ScrawlrBox Unboxing September 2018 Jazz Noir Inktober Illustration

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets
Creative! Today we are doing a yet another ScrawlrBox unboxing. This is
the September box. When I say September box, it shipped out in September, they
label it September, but it’s their October supplies, so it is Inktober
themed. As you can see, this box really suffered in shipping. It also it took a
long time to get here. I think it was lost along the way somewhere. I tried to
contact ScrawlrBox through their website’s contact form to ask them if
they knew what was happening, where it was, and I never heard back from them, but
then after I got it in this condition and I tweeted that them to say hey what
happened, I never heard from you guys, it did finally get here but it’s damaged,
they responded right away and they were willing to resend the sheets of
paper, which I told them no problem, I don’t need paper, the pens were fine, but
anyway, that’s what happened. I do believe this was either Canada Post’s fault,
or Royal Mail, whichever end this happened on, but it got to me and the
pens work and we’re good. So as you saw the the sheets of paper are water
damaged. The print does not appear to have any water damage on it and it looks
like that protected everything else in the box. The print did also get scrunched
up. I was able to flatten it by letting some hard books sit on it, but it’s got
some -it has some scars. So the pens. I’m gonna be reading this off in the order
that they’re on the card, not necessarily the order I’m about to
swatch them in, so forgive me. Pentel Colour Brush pen. this is very similar to
the color brush pens that came in the September SketchBox and I do like it.
It’s not waterproof. It is a water-based ink, so again just like those other ones
from SketchBox. There’s a Sakura Pigma BB pen. Oh look, I’m
swatching the right one! It’s- it’s Sakura Pigma, it’s great, you know it’s gonna be
great. The casing really reminds me more of the Gelly Rolls than the Microns. The
cap especially, like I’m pretty sure it’s the same cap, but it’s a good brush pen.
Felt type flexible nib, not fiber brush. The Stabilo Pen 68 is the next one on
the list. It’s your basic 1mm fine felt tip Stabilo pen, no big deal,
not waterproof obviously, but they can be left uncapped for 24 hours
without drying out, it says, which I’m kind of tempted to test that but knowing
me it would be 72 hours before I remembered and it would definitely be dry by then!
We have the edding 2200 C permanent marker. This is a medium
chisel nib permanent marker. You can make anywhere between a 1 and 5 mm
line depending on how you use it. It’s light fast quick drying and
waterproof, all true, but may bleed through your paper, the
listing says, and that is definitely also true. It is the most likely to bleed out
of all of these. It does have that strong permanent marker smell to it. It really
reminds me of the high quality permanent markers my mom would buy to write on all
of her classroom supplies (She was a teacher) and I’m not talking about the
cheapie multicoloured ones the schools supplied. I’m talking the ones she bought
for herself, kept in her teacher’s desk, and wrote on her stuff to identify
it as hers. When you shake it, it even seems like there’s something
in it to stir up the ink. We also have the Zebra Sarasa Porous Pen.
This is a needlepoint fineliner. It’s 0.8mm, acid free, archival,
water resistant. We’re getting to the end of the list, it’s a long list!
Artline Stix Brush Marker. It’s a felt tip brush marker. It’s really nothing
special as far as a brush tip marker goes. It’s water-based ink,
non-toxic, washable, and the cool thing about it (I believe these have been in
ScrawlrBox before) they look like Lego on the outside and you can stick them
together- to each other or the cap to the barrel when you’re using it. It’s really
cool! I haven’t shown my husband yet but he’s obsessed with Lego and I’m sure he would be
super excited to see this. [Update: he wasn’t] We also have the Centropen 4606 Marker.
This is an alcohol-based marker. It was created for labeling CDs, actually, but
you can use it for lots of things. It’s a 1mm felt type fine tip and I
really like this one. Actually I ended up using it in this piece! I didn’t use all
the pens; there’s too much of the same thing. And it claims it can last FIVE
days without its cap! And the last pen on the list is the Derwent Graphik
Line Marker in black, and it’s a… Huh. The listing on the card, the picture
actually shows a 0.5mm but I’m pretty sure mine’s, yeah, you can see it
right there, I’m using it right there, it’s a 0.1mm. Anyway, it’s a good lightfast pen.
And the paper that I ended up only using for swatching was the Canaletto Velino 210gsm A5 paper. It’s a cotton paper, it seems like it was going to be really
good paper had mine arrived intact. Cotton paper is really, really good.
It does different things with ink and paints than a wood pulp paper, and
realizing it was cotton now I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t take them up
on their offer to resend it, but I have other cotton paper. At 210gsm, being
cotton paper, it’s probably really good for mixed-media and light water usage, but I
wouldn’t use it has a watercolor paper specifically. Anyway, wow, it’s almost
seven minutes into this video and I haven’t talked about the piece yet!
The challenge is “Jazz Noir.” Now, I saw “noir” and I thought “film noir,” and then
jazz, well, easy to do that. I tried to draw a picture that reminded me of a
photo that might have been taken me for a movie poster for a 1920s, 1930s film
noir piece, but instead of your typical detective this is a jazz musician with
the saxophone. So I sketched him out using that Figma
mannequin you’ve seen a lot lately as my reference. I didn’t have anything to
reference for a saxophone, I just positioned his hands over an invisible
one and drew it in because this is gonna be a silhouette. It doesn’t need details.
I did his outline with the Derwent Graphik Line Maker just to preserve that
while I went and did the background, and now I’m doing a wet-on-wet with that
Pentel Colour Brush pen. I’m trying to get that faded, smoky look. I kind of regret dotting these colors in
there closer to him because unlike watercolor paints this isn’t going to
completely dissolve and here I really got freaked out that I was ruining the
piece but I kept going and it does slide off pretty well. All in all I think this background
turned out really well, but I do wish I hadn’t ended up leaving such distinct
blobs so close to the figure. That kinda sorta ruins the foggy effect. I’m just setting that ink with the
hairdryer. I thought I’d cut this stuff out, but you know, showing you the process!
Here we go after it’s dry, I’m taking that Pigma BB to fill it in. I knew right away that I didn’t like how
this was going down. It’s really showing the start and stop and spots really
showing where a patch I colored overlapped with a patch I just did, but I
I made the mistake of giving up on a pen halfway and switching in another
Inktober piece I did quite recently and you could really tell where one
section had a different pen underneath and the rest didn’t, so I just went with
it filled it all with the Pigma BB and then I’m going to go over it with the
Centropen. This is not to say that the Pigma BB is a bad pen. It’s certainly
impressed me as far as this type of brush pen goes and it will
probably go in my travel bag, but for this, for coloring in such a big, detailed
shape in solid, it didn’t perform as I expected. I didn’t get as solid of the
coverage as I wanted without all of these streaks. One thing I will say
though is that a lot of black ink when it catches the glare of lights you can
see red or blue or purple. It’s not just black, and this Pigma BB is BLACK. It
was not at any point giving off another another color undertone in the light glare. So here we’re working with the Centropen
to go over all of it and try to even out the tone and, as mentioned, a lot of
pens do have that color sheen to them. This one is quite red in the glare of
brighter lights. You may have already seen this piece if
you follow me on Instagram because I did use it for one of my
#DrawnToCurrys prompt completions. I used this for their prompt “black and white,” so
I did already post it and I did use the grayscale filter just to get rid of that
red sheen in it and oddly enough like I don’t know if it’s because I know the
sheen was red but you can see that there is a very distinct sheen to it and it
still looks red to me when I look at the grayscale filtered photo on Instagram.
Go over and check that out and see if you think it looks like that too!
I don’t know if I’m gonna do that or use that picture again when I announce this
video, so don’t look at the video announcement post on Instagram, look at
the previous post on Instagram with this picture if you want to go check it out
and see if you can see a red sheen in it or not. Thank you so much for watching. I had a
lot of fun with this ScrawlrBox, even though it was late and damaged. Thank you
anyway, to ScrawlrBox, for offering to replace the paper. Had the pens been
damaged, I would have taken you up on that! I already got a notification that
the next box has shipped, so I can’t wait and I will be doing my first Premium
SketchBox video very soon as well (but ScrawlrBox is still my favorite, I
promise!) Anyway, my website, my red bubble, and all
my social medias are linked down below. Please go check me out!
I do love to see what you’re working on. Use the hashtag #LookJennaYT if you
would like me to share your artwork in the end cards of my videos. Use that
hashtag anywhere on social media and I will find it. So if you liked this, please
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leave a comment, and I will probably reply very soon! I like doing that! Thanks
again, bye guys!

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