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Welcome back boys and girls today, I’m gonna learn sea animals and colors We’re getting them all bubbling ready to be popped All right Let’s start with the one up front Yellow yellow water blue, can you see the sea animal in there? Water balloon into yellow, let’s pop it see what sea animal we have We got a Red Lobster a lobster Lobster Let’s spray him with some bubble there we go now throw them in the bucket our next color is Green you can see a sea animal in there Let’s find out what sea animal we have in our green water balloon Wow we got a crab crab Crabbe let’s fry our crab with bubbles There we go he’s covered in bubbles with rhodium in the bucket Red red water balloon Let’s find out what’s the animal we have in our red balloon? Wow we’ve got a blue shark shark Let’s put our shark into the water after we spray it with bubbles You can you know? Bubble machine to work there we go he’s got bubbles on him now there Our next balloon is this great big orange color orange We have an orange water balloon Can you see the sea animal in there? wonder what it is Let’s find out There it is we got a dolphin a Dolphin Let’s bring our dolphin There we go he’s covered in boom let’s throw him in the water Now we have a blue water balloon blue Wonder what sea animals in here let’s find out We got a sea lion a sea lion Let’s spray our sea lion with There we go, oh he’s really covered in sea bubbles let’s throw them in the water with our other sea animals Okay, we have one more water balloons look at all our sea animals and popped balloons Okay, we have a pink water balloon pink Wonder what sea animals in this let’s find out let’s pop our pink water balloon If it went up there we go alright Wow we got an eel and eel eel Let’s pray our eel There we go we getting some bubbles on him Double stubborn bubbles hmm, okay, let’s put him in with the rest of the sea animals So we learned red Orange yellow Green Blue and pink So many fun colors, and it was fun popping the balloons and we learned lobster Crab Ile Shark Sea lion And dolphin thanks for joining me. I’ll see you next time

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