Sea Lions Tonite – Full Show during Electric Ocean at SeaWorld Orlando

(audience cheers) – Well, that’s what we like to hear!
My name is Brian. You know Clyde, Seamore
and the rest of us here at
Sea Lion High are always so busy! that we never get a chance to go and
visit the park. We keep hearing of this really fun, amazing… Awesome… Clyde, what is it?
I’m trying to talk to
everybody here! (whisper noises) It’s a great idea Clyde!
We should go out and visit the park to see
just the way our guest do. And now, we present to you all,
a day at Sea World. As seen through the eyes of Clyde and Seamore! (applauses) First stop… The parking lot! Let’s go! (background music) (car noises) – Wow! That Orlando traffic it sure is
“Cray-Cray!” We made it though…
Sea World! (cheers) Alright Seamore! We printed out our
park tickets. But, I’m not sure
which line we should be in? Do you? No? I sure wish there was
a Sea World employee to help us out. (background music) (laughter) (cheers) “If you bought your tickets online,” “stand on the third line to the left.” “If you bought your tickets… “Stay on the fourth line next to the” “first line, next to the second one!” (cheers) – Alright Seamore! Don’t forget your lunch bag! Let’s go! I-4 traffic was terrible! I don’t want to miss a thing! Come on! There’s so many things to do… Oh no! Security! (‘Dragnet’ theme song playing) – Stop! Bag check! I am officer ‘Kaputo’
Sea World’s Security. I have a badge! Yeah! This badge means,
I’m in charge! I need to check your bag for illegal contraband. Arrg! Let’s see here! What do we got? Boom! What is all this? You are not allowed to have this! None of these, is allowed in the park! Ah ha! Or this either! No! Can’t have that! Can’t have that! Can’t have that! Not that either! Nor that! Alright! You guys sure like sushi! Here’s your bag! Enjoy your day! – Seamore! We shouldn’t eat too much! You don’t wan’t to loose your lunch
on a roller coaster. Alright! Come on! Let’s plan our day, with this easy to read park map. (laughter) Gotcha! I can’t figure it out either! You know what? Who needs a park map anyway? Let’s go see ‘Pets Ahoy!’ (background music) – Woooo! (background music) (Audience clapping) (cheers) (background music) (laughter) (applauses) (cheers) – Woo! Woo!
Woooooo! (cheers) (background noises) (applauses) “Ladies and gentlemen!” (thunder sounds) “Whoa!” “Due to severe weather…” (thunder sounds) “Whoa! Oh boy!” “Kraken Unleashed is temporarily closed!” (thunder sounds) “What we suggest you to do…” (bird chirping sounds) (laughter) “Oh!” “I thought… Oh wow!” “If you don’t like the weather, in Orlando” “just wait a few seconds…”
(laughter) “Kraken Unleashed is now open!” (cheers) – Wow! I can’t wait to ride Kraken Unleashed! – Yes! Wait a second? Where is Clyde? – Oh! I think he went to see the new bubble show! ‘Pop!’ (bubble sounds) (laughter) – ‘Pop’ along Clyde! Alright! Now, let’s go ride… Kraken Unleashed! (background music) “Welcome to… Kraken Unleashed!” “This ride uses virtual reality,” “to get you face to face with” “bizarre creatures of the deep…” “You will experience extreme G-Forces” “and extreme videooooooo…” “If you have any personal items,” “like lunch bags or your dignity?”
(laughter) “Just place them in our handy lockers” “available for an additional fee!” (Cash register sounds) (background music) “Your VR Head Gear has been disinfected” “by disinfection professionals!” “Is the… No cooties here!” (background music)
(laughter) “You must be at least 54 inches tall” “to ride Kraken Unleashed!” (background music) (laughter) (applauses) “Keep those arms, legs and flippers inside the ride!” “Now! Prepare to have your mind blown…” “By the state of the art moves of…” “Kraken Unleashed!” (laughter) – Wow! Virtual reality! Here we go! (Background music) (screams) (background music) (sea lion screams) (car breaking noise) (car crashing noise) – Oh no… Seamore! That was so fun… But… I don’t look so good! Oh… I told you… You would loose… your lunch! (puking sounds) (laughter) – Eww! Cheesy! (laughter) Speaking of cheesy… Let’s go and check out the new
dolphin show. ‘Dolphin Days!’ (background music) (‘Dolphin Days’ theme song playing) (laughter) – Hi everyone! My name is Sunny! Here at ‘Dolphin Days’ is always sunny and fun! Like me! In just a moment, I’m going to gracefully dive off this tower for no other reason… Except… Is fun! (laughter) (screams) (laughter) – Ha ha ha! That looks like a whole lot fun Sunny! Hi everybody! Welcome to ‘Dolphin Days!’ My name is Sunny too! Here at Dolphin Days, everybody is sunny! Hey there! What’s your name? Would you believe it? It’s Sunny too!
(laughter) Come on Sunny! Come here!
(laughter) Sunny, we’re going to introduce you to one of our dolphin stars! The dolphin you are going to meet is one of our highest flyers! He’s a Scorpio and is considerably running for The White House in 2020…
(laughter) Hey! Say hello to Diego! (applauses) Sunny! Diego is a bottlenose dolphin. You’re going to help me feed him, alright? Sure! He needs fish every single day! Sunny, do you have some fish? Alright! Sunny! Here you go! Take it and toss it right to Diego’s mouth. 1…2…3… Toss it! Well… Let’s give him another fish. That hit the floor and is not good anymore! Sunny! What kind of fish is this? Is a dead fish! Right! (laughter) Right down the hatch… Toss it! Watch! Like that! You got it? Alright! 1…2…3… Yes! (applauses) Oh Sunny! Oh… What? Oh! Look at your hands! Fish guts! Eww! He he! He he! Sunny! Smell… (sniffing sound) (laughter) Smell mine! Soggy, eh? Stinky! Let’s get rid of it! Sunny, put your hands like this. Like this! I can train dolphins, but not kids. (laughter) Like this Sunny! Like this! (clap hands) Good! Now, we’re rubbing the fish guts together… Faster… Faster and wipe hands on your shirt. (audience yells “NO!”) – That stinks! You won’t smell like that, but like two weeks. Sunny! We’re going to introduce you to another animal. This one is a bird! What I want you to do is, put your arm like this… He’s gonna fly right into you… Everyone say hello to our beautiful macaw… Ronald! (background music) (laughter) – Wow! Look at him flying! Look at that adaptation! Sunny! Do you know what adaptation is? Great! Because all these feathers helps keep him bored! They sure keep him from looking absolutely ridiculous! (laughter) Sunny! Let’s get a picture to commemorate this visit at the back office… Everyone get together and at three we’re all saying ‘Cheese!’ 1… 2 … 3… Smile! (camera sounds) Let’s hear it for Sunny! Sunny, Diego and Ronald! (applause) (background music) (feedback noise) “Ladies and gentlemen!” “May we have your attention please?” (laughter) “The ‘Shamu Stadium’ has reached capacity” “There are no seats available…” “For the awesome… Awesomeness” “of ‘One Ocean!” “We invite you instead,” “to ‘Sea Lion Stadium’…” “we’re you’ll now see Clyde and Seamore” “do pretty much… The same thing!” “Sort of…” (intro to ‘One Ocean’ playing) “And now… Sea World proudly presents…” “One Ocean!” (background music) (laughter) – “Hey A Na Na Na…” “Hey A Na Na Na…” “Oh Oh Oh Oh…” “Hey A Na Na Na…” “Hey A Na Na Na…” “Hey A Na Na Na…” “Oh Oh Oh Oh…” (intro to ‘Side By Side’ playing) (laughter) – Ladies and gentlemen! It is our such a privilege for all of you, to get the opportunity… To be… ME! (laughter) (applauses) – If we all join together ‘side by side,’ we could work wonders… Our oceans will continue to be awesome! Like us! (laughter) (background music) – If we all join together, we could spread like a rhythm in the ocean… and make our really big splash! (background music) (laughter) (cheers) (background music) (laughter) (background music) – Ladies and gentlemen! That’s our ‘Shamu’ Memory! (applause) (intro to ‘Side By Side’ playing) (audience reacts) – “When a generation’s coming of age…” “Choosing a path, coming of age…” “Another generation’s watching to show the way…” “They’re reaching, teaching and by design…” “Giving and receiving, passing it all down the line…” (applause) “Making a connection, thriving side by side…” “Season after season, ebbing and flowing like the tide…”
(laughter) “Season after season, ebbing and flowing like the tide…” “Taking in the wonder, spreading far and wide…” “Being there together, sharing it all…” (audience reacts) “Side by side…” (applause) (background music) (background music) (applauses) “Side by Side…” (cheers) – Ladies and gentlemen! That’s ‘Shamu!’ The killer whale-rus! (laughter) – You know… All of us here, at ‘Shamu Stadium’ we are like one family! Just like any family, we all have one thing in common… – We’re sea rats! – No! (laughter) – That’s disgusting! – No! We all like to dance! And now, at ‘Sea World’s Electric Ocean’ we can dance all night long! (cheers) – Hey DJ! Throw that beat yo! (dance music plays) (audience clapping) (dance music plays) (cheers) (dance music plays) (laughter) (music stops) (laughter) – What’s with all the… Stuff? – I bought this all here at Sea World! For an additional fee… (cashing machine sound) – Look at me! I’m at ‘Electric Ocean!’ (cricket sounds) – I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense now… Later tonight, they are going to think, this is hysterical! Let’s go! (background music) (cheers) (background music) (background music) – Ladies and gentlemen! You had been a fantastic audience! Thank you for joining us tonight! More importantly, we hope you do a lot… at Sea World! Thank you! (audience clapping) (background noises) (sea lions making noises) (cheers) (background music)

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