Sea Lion Attacks Swimmer at S.F. Aquatic Park

THE VICTIM WAS BITTEN BADLY ON HIS ARM.. WHILE SWIMMING IN THE WATERS OFF AQUATIC PARK THIS AFTERNOON. THAT’S WHERE KPIX 5’S ANDRIA BORBA IS NOW. ANDRIA? THE ATTACK HAPPENED IN SAN FRANCISCO BAY — OUTSIDE THE AQUATIC PARK COVE. WHILE SFPD’S MARINE UNIT WAS APPLYING A TOURNIQUET — THE SWIMMER EXPLAINED WHAT HAPPENED. Officer Matthew Reiter\SFPD Marine Unit 39.55.12 He was swimming and a sea lion came up to him and he splashed water at it – and then when that didn’t work, he yelled at it and then it came up and bit him on the arm. he used his other arm to push it away and then it went away and he never saw it again after that THE SWIMMER – A MAN HIS 50’S – MANAGED TO GET OUT OF THE OPEN BAY AND TO THE MOUTH OF AQUATIC COVE…WHERE A BOAT SAW HIM. THIS IS WHAT THE BOATER WHO PICKED UP THE SWIMMER TOLD A USER OF “CITIZEN APP.” “We thought it was two swimmers. Turns out, it was him fighting with it. He said it was a sea lion. And so we picked him up. He wanted us to bring him back to shore, but I’m like that looks really deep. Q: He was bleeding a lot. A: Yeah, yeah (gestures toward back of the boat) see the back? I haven’t wet it yet, but the back is soaked. SKYDRONE 5: SHOWING US THE LATEST ADDITION TO

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