SCP-939 With Many Voices | object class keter | Predatory / auditory scp

tem #: SCP-939 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: SCP-939-1,
-3, -19, -53, -89, -96, -98, -99, and -109 are kept in Cell 1163-A or 1163-B, 10 m x
10 m x 3 m containment chambers within Armed Bio-Containment Area-14. Both cells are environmentally
regulated and negatively pressurized, with walls constructed of reinforced concrete.
Access to these cells is regulated by an outer decontamination chamber and inner gas-tight
steel security doors. Observation windows are constructed of laminated ballistics glass
10 cm in thickness protected by a 100kV electrified mesh. Humidity is maintained at 100% at a
temperature of 16° C. Specimens are monitored at all times via infrared cameras. Level Four
authorization is required to access SCP-939, their containment areas, or the observation
chambers. SCP-939-101 is dismembered and stored in Cryogenic
Preservation Tanks 939-101A to 939-101M within Bio-Research Area-12. Access to SCP-939-101
requires authorization by two Clearance Level 3 personnel, one of which must be present
for all research and testing. The contents of only one (1) 939-101 tank may be accessed
at any given time. Core temperature of SCP-939-101 tissues must be monitored while removed from
cryogenic preservation; should core temperature exceed 10° C, tissues are to be returned
to their corresponding tank and all testing suspended for a period of seventy-two (72)
hours. Barring core temperature exceeding 10° C, research of SCP-939-101 tissues may
continue as long as its ramblings and pleas for release may be tolerated. Containment cells should be cleaned biweekly.
While this takes place, SCP-939 specimens will be transferred to the adjacent cell.
During this time, the cell’s door and observation window must be inspected for damage and repaired
or replaced accordingly. Heavy sedation of all SCP-939 is required
before any interaction, including transfer between cells and experimentation, may take
place. See Document #939-TE4 for transfer and experimentation protocol. Level C Hazmat gear is to be worn by personnel
during interactions with SCP-939 specimens and in any areas which SCP-939 have been known
to inhabit. Afterward, standard decontamination procedures are to be observed by all personnel
involved to ensure no secondary spread of amnestic agents occurs. Following Incident ABCA14-939-3, all non Class
D personnel interacting with SCP-939 for any length of time are required to wear two (2)
water-proof electronic pulse monitors for the duration of such interaction. These pulse
monitors will transmit to a wireless monitoring system independent of a facility’s main power
grid, with at least one backup power system on standby. Should both an individual’s pulse
monitors flat-line or otherwise malfunction, the wearer will be presumed dead, personnel
instructed to disregard all the wearer’s subsequent vocalizations, and a breach of containment
declared automatically. Security personnel responding to such a breach are likewise required
to wear these pulse monitors. Additionally, all live SCP-939 must be implanted
with subdermal tracking devices upon capture. Description: SCP-939 are endothermic, pack-based
predators which display atrophy of various systems similar to troglobitic organisms.
The skins of SCP-939 are highly permeable to moisture and translucent red, owing to
a compound chemically similar to hemoglobin. SCP-939 average 2.2 meters tall standing upright
and weigh an average of 250 kg, though weight is highly variable. Each of their four limbs
end in three-fingered claws with a fourth, opposable digit, and are covered in setae
which considerably augment climbing ability. Their heads are elongated, devoid of even
vestigial eyes or eye sockets, and contain no brain casing. The jaws of SCP-939 are lined
with red, faintly luminescent fang-like teeth, similar to those belonging to specimens of
the genus Chauliodus, up to 6 cm in length, and encircled by heat-sensitive pit organs.
Eye spots, sensitive to light and dark, run the length of their spined dorsal ridges.
These spines may be up to 16 cm long and are believed to be sensitive to changes in air
pressure and flow. SCP-939 do not possess many vital organ systems;
central and peripheral nervous systems, circulatory system, and digestive tract are all absent.
SCP-939’s respiratory system is atrophied and serves no apparent purpose beyond spreading
AMN-C227 (see below). SCP-939 have no apparent physiological need to feed, nor any way to
digest consumed tissue. Ingested material typically accumulates in the respiratory system
of SCP-939 and is regurgitated once the amount is sufficient to markedly inhibit its function.
Despite the absence of many vital organ systems, SCP-939 are capable of bearing live young.
See Addendum 10-16-1991. SCP-939’s primary method of luring prey is
the imitation of human speech in the voices of prior victims, though imitation of other
species and active nocturnal hunts have been documented. SCP-939 vocalizations often imply
significant distress; whether SCP-939 understand their vocalizations or are repeating previously
heard phrases is the subject of ongoing study. How SCP-939 acquire voices is not currently
understood; specimens have been documented imitating victims despite never hearing the
victim speak. Analysis of SCP-939 vocalizations cannot distinguish between SCP-939 and samples
of known victims’ voices. The use of biometric voice-recognition security or identification
systems at any installation housing SCP-939 is strongly discouraged for this reason. Prey
is usually killed with a single bite to the cranium or neck; bite forces have been measured
in excess of 35 MPa. SCP-939 exhale minute traces of an aerosolized
Class C amnestic, designate AMN-C227. AMN-C227 causes temporary anterograde amnesia, inhibiting
memory formation for the duration of exposure, plus an average of thirty (30) minutes. It
is colorless, odorless, and tasteless with an estimated ECt50 for inhalation of 0.0015mg•min/m3.
In well-ventilated or open air environments, risk of exposure to ECt50 is greatly reduced
but not negligible. AMN-C227 is typically undetectable in the bloodstream sixty (60)
minutes following cessation of exposure. Reported sensations of disorientation and mild hallucinations
immediately following removal from environments saturated with the agent are similar to recreational
use of numerous psychoactive substances and easily mistaken as such. Note 03-23-2005: This report pertains to morphology
alpha. For information regarding morphology beta, see [REDACTED] Experiment Log 914, AMTF
Nu-7 After Action Report ██-██-████, [REDACTED] Addendum 11-14-1981: A log of radio traffic
between capture teams during initial contact with SCP-939 is available here. Addendum 04-11-1982: Due to SCP-939’s intense
aversion to bright light, it has been deemed a minimal risk of escape. Standard fluorescent
hallway lighting is sufficient to deter SCP-939-1 from leaving its darkened cell. See Addendum
09-20-1991. Addendum 06-29-1987: Preliminary research
into AMN-C227 suggests potential for use as a general-purpose amnestic. Methods of mass-producing
the agent, as well as possible adverse effects, are being investigated at Bio-Containment
and Research Site-06. Addendum 10-03-1990: AMN-C227 has been approved
for use as a Class C amnestic. Projected annual production at Bio-Research Area-12 by SCP-939
respiratory tissue cultures is expected to surpass three (3) liters. Addendum 09-20-1991: Containment of nine (9)
SCP-939 specimens has been compromised following a “Silent Night” breach scenario at Bio-Containment
and Research Site-06. Nearby civilian settlements have been evacuated on the pretense of a coming
storm. Recovery teams have been deployed to the area. Addendum 10-16-1991: [REDACTED] In light of
this, all interaction with SCP-939 from September 8th to October 7th in the Northern Hemisphere
or March 6th to April 4th in the Southern Hemisphere is strictly forbidden. [REDACTED]
No male specimens of SCP-939 have yet been identified [REDACTED] contain a Class B amnestic
[REDACTED] See Reproduction of SCP-939. Addendum 02-20-1992: Effective immediately,
use of AMN-C227 as an amnestic is suspended indefinitely. Consult Incident Report AMN-C227-939
for further information. Initial Contact Log SCP-939 The following is a transcript of radio traffic
between the on-scene commander (Trapper Home) and subordinate fire teams (Trapper 1, 2,
and 3) of Site-██’s tactical contact security force designate “Trapper” during the initial
contact with and recovery of SCP-939. Trapper was deployed to the outskirts of ██████████, ██████████ on
10/28/1981, following the disappearance of a Foundation field agent. The agent was investigating
a number of localized missing persons cases, as well the loss of contact with several law
enforcement officers dispatched to investigate these cases, in the area.Trapper Home: All right, let’s get those comm
checks people. Those field masks were giving your VOX a hell of a time last time out. Agent Washburne (Trapper One Lead): Trapper
Home, Trapper Two, Trapper Three, this is One, radio check, over. Agent Michaels (Trapper Two Lead): Lima Charlie,
One. Agent Shandrick (Trapper Three Lead): Gotcha,
One. Trapper Home: All stations, I have you loud
and clear. Be advised, your teams are go for entry. Trapper One, weapons tight. Agent Washburne (T1L): Solid copy, Home. Three,
stand by with Home, you know your job. Two, keep your team tight on my flank after we
breach. Agent Michaels (T2L): Copy, One. Agent Washburne (T1L): One, stack up.Agent Washburne (T1L): Execute. Agent Nicholas (Trapper One): All right, that
water charge goes in 5.Agent Nicholas (T1): Stairs, front! Clear
left! Agent Roland (Trapper One): Door, right! Right
side, clear. Agent Michaels (T2L): Overhead’s clear. Agent Harrison (Trapper Two): Thompson, on
me. Cross. Room clear. Agent Washburne (T1L): Trapper Home, Trapper
One and Two reporting no contact. Two, secure that passageway, mark your territory, and
then follow my team down. Keep an eye out for our man, and call it when you come down;
I don’t want any blue on blue, solid? Agent Michaels (T2L): Copy, One. Agent Washburne (T1L): Hoskins, you’ve got
point. Agent Hoskins (Trapper One): Roger that. Movin’
up. Agent Washburne (T1L): Trapper Home, this
is One; be advised we are moving further into the structure, down a ladderwell, over. Trapper Home: Solid copy, One. Proceed, over.Agent Washburne (T1L): Trapper Home, be advised:
I’m starting to smell something rotten down here, and it’s pretty strong. Something’s
been dead for a while… stand by… Team, halt. Home, I’m looking at some shredded clothing
down here. No bodies, just the clothes, and nothing that looks like our man. There’s the
cop… Agent Hoskins (T1): Jesus man, look at that…
it looks like something just took a huge bite outta that vest… Trapper Home: Lock it up down there, One.
Washburne, get back on track. Agent Washburne (T1L): Copy, Home. Trapper
Two, watch yourselves. Something around our pos has an appetite, and it looks like it’s
got a pretty mean bite. Agent Michaels (T2L): Solid, One. We’re almost
done up here. If our Agent’s here, he’s down there with you guys. We’ll be down as soon
as we-Agent Washburne (T1L): One and Two, freeze.Agent Washburne (T1L): Home, Two, I think
we’ve got our man. Hustle up, people.Agent Washburne (T1L): Home, we’ve reached
the source of the noise. We’re about to get our Agent back. Two, have Doc prep the trauma
bag; this guy sounds like he’s in bad shape. Hoskins, do it!Agent Washburne (T1L): Home, contact! Two,
get the fuck down here! Roland, pull back! Agent Nicholas (T1): Hoskins is down! Shit! Agent Washburne (T1L): Roland, on your right!
Two, hurry the fuck up! Agent Michaels (T2L): One, what the hell’s
going on down there?Agent Michaels (T2L): Trapper One! Sound off!Agent Michaels (T2L): Copy one! Harrison,
Thompson, you’re coming with me. Gabardi, stay with Doc.Agent Michaels (T2L): Home, One, be advised,
Two is en route to One’s last position.Agent Michaels (T2L): One, be advised, your
radio’s not broadcasting; I can hear you, but you’re- JESUS CHRIST! TWO, ENGAGE, ENGAGE!Agent Michaels (T2L): Thompson, pick up the
slack. Loading! Gun up! Guys, pull it back down the hallway. Harrison, suppress that
doorway. Frag out!Agent Michaels (T2L): Gabardi, Doc, get the
60 set, we’re coming up. Trapper One’s gone, and I’m dropping gas. Mask up. GAS GAS GAS!Agent Michaels (T2L): Coming up the stairs! Agent Harrison (T2): They’re slowing down.
Get Three, Michaels? Agent Michaels (T2L): Home, we’ve deployed
VX and need Three down here in MOPP for cleanup. Set up decon. Agent Shandrick (T3L): Roger, Two, we’re already
on our way. Agent Gabardi (T2): SHIT!Agent Michaels (T2L): Whoa… Nice shot, Gabardi.
Home, we’ve got an unconscious one. We’re gonna need a mobile containment unit, and
medical support for the candidate, I think it sucked down some VX. I’m not hearing any
more movement down those stairs, Home. Trapper Home: Copy, Two. Standby for linkup
with Three, extricate the candidate, and hit decon. We’re done here.Reproduction Of SCP-939 Document #939-00-62: Reproduction of SCP-939 On September 25th, 1992, SCP-939-1 gave birth
following a gestation period of roughly twelve (12) months. Litter SCP-939-A contained six
specimens, numbered SCP-939-A1 to SCP-939-A6. SCP-939-A1, A4, and A5 were male, while A3
and A6 were female. SCP-939-A2 was stillborn and immediately cannibalized by SCP-939-1.
SCP-939-1 made no attempts to interfere with confiscation of its offspring. Vivisection of SCP-939-A1, A3, A4, and A5
found them to be morphologically and genotypically indistinguishable from healthy human infants. Footnote 1:Several researchers who participated
in the vivisections subsequently requested Class B amnestics. It should be standard policy
to grant these requests after all relevant data has been collected. – O5-█ The remains of SCP-939-A1 and SCP-939-A3 are
kept preserved in Biological Materials Storage Units 939-026C and 939-026D, respectively,
within Bio-Research Area-12. Remains of SCP-939-A4 and SCP-939-A5 were incinerated. SCP-939-A6 will be transferred to [REDACTED]
for observation as it matures. It will undergo monthly physical examination, supplemented
with any additional measures deemed necessary. Document #939-A6-16: Transfer of Dr. ██████ [REDACTED] Note 03-16-1997: After overhearing numerous
conversations between personnel, SCP-939-A6 has come to believe its name is “Keter.” Given
the marked positive effect on its mood, staff are advised to neither encourage nor discourage
this assumption. Both its mental and physical development have remained consistent with
human norms. Document# 939-A6-33: Emergency Medical Log
SCP-939-A6 Date: 01-09-2001 At approximately 2000 hours, SCP-939-A6 began
acting increasingly unsettled. When questioned, it reported a sense of malaise. Breathing
was observed to be rapid and shallow. SCP-939-A6 was escorted to the medical ward for further
examination. Heart rate was measured to be erratic, averaging one-hundred ninety (190)
beats per minute. No further anomalies were observed; SCP-939-A6 was administered a benzodiazepine
and returned to containment. Probable panic attack; trigger undetermined. Date: 01-10-2001 At approximately 0430 hours, SCP-939-A6 reported
the same symptoms, accompanied by a mild headache and aversion to light. Examination returned
identical results to the previous day. SCP-939-A6 instructed to rest, administered a sedative,
and returned to containment. Date: 01-24-2001 Symptoms outlined above persisted for two
weeks before intensifying. SCP-939-A6 destroyed the lighting fixture in its enclosure and
was found to have assumed the fetal position underneath its bed at 0140 hours. A6 staunchly
resisted leaving its chamber, requiring it be carried to Area-██’s medical ward.
It complained of a severe headache, intense aversion to light, hypersensitivity to auditory
stimuli, intense chest and abdominal pain, and uncomfortable warmth, commenting that
it “hurt too much to cry.” A6’s core body temperature measured to be 41.2° C. Technicians
were unable to locate a pulse. MRI indicated [REDACTED] A reinforced concrete containment cell was
immediately prepared for SCP-939-A6. The cell’s lighting was dimmed and a large basin full
of water provided at its request. Date: 01-26-2001 SCP-939-A6 immersed itself in the provided
water basin and remained inactive for a period of approximately forty-one (41) hours, at
which point it began violently tearing at its skin. It displayed a considerable amount
of distress upon realizing its skin was sloughing off, but appeared unable to stop. At 2236
hours, Dr. ███████ reported SCP-939-A6’s head detached itself. By 2240
hours, it appeared morphologically identical to, albeit much smaller than, SCP-939-1. Addendum 02-13-2001: SCP-939-A6 has been re-designated
SCP-939-101. It will be transferred to Bio-Research Area-12 for further study. Document# 939-101-77: Audio Log 939-101A #13SCP-939-101: Excuse me, mister? Why are we
here? It’s bitterly cold and we would like to go home now. We’re very late for our bedtime,
and we’re very sorry. We didn’t mean it. SCP-939-101: Have you seen our pictures? We
like drawing. Daddy hung them on the wall except for sometimes when the others in white
coats took them away. Daddy told us not to draw pictures like those. They made him sad,
so we did our best to draw other things, but sometimes we forgot. Sometimes daddy hid the
pictures or ripped them up. He told us it wasn’t that he didn’t like them. He said it
was to keep us safe from the mean doctors in the white coats, but then the doctors took
daddy away. SCP-939-101: They made us get shots and told
us to forget about daddy, but we’re scared of needles without daddy around. We didn’t
forget daddy. Daddy forgot us, though. We think it was the doctors’ fault. Daddy wouldn’t
forget about us, would he? SCP-939-101: They gave us a fake daddy and
told us it was real daddy, but we knew better. The doctors made us get more shots. They kept
telling us fake daddy was real daddy, but they couldn’t fool us. We told them it was
wrong to lie just like daddy told us, and then they stopped lying. SCP-939-101: They made us be by ourselves,
but they gave us paper and pencils and paints and told us we could draw whatever we wanted
so we did. Sometimes we drew daddy. Sometimes we drew what daddy told us not to draw. The
doctors took all our pictures. SCP-939-101: Sometimes the doctors in the
white coats and the people with the big black shirts with lots of pockets and helmets that
carried bent windows and… what did daddy call them? I forgot. They walked with us down
the hall for our checkups. We didn’t like those. SCP-939-101: Sometimes we had to lay in a
dark place and be really, really still. Daddy would tell us stories. We didn’t always understand
them, but we liked them anyway. There were stories about places that didn’t have ceilings,
where up was forever and the ground wasn’t white. We think it’s silly. Everywhere has
ceilings, doesn’t it? After the doctors took daddy away, we didn’t get to hear stories
any more. SCP-939-101: Then we didn’t feel good. SCP-939-101: The doctors made us get lots
of checkups and we think they got scared so we got scared too. We had a really bad headache
and the lights bothered us and so did noises. We wanted to find lots of cool water away
from the bright lights until our headache went away. SCP-939-101: They let us be in the dark and
gave us lots of water, but the water made us itch all over. When we scratched, sometimes
our skin came off. We were so scared. We kept asking for daddy, but he never showed up. SCP-939-101: Eventually we didn’t have any
skin left, but it was ok because we didn’t need it any more. We stopped itching after
that. The lights stopped bothering us so much and the headache went away after our old head
came off. Lights still bother us, but not as much as they did. We don’t see right anymore. SCP-939-101: We got so hungry. It was bad,
but we ate our old skin and our old head. It tasted good, but it was still bad. We were
still hungry after that and asked for food. They gave us food, even our favorites, but
none of it tasted right to us. All that tasted good was one piece of meat. We asked for more
of that. SCP-939-101: They locked two people in the
dark with us. We asked them not to, but they didn’t listen to us. We weren’t hungry for
a while after that, but we’re hungry now. SCP-939-101: We’re very sorry. We know lying
is wrong. We didn’t mean it.Incident AMN-C227-939 SCP involved: SCP-939 Description: On 01-30-1992, a statistical
rate of missing persons reports more than ██ times the ████████ national
average was noted amongst civilians administered AMN-C227 following the capture of SCP-███
on 11-28-1990, two (2) kilometers northwest of █████████ ████, ███████, ██████. Pending
further investigation, use of AMN-C227 was suspended. On 01-31-1992, Field Agents ███████, ████, and
████████ were dispatched to the area investigate. Through collaboration
with local law enforcement, Agent ████ was able to secure an interview with J████
S████. Approximately seven months prior to the arrival of Field Agents, J████
S████ reported three individuals missing under suspicious circumstances; all had been
previously administered AMN-C227. Document# 939-73: J████ S████
Interview 1 Interviewed: J████ S████ Interviewer: Agent ████ Foreword: This interview is being conducted
by myself, Agent ██████ ████, in order to confirm or refute the possibility
of a link between the disappearances of A██████ M██, J███ B█████ N█████,
and C██████ W███ reported by Mr. J████ S████ on the
5th of June, 1991, and prior administration of AMN-C227 to all four named individuals
on the 28th of November, 1990.Agent ████: Thank you for taking the
time to meet with me, Mr. S████. To begin, I’d like you to relate the events of
June 5th in as much detail as you can. J. S.: Ok… I called some friends, and we
decided to go for a hike, just sort of fuck about in the woods, you know? It was a nice
enough day out and we had nothing better to do. I remember [SUPERFLUOUS DIALOG REDACTED]
Nothing seemed strange until I commented on a feeling of deja vu. A██████
gave me a funny look and said she felt it too. We all did. M█████ musta been
the only smart one, he got creeped out and went home. The rest of us were curious and
decided to look into it. I mean, when have you ever heard of five people all feeling
deja vu at the same time? Agent ████: Can’t say I ever have.
Please, continue. J. S.: It got even stranger. The feeling of
familiarity got stronger and stronger as we neared █████████ ███. Agent ████: █████████ ███? J. S.: Yeah, huge cave nearby. I don’t think
any of us had ever been inside before. We only had one flashlight, and it was dumb as
hell in hindsight, but we went inside. The feeling kept getting stronger the further
in we went. I know I keep calling it deja vu, but that’s not the right way to put it.
It was more of a general feeling of familiarity, not like this had happened before, but something
about it was just familiar and nobody could put their finger on what. The deeper we went,
the more familiar it felt, the more certain we felt we were getting closer. To what, I
don’t know, none of us knew, and that’s why we kept going. Agent ████: Did you find anything? J. S.: No. Well, I don’t know. I remember
C██████ saying something about it getting late, that we should turn back.
I don’t remember anything after tha… that until I… I… Agent ████: If you need to take a
moment, that’s fine. J. S.: (sobbing) I… don’t remember a fucking
thi… thing until sit-ting on the side of the highway. It… it was dark out. An officer
was as… as… asking me questions… telling me to st-ay calm un… until an ambulance
a-rrived. I was all… cut up, screaming ab-about red, beg… begging the officer to let me
g-go, I had to get… a-away. Agent ████: Away from what? J. S.: The red! Agent ████: What was red? J. S.: I… I d-don’t remember. Agent ████: What about your friends? J. S.: Th-they weren’t with me. They th-think
I did it, w-won’t list-en to me, said I w-was high on something, th-that I was c-coming
down off a bad acid t-trip. Said I k-k-kept scream-ing at the ambulance’s fl… flashing
lights, that they w-were going to get me. I d-don’t remember that… b-but red makes
me f-feel uneasy now. [SUPERFLUOUS DIALOG REDACTED]Closing Statement: My team is ill-prepared
to investigate further. We’ll be returning to [REDACTED] in the morning to report our
findings. A minimal coverup should be necessary, depending on what’s found, at least for this
particular incident. To this end, I suggest Mr. J████ S████ be strongly
implicated in his friends’ disappearances. Following his conviction, he could be recruited
from the prison system as Clearance Level 0 janitorial staff and transferred to whatever
installation can use him. Agent ████ reported the possibility
of an SCP-939 den in the area and an eradication detail was dispatched to investigate. SCP-939
presence was confirmed within █████████ ███ and destroyed by 02-06-1992. On 02-20-1992, Dr. ███████ confirmed
the sensation of familiarity reported by J████ S████ was solely attributable to a
hitherto undocumented effect of a second exposure to aerosolized AMN-C227 following a first
exposure of an individual to ECt. This sensation appears to act as a lure in those affected
by AMN-C227, drawing them toward higher concentrations, most often centering around dens of SCP-939. Addendum 03-01-1992: AMN-C227-aided Tracking
of SCP-939: We can use this. Anyone exposed to a concentration high enough for temporary
anterograde amnesia to manifest can stalk them like bloodhounds if they know to identify
the misplaced sense of familiarity for what it is. Based on Agent ████████’s
retracing of the route Mr. J. S. and his friends followed, we know to expect an effective range
of █ kilometers if we use this form of tracking. No, it can’t find individual SCP-939, but
it can guide us to their dens. I recommend we brief a number of field operatives
on this plan. Any willing would then be exposed to AMN-C227 under controlled conditions and
dispatched first to the locations of AMN-C227 use on civilian populations. Any errant sensation
of familiarity experienced by these operatives will be taken as identification of an SCP-939
den nearby and reported as such. Eradication teams will be dispatched to investigate, destroying
these dens as they are located. After this has been accomplished, I believe
the dispatch of these operatives to major population centers to facilitate their securing,
coupled with standard monitoring of civilian, military, law enforcement, and [REDACTED]
channels of information is the best course of action to locate and exterminate SCP-939
in the wild. – Dr. ███████

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