Sea World Orlando Florida Travel Vlog

hey guys we are on our way to at Sea
World special thanks to SeaWorld for hosting
us today I just love SeaWorld I absolutely love it. so I haven’t since I was a little baby that I can remember pretty sure, so it is going to be exciting so I’ve been to
Orlando I think three or four times and every single time I always go to
SeaWorld three times actually I must have been
normal and more like five times because I have gone to Discovery Cove three
times so and so when you go to Discovery Cove you also get tickets to either I
think it’s either SeaWorld or Busch Gardens and we always have gone to
SeaWorld yeah, so excited to explore the
park today I wish the kids were here we made it to SeaWorld it’s super bright
and of course I left my sunglasses back home and so until I get under this tree
I can’t see all right never I haven’t been so long so I don’t even know
anything about this place it could be anything inside alright first step is to
get our tickets I think that we may end up getting fast passes because we don’t
have that much time here today unfortunately and so we want to make
sure that we get it all in. Look at the water it’s a ready take a picture. All right we are going to make it over
to the sea lions for a show. Tasha totally left me behind.
I didn’t leave him. Well ok, so I did leave him but I didn’t do it on purpose. We need to get to the shade a little bit. I thought what I thought that he was ahead of me. It’s about as shady as it gets around here. it is hot I’m so glad I didn’t wear
makeup today because my face would just be sliding right off if I had worn
makeup so don’t be afraid to skip makeup when you’re at the amusement park now we’re about to go on the Kraken. Are you ok? just now someone dropped their phone? No. Okay that was a really good ride it was a long which is rare nowadays feel
like rides are just 90 seconds tops and that was several minutes it felt like. so we
have one more roller coaster to do I think so we’re gonna go through that
right now alright so we just finished riding the
Kraken and now we’re heading into the aquarium oh wait what
yes oh wrong way wrong way we’re going the wrong way so the Kraken was pretty crazy.
see? it was awesome! It was the Manta Ray. Yeah Manta Ray
I mean they were both awesome they’re both great rollercoasters. I stepped in gum over there. I was recycling a bottle and then BAM! and over here too. I’ll show you the other side your hair is crazy did you realize that?
Oh yeah? Fix your hair. all right let’s go. I didn’t realize. What do you know. Oh, nice and mello. Tasha says the dolphins don’t splash. I don’t know if we can believe her. I don’t think they do. Now like the killer whales would splash alot. all right we just got back from
SeaWorld it was fantastic and we are hungry plus
the meetups start tonight so we’re going to get to those. Get something to eat, go to the room and relax a little bit.

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  • Yayy first comment I love Orlando !

    I bet you guys were walking around making fun of all the people who had kids with them 😂. I did that last year at Disneyland with my sister. NO KIDS!! 😍

  • You guys must have been melting. The "feels like temps" have been in the triple digits here in O town. Sea World is a nice park. Glad y'all enjoyed the roller coasters. Take care

  • Such a beautiful couple😍 Tasha you're blessed with a fine husband ☺☺

  • Poor Joseph….no sunglasses! I am the same way cannot see otherwise?! 🕶🕶☀☀

  • Did you ride Mako? Best coaster in Orlando!

  • Joseph I love how you're just casually chatting on the coaster 😂 I'd be screaming 😂

  • What about mako? Its a Top 10 coaster @4:09 the purple one

  • So glad you two are having fun. That first roller coaster looked too scary for me; I guess I am a ferris wheel kind of girl. lol

  • wow that roller coaster ride shot was awesome….I felt from just watching like I was actually on the ride myself …..;-)

  • I had no idea that Sea World had so many rides! Looked like a great time! Glad you were able to enjoy a Sea World date day. 🙂

  • Glad to see you guys had so much fun. Since I have been in "Hulk" years ago, I think carefully before I go on a roller coaster.🤣🤢

  • Great video

  • Amazing footage! I live in San Antonio and never go to SeaWold (prefer Six Flags) but I now know for sure I would never ride those coasters ! I'm such a slug 😊

  • Glad you guys had fun. I took the kids years ago (I have a pic in a ceramic Sea World frame). I like the roller coasters & the shows. 🐬 Orlando is 4 hours from me. The only bad part about going in the summer is that it’s so hot outside.

  • Awesome vlog!!! I felt as if I was riding the roller coaster with you guys. I rode the kraken once and it broke down on us, we were sitting in the top for what felt like forever, and I wanted to die! After our ride was over they closed it for the night 😅 lol fun fun video!! Thank you for sharing!

  • I love Sea World. The animals are amazing, but- those rides🎢😱😦😧😭 are terrifying 😭 You guys are so brave 👏👏 I couldn't do it 😭
    The dolphin show is my favorite- such beautiful and intelligent animals 💕
    I had an awesome time with you guys 🙌 Thanks so much. Take care 👍👍👍

  • Tasha you are gorgeous☺️ without makeup 💄 throw your makeup away!!!! No jus joking jus use it rarely that’s what I do I rarely put on makeup more when I’m going somewhere fancy!!!!!

  • I haven't been on a roller coaster in years – thanks for the ride along : )

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