerged subjects
affected by SCP-1128. See Interview 1128-██ for details. Addendum 1128-2: Tracking devices affixed
to D-class used in SCP-1128 experiments reveal that submerged subjects are transported to
an area within the █████ Ocean, not far from the coast of [REDACTED]. Further
investigation of these coordinates revealed the area to be [DATA EXPUNGED]. Mobile Containment
Force Kappa-12 (“Sea Devils”) has been assigned to keep unauthorized seafaring vessels out
of this area at all costs. Note: That’s where we’ve been sending those
D-class? How does a short-range wireless communicator get such a clear signal from that far away?
-Dr. S██████ Addendum 1128-3: Tests involving D-1732, who
had been used for repeated SCP-1128 testing without administration of amnesiacs, was shown
to be able to encounter the entity in bodies of water normally insufficient for bodily
immersion. This effect became more drastic over time, with D-1732 developing progressively
stronger hydrophobic tendencies, claiming to see SCP-1128 from outside almost any body
of water encountered by the subject. On ██/██/20██, ██ days after initial exposure, D-1732
was violently pulled into a glass of water by [REDACTED]. No remains were recovered from
the incident. Staff witnessing the event were found to be infected by SCP-1128, and administered
class-C amnesiacs. Containment procedures were then updated to include videos and descriptions
of this event, and testing involving extended infection of D-class was terminated. Experiment log 1128-A-1 Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: D-class exposed to SCP-1128 outfitted with diving gear and communication device,
then lowered into tub of water. Result: See Interview 1128-██ Interviewed: D-█████ Interviewer: Dr. S██████ Foreword: D-█████ was instructed
to read from a small pamphlet describing SCP-1128’s appearance, then was outfitted with diving
gear and lowered into a large tub of water via winch and cable. D-█████’s gear
was outfitted with a wireless communication device to allow contact between himself and
Dr. S██████, and to test if the SCP had any effect on such devices. Interview
has been edited to remove hazardous information pertaining to SCP-1128.Dr. S██████: D-█████,
can you hear me? over. D-█████: I hear you doc. Damn, this
thing is deep. It looked so tiny from the outside… Dr. S██████: How well is your
reception? over. D-█████: Good enough, I guess. Kinda
fuzzy, but not enough that I can’t hear what you’re saying. Dr. S██████: What is your current
status? D-█████: Right now, I’m just sinking
to the bottom of- is this the ocean? How the hell did you manage to fit an entire ocean
inside a stinkin’ bathtub? Dr. S██████: Irrelevant, D-█████.
What are your surroundings? D-█████: I just said “ocean”, damn
it! There’s fish and everything! Don’t you guys know what the hell’s inside your own-
oof!! Dr. S██████: D-█████,
what happened? D-█████: I’m fine, I’m fine. I just
hit bottom. Looks like I’ve landed in a patch of seaweed or something. Dr. S██████: What are your surroundings? D-█████: Seaweed, mostly. Wait a
second… it gets thinner to my right, looks like there might be a dropoff that way. Should
I go take a look? Dr. S██████: You may proceed. D-█████: Ok. (D-█████
grunts audibly) Damn suit’s heavy, it’s hard to move in this thing. Hey, is this thing
soundproof? I hope my talking isn’t scaring off any-OH MY GOD!!! Dr. S██████: D-█████?
D-█████, respond! What’s your status? D-█████: (panting audibly) I’m ok.
I’m ok. I don’t think it saw me. Damn, I think I pissed myself. Dr. S██████: What happened? What
did you see? D-█████: Scariest damn thing I’ve
ever seen. Some kind of big-ass [DESCRIPTION REDACTED]. Wait a second… that’s the thing
from that stupid booklet you gave me, isn’t it? Dr. S██████: Affirmative, please
refrain from describing it any further. What is it doing? D-█████: Nothing right now, it’s
just swimming along. I think it’s got something in its mouth… is that a whale? Holy crap,
it is! It’s eating a whale! Oh God, look at those teeth! Dr. S██████: (to assistant) I
think we’re done here. Pull him out now. (to D-█████) Thank you for your cooperation,
we’re bringing you up now. D-█████: And now he swallowed it.
Damn, that’s gonna haunt my dreams… wait… it’s stopped moving… I think it sees me
oh God it’s looking right at me IT’S HEADED THIS WAY OH GOD HELP ME!! Dr. S██████: Get him out of there,
now! D-█████: (Hysterical, spouting gibberish
when feed cuts to static)Closing Statement: Winch was retracting at
full speed when the cable went taut, wresting the winch from its mounting. Cable then went
slack and water became polluted with blood confirmed to be that of D-█████.
No further remains or equipment were recovered. Interview log and relevant documents were
edited for vectors and all staff present were treated with Class-C amnesiacs. Experiment log 1128-A-2 Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: D-class exposed to SCP-1128 and equipped with SCUBA gear placed into a standard
protective “shark cage” and lowered into water. Result: No response for approximately █ seconds,
then line went taut and was severed at a point beneath the water. Remains of D-class as well
as jagged steel fragments, presumably remnants of the cage, surfaced shortly afterward. Experiment log 1128-A-3 Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: Same as above. Cage treated with SCP-███ to increase durability.
Result: Same as above, no remains surfaced. Notes: ██ hours later, MCF “Sea Devils”
reported finding an intact shark cage floating beneath surface of patrol area near one of
their vessels. Item was retrieved and confirmed to match description of cage used in Experiment
1128-A-3. Cage was undamaged but bore traces of human DNA and feces of indeterminate origin.
No further remains of D-class found. Experiment log 1128-A-4 Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: Exposed D-class equipped with diving gear and armed with [REDACTED] for use against
“hostile organisms”. Unlike previous tests, subject was also equipped with a live-feed
video camera attached to his helmet. Result: Video feed shows weapon was ineffective
against SCP-1128, appearing only to enrage the creature rather than harm it considerably
or drive it away. Feed was lost when D-class was devoured. Staff involved treated with
amnesiacs following transcription of video feed. Experiment log 1128-A-5 Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: Exposed D-class equipped with protective environment suit and video feed lowered into
a vat of [REDACTED] to test SCP-1128 manifestation in liquids other than water. Substance chosen
for its low density allowing free movement similar to walking in open air.
Result: D-class recovered without incident, liquid did not trigger SCP-1128’s effect.
Note: Ok, so you might be safe from the thing in liquids other than water, but that probably
won’t help you much unless you intend to drink and bathe in exotic chemicals for the rest
of your life, which probably would get a lot shorter if you tried that. -Dr. ████

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