SEALs BUD/s Training, 2 of 4

Second phase is the dive phase portion of BUDs. It also builds teamwork, but it starts to create a much greater learning process for the guys going through. The majority of the evolutions that cause the students the most problems is the water work. If a guy is not comfortable in the water, then he’s not really cut out to be a frogman. He’s gotta keep his head about him if something goes wrong with his dive rig or something like that. So a lot of the pool work is very stressful. You’ve got to be mentally in the game to make it through those evolutions. The men are subjected to continual, calculated harassment by their instructors to see if they follow procedures taught in the classroom. Students are tumbled around and have their mouth pieces torn from their mouths, simulating the effects of a strong ocean surge. Students are taught two types of scuba. Open circuit, using compressed air bottles, and closed circuit, using specialized oxygen recirculation equipment. San Diego Bay turns into a combat training area for practicing underwater navigation. The men are learning to use a specialized breathing apparatus; the Dräger LAR V. It’s a closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus designed for clandestine military operations in shallow water, where concealment of telltale exhaust bubbles is essential. In a modern 50-foot dive tower on the BUDs compound, the men perform free swimming ascents without the use of a breathing apparatus. It’s all part of learning the specialized breathing techniques necessary to be a special warfare combat swimmer.

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  • @WhiteEagleGBBr Hope u meet ur dream bro. Im willing to b CIA. So we're both gonna serve our country =]

  • @TaishoProductions1 You mean they're dying there killing thousands civilians and chasing imaginary terrorists, USA just wants the oil and the "war against terrorists" is a big lie. Oh yeah, is afghanistan trying to invade USA? No, so why you say you can be free and protected when the threat is on the other side or Atlantic!

  • @zealandpes

    What BUDS class did you graduate then?


  • @mrmoskito100 Fuck you

  • @XxXBLAD3XxX53 no life….at all:D

  • @ron2ocean Dude wtf are you talking about? I think you replied to the wrong person cause I never said anything about SAS or Russia being better than them… I said fuck you to the guy who said they were lol

  • @TaishoProductions1 *cough*no love for Canada even though we help*Cough*

  • In America their commanders always are there yelling at them which does destroy the weak. It can bring a grown man to tears. But others use it as motivation to drive them on further. But when they come to being in the field there is no one their to yell at them. In Australia (SASR) the commanders don't communicate with the soldiers in any form. No feedback on their performance which plays on their mind. They need to be 100% self motivated and disciplined which is important in the field.

  • Continued

    I am not saying the SASR is better than Navy Seals (They are involved in extremly different roles to start with) I just find the different training styles interesting. Both are the best at what they do and every individual deserves to be where they are. Im just glad to say that the Yanks are on our side rather than against. Respect to everyone in the special forces around the world.

  • I like it being underwater…as long as you dont panic you can hold you breath…great vid..endurance for the mind..

  • I Want to be the first female navy

  • @ALLmySEALS. Im a sixteen year old who wants nothing more then to be a SEAL I am askin for a thumbs up from all my successors and those who have been through BUD/S wish me look because I dont know failure. VooDoo TanglerXx signing off…

  • Well u can't nicole lmao! Only men!

  • Rebecca Black can out smart these seals by the days of the weeks

  • @7464C The coast guard is not a branch, their part of homeland security, the four main branches are air force, navy, army, and marines

  • 1:44 I love that principle of diving. You can ascend 60 feet on one breath.

  • Lol old school surviving the cut!

  • @7464C no ex out coast guard and put marines and those are the four main branches yu noob

  • @TheCutieNicole hahah yu would not make it

  • imma in naval specila warefare when i grow up but not in the seals i want to be NAVY SWCC GO NAVY (beat army)

  • @ARMA365 why not? because im a girl? i don't really see why i could'nt make it pain is pain you just have to keep going and remeber what your fighting for

  • @TheCutieNicole pain is not just it its strengths and not to mention the wieght youll have to carrry and your monthly thing trust me….i would not work out

  • @TheCutieNicole not to be mean or anything but females are not able to join the seals

  • @dprince919 I am in the army reserves and hopping to get a place in the infantry and go full time, then there is always the dream of making the SASR. So yes I am in the armed forces, are you?

  • @MrMapex2010 im in the navy training to be a diver

  • @ARMA365 Thats insane mate. I wanted to be a diver but I have a small hole in one of my arteries which allows nitrogen bubbles into the blood meaning I can dive more than 5 meters.

  • @TheCutieNicole It could happen one day. Here in Australia they have changed the laws so now women can serve on the front line even in our special forces, the SAS, although that doesn't mean we have a lot of women in our army. Most can handle the weight that they need to carry in the packs so fail recruitment. But there is always a chance it could happen one day in America too.

  • @MrMapex2010 *can't

  • I don't think I would qualify for this because I don't pass the vision requirements. Is there any other branch of the service that would be similar to this in training but doesn't require the vision requirements?

  • @dprince919 Cheers mate, the respect is shared

  • @MrMapex2010 ah shit man im so sorry to hear that

  • @ARMA365 Cheers mate, not to dissapointed because I can still serve in the army at least

  • @TheCutieNicole just by your youtube name you wouldnt make it past the first 30 seconds

  • @palatialregalia88 Why because I KNOW im cute and the fact that I like make-up? That's a bit stupid.
    So i have to be an ugly girl to be in the navy? Please stop that wasn't funny and your making yourself look stupid.

  • @MrMapex2010 Thank you! I love your support.

  • @TheCutieNicole you dont have to be ugly to go through this training. you just have to be a man. GI jane was a hollywood movie welcome to real life

  • @palatialregalia88 Thats why its called fighting the system and believe me i WILL fight for my rights with or without people acceptance.

  • @TheCutieNicole mhmm just let us know how far you get cutienicole

  • @TheCutieNicole lol. your internet addiction won't get you to the military. Your not even disciplined enough to ignore internet conversations you are losing.

  • @bluestreak117 Well that cause I'm sixteen o_O and like I said love people can talk all they want it won't stop my goal. 🙂

  • @USMCtiffany I never said thaand I think you have to graduate and know how to spell to be a Marine. 🙂

  • @TheCutieNicole TheCutieNicole
    Re: Reply to your comment on: Makeup Do's & Dont's: Mlitary- Part 1 Dumb ass I'm a Marine and even I do that shit. Question? If your a Marine then why is your spelling so bad? I thought they had to graduate from Highschool and actually be able to spell correctly? I guess they let anyone who give's good head in these day huh trailer whore?
    Sent to: USMCtiffany
    and yu sure yu didnt say that bitch? LMFAO. you are a fucking dumb inbred cunt. yur HALARIOUS

  • @USMCtiffany Lol you do realize your fighting with an 11th grader right? oh and that was an accident the way I spelled that, you purposely spell like you were raised by an bunch of inbreed KKK hillbillys 🙂 end of conversation.

    P.s again i never said that.

  • great work such a shame that they use their skills to fuck the world. but awesome to be a seal.

  • @zeenith9641 yeap i mean the government,and you rigth theres hundreds of missions that the media never found out but you have to accept that the us has so man mistakes in their history…..bla bla bla but again awesome skills seals just my respect.

  • The seals make me proud to be an American citizen

  • looks too tough

  • @tyleeaang
    I'm a man and I don't want to sound sexist but it is just a fact that men have on average 40% more muscle and can become much bigger, stronger, faster and more fit than women so it would be impossible for a woman to keep up in the training or on missions. I'm sorry I'm not trying to be sexist, I'm just looking at the biological facts.

  • @tyleeaang It's about the physical that women can't be special forces in many countries. A man's body is more resistant and built for high stress, where the body of a woman would brake, The bones and structure is simply weaker. They are no worse mentally tho 🙂

  • @freedomfighter booo

  • @tyleeaang Women can be extremely effective soldiers

  • @RoughandSmall
    There's plenty of Women in the Navy but Women aren't allowed in the SEAL Teams

  • @zeenith9641 well said

  • @dangerouskara testosterone>estrogen in the heat of combat, cus u need the adrenaline to preform at ur best, and preform with out pressure

    sry women, but u still have a shot at other combat jobs, such as combat engineer and stuff, which is intense as shit

  • @tyleeaang The fact that you're a woman does not make your opinion any more valid. Also, being in the Service is a "man thing" only if we let it be a "man thing". Just sayin.

    A woman should be able to fight for her country the same as a man. If a woman thinks she is up to the challenge, and she finishes her training, then it should not be our government's prerogative to stop her. Our Declaration of Independence says that we are all of us created equal. Should we not uphold that?

  • @EYEIZAWEZUM It's not that our Department of Defense doesn't believe women are physically or mentally qualified to fight in combat it is more of an animalistic thing. When there is a group of men with a smaller group of women, the men are going to naturally defend a woman before the other men. Making the mission dangerous for everyone involved. And let's just face it, even if women could fight in combat not as many would sign up as men do.

  • @FSMickelson I suppose I can see how that might be a challenge, but I still don't believe that should keep a woman from joining. Of course, I know that we are already allowed into less strenuous parts of the military (though of course they are all fairly strenuous), but I believe all branches should be open. If a woman is incapable, that will become clear through training. Also, that less would sign up really makes no difference one way or the other.

  • I believe I would score good on this underwater trainings, I spent all my life wrestling under water in water polo and freediving in spare time.

  • @ChrisBranleh us military in general

    god bless everyone in the military

  • i think i would die if i ever had to do that… lol shit that training is soo intense =

  • @zeenith9641 By "making the world better" you mean stealing petrol and resources from weaker countries.I'm from Romania and I'm asking you:Why did US and UK sell us to Russia to make us a comunist country.The comunism stole over 30 years of our life.US says that :"We fight against comunism against the evil".Then why did you and your fellas sell us?Why?

  • @dangerouskara Women, generally speaking, aren't capable, physically. That's why there are gender differences. Every once in awhile, there's a woman who's physically proficient and that's rare. But, for the most part, women don't have the physical strength that men do. If that were true, women would be playing in the NBA or the NFL or in major league baseball. The same thing goes for the military, specifically, combat roles.

  • @Devilsnowballs yeah, but that's rare…

  • what have the US done for the benfit of other countries? other thn taking oil away?

  • the coast guard is a branch. if you ever sign up for the military at a MEPS they have a separate office for themselves. homeland security was created in the early 2000's to combat terrorism therefore, the Coast Guard couldn't be a part of the Department of Homeland Security.

  • well, apperantly you can quit whenever you want

  • How, they are the one busting their asses….that is, unless you yourself were a seal.

  • Look. I half agree with you. Sometimes intervention is bad for everyone, (including SEALs) sometimes it is good. Some people do horrible things, so…

  • They didn't crash! You idiot! They malfunctioned! That's happened to everyone, including the canadians!!!!!

  • my dad was a navy seal. and watching these videos make me so thankful for what he has done.

  • Agree… but too sad they follow orders.. even the worst one.. 🙁

  • Hey! If you have any kids 9-18 there is a program for them training them to be in the military! Its called the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet corp, its to teach kids the navy's corp values HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT, and to further them in their development if any of you are interested email me at : [email protected]

  • i train evry day swimming running and all different shit to become a navy seal

  • Hooyah! I'm proud to be a Sea Cadet!

  • Can some one answer this …what happens if u ran out of air u do … Do they tie u upp in tje pool am only 13 years old I want to know

  • What happens if you ran out of air.what do they doo.. And answer this please

  • Wow is all im gonna say tht canadian idiot

  • oh so the canadians killed him you know is funny because last time i checked SEAL Team 6 Found him you fucking retarded canadian oh yeah the canadians killed him but a SEAL wrote a book that clearly states what happened and hes in shit load of trouble for doing it and you say canadians special forces killed him stfu and get the fuck out of this planet for give out informations that dont fucking make sense dumbass canadians lol callled dips haha you worthless piece of shit stfu dumbass canadian.

  • It's so yankee to be presumptous like that, like USA is saving the world and blablabla. Besides, no Joe "die for other countries", they just die for US interests abroad and that's all. I bet most people around the world do not want Joe waging war and devastation "for their freedom". Actually most of tension and trouble around have US intrusion into it like all that dictatorships US have supported in Latin American. Learn some history and quit been such a super egocentric person.

  • wow such heated comments, let's just for a second, without politics appreciate their courage…. and how hot they are 🙂

  • I wish they had better swimwear, it seems the Navy could afford actual Speedos.

  • what canadian special forces? canadians barely have soldiers.

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  • What they wear is more traditional then anything, when they get to the Teams they have much better gear.


  • I remember watching this on tv I would fail that because I a swim like a rock lol

  • I'm having a hard time breathing just watching this lol

  • Enjoyed this video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  • this is not buds. this combat diving school. DERP

  • The swimming pool is the most dreadful thing at BUDS.

  • Who else held their breath while watching this 😂😂😂

  • OH Dear God😣

  • How do they hold their breaths for so long whilst moving around, executing tasks, with no oxygen tanks???? Anazing!

  • I thought in today's day and age, we were against bullying?

  • The peak of human activity throughout history. Nothing but the best of the best

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