SCP-1522 Ships That Pass In The Night | Neutralized class | aquatic / vehicle / sentient scp

SCP-1522 “Ships That Pass In The Night” Object Class:neutralized Item #: SCP-1522 Object Class: Neutralized Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1522-1
and SCP-1522-2 were tracked and monitored by MTF Pi-2 (aka “Baldr’s Pyre”). MTF Pi-2 vehicles consisted of 2 Hamilton-class
cutters and 1 National Security Cutter (SCPS-Minos), with associated aircraft. Civilian maritime traffic was directed away
from the expected course of SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2. When this was not possible, MTF Pi-2 ships
were to fire flares in order to attract and lead SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 into isolated
ocean areas. Description: SCP-1522 refers to two fishing
trawlers (SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2), each 39 m in length. SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 were capable of
speeds surpassing that of their specifications. Prior to Incident-1522-Rho, their highest
observed speed was 120 knots. Controls on SCP-1522-1’s and SCP-1522-2’s
bridges were capable of autonomous movement, but were immovable by Foundation personnel. SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 were assumed to
be sapient, and usually responded to SCPS vessel signals to change course. Records indicate SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2
were manufactured simultaneously in 1991 at the Parkol Marine shipyard in Whitby, United
Kingdom. After construction, SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2
were kept in Whitby harbour for several months due to financial complications, before being
sold to separate buyers. They served with their respective companies
for 3 years, before being decommissioned as a result of recurrent mechanical issues. No anomalous effects were present during this
time. It is unclear whether SCP-1522-1 or SCP-1522-2
actually underwent a decommissioning process. In May 1997, SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 were
detected, in a re-furbished and re-painted condition, off the southern coast of Alaska. Foundation VBSS operations found no crew aboard
either ship. SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 were tracking a
Gray whale mother and calf. Using modified active sonar pings to mimic
cetacean calls, SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 spent the majority of their time finding and
engaging in play-like activity with various whale species. The hulls of SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 regularly
came into contact for prolonged periods while observing the animals. During a 7-month period spent in the Arctic,
presumably searching for the Bowhead whale, SCP-1522-2 collided with an iceberg. Part of the iceberg penetrated SCP-1522-2’s
outer hull and it was unable to free itself. SCP-1522-1 spent several weeks towing SCP-1522-2
and the iceberg into warmer waters until the iceberg had melted. SCP-1522-2 remained afloat, but was not subsequently
observed moving faster than 10 knots. Addendum-1522-1: Event log of Incident-1522-Rho,
taking place 60 km north-west of Ullapool, Scotland in mid 2011. Foreword: The following log is a composite
account of eyewitness reports and video feeds taken from members of MTF Pi-2. SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 were following a
pod of Minke whales.11.51 – SCP-1522-1 curves around the bow of
SCP-1522-2, before briefly accelerating to 80 knots, creating a large wave which splashes
several Minke whales and causes SCP-1522-2 to rock slightly. 11.54 – SCP-1522-2 comes up to the port side
of SCP-1522-1 and sounds its foghorn. They turn together in a south-westerly direction. 12.18 – Both SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 come
to a complete stop. No activity is registered from either ship
for a period of 17 seconds. SCP-1522-1 then focuses its weather surveillance
radar on SCP-1522-2 and sounds its foghorn three times in slow succession. 12.19 – SCPS Minos detects a RGM-84 Harpoon,
inbound on a bearing of three-four-zero. Vector indicates SCP-1522-2 as target. 12.20 – SCP-1522-2 sounds its foghorn four
times and begins moving at 8 knots to touch its hull with that of SCP-1522-1. SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2 collide gently. SCPS Minos detects a second RGM-84 Harpoon
on a bearing of three-four-zero. 12.22 – SCP-1522-1 moves and turns to a bearing
of three-four-zero. SCP-1522-1 then accelerates to Mach 4, resulting
in large plumes of steam and the creation of a bow wave of approximately 60 m in height. SCP-1522-1 vanishes over the horizon in 23
seconds. 12.23 – Harpoon missiles hit SCP-1522-2’s
starboard side. SCP-1522-2’s hull is ruptured and it begins
to sink. All lights on SCP-1522-2 go out. 12.26 – SCP-1522-1 is seen returning from
the direction it previously left. SCP-1522-1’s foghorn is continually blaring. SCP-1522-1 tries to prevent SCP-1522-2 from
taking on water by moving to SCP-1522-2’s starboard side. 12.28 – As SCP-1522-2 becomes completely submerged,
numerous active sonar pings are detected, originating from SCP-1522-1. SCP-1522-1 begins a series of complex high-speed
movements. Resultant subsurface wavepatterns create multiple
zones of high pressure below SCP-1522-2 in an apparent effort by SCP-1522-1 to cause
SCP-1522-2 to resurface. 12.30 – SCP-1522-2 is no longer visible from
the surface. SCP-1522-1 ceases all activity. 16.00 – An MH-65C Dolphin helicopter is launched
from SCPS Minos, and approaches SCP-1522-1 for monitoring. No change in activity is reported. 19.36 – SCP-1522-1 lets out a sustained call
from its foghorn. SCPS Minos’s sonar detects large rectangular
masses detaching from SCP-1522-1, later found to be parts of SCP-1522-1’s hull. SCP-1522-1 is fully submerged within 10 minutes. Closing Statement: SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2
were to be raised and beached, in preparation to be taken for salvage at Site-6, Svalbard. Weather conditions caused salvage operations
to be delayed for several months, resulting in the decayed condition seen above. The remains of a GOC ship of indeterminate
class was discovered at 59°30’N, 6°09’W. No lifeboats were found. Addendum-1522-2: During the recovery and investigation
of the vessels, two small partially-formed apparently non-anomalous rowing boats were
recovered from within the hull of SCP-1522-2. These vessels were extracted from SCP-1522-2
and are currently stored in situ at Site-6, Svalbard. Addendum-1522-3: Following the beaching of
SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2, an unclear humanoid figure was spotted near the wrecks. No such figure was detained. The note below was found on the bridges of
SCP-1522-1 and SCP-1522-2. They were happy, before the end. Not all ships have to pass in the night. -Pangloss

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