SeaWorld Collab With ADAM THE WOO

goodmorning everybody from SeaWorld in
Orlando I think we have the entire Park to ourself today except wait a minute
there’s another guy here Adam the whoo hey we’re gonna go play in SeaWorld
today yes so cool gonna be hanging out with one of my YouTube vlogger friends
Adam the whoo by the way haven’t heard of him and watched his channel I will
put a link below but most of my viewers probably also subscribed to Adam we’re
gonna go look at the rides and the shows and the Christmas has some fun at
SeaWorld today I Adam also got a photo past year so if you want to check out
his channel or his Instagram or maybe at the end of one of his videos some of
these photos that were going to take are also going to be part of his video also
something they have at SeaWorld there are the dynein plans but they also have
some special a Christmas drinks and foods so I don’t know look at these
coasters though SeaWorld has some pretty big coasters action if there was a
coaster I’d want to go on it would be the manta here this one pink flamingos orange flamingos there’s
a lot of them he’s showing off on one leg they’re trying to talk Adam into
going on the coaster they’re just gonna watch your video there you go
so I’m gonna just put it back I’ll put the chest GoPro if that’ll work and go
up on the Manta currently a 40-minute wait so here we go okay that was a coolest coaster I have
ever been on what a what a weird riding position to lots of fun all right
where the heck is Adam Adam what is it are these petunias it might be they
might be well aren’t you a friendly guy what’s your name okay I think we can
actually pet a stingray let’s go see here comes one here comes
one we’re gonna get him we’re gonna get in so where they were jumping we can
also come downstairs and see them underneath the same tank just keep swimming just keep swimming hey the manatees are eating their greens
yum yum this is the Atlantis ride and see
anybody on it right now maybe nobody wants to get wet or it’s not working but
it looks like SeaWorld’s version of Splash Mountain a little bit right you
can splash people if you pay yeah we’ll come back to this when they’re open woo
Antarctica let’s go see some penguins pretty equations our penguins
master at work here I’ve never logged with a vlogger or near
a vlogger before so it’s kind of weird hearing somebody else talk to themselves
all the time to cool down here’s it just just me oh it’s a thieving it’s the
thieving it’s freezing not real and it’s 70 degrees in December
loving it Thank You Orlando so they have ones that spin and they
have ones that don’t spin basically we’re on like an air hockey
table here we are the spinning or the non spinning we’re on a non spinning
that’s a good hope so yeah it’s a little cold in here actually it may not look like it but it is about
as cold as a refrigerator in this room I want to pet him
you guys are awesome penguins everywhere huh guys
in doing the water cold I love to penguins it’s awesome look at
these guys look at my wings look at him with the
wings I think he’s freezing on our Byron
terrific he’s not he’s not adapted to doing environment very well on the
inside you can see him swimming underneath the tank let’s go get in line
for that just ask them you came and bring backpacks or any loose anything
loose on this ride so they do have lockers it’s like two bucks for two
hours so I’ll rent a locker but I’ll bring the GoPro at least the lines
aren’t too long here we go that’s kind of pretty oh boy
oh yeah let’s go up higher long way down the big wine boy oh look
at that that’s awesome hey you might get wet on this a little awesome
yeah I’m soaked they do have these dryers for $5 if you have to dry off huh
that’s funny all right I think we found a spot for lunch the see fire grill
check it out lunch with a movie we got right off dawn on in here and I went
with the teriyaki and noodles and this is one of their craft local beers here
it’s the fake snow really necessary stuffed let’s go back outside any hedge
towards the sky tower all right 12 10 minute wait we’ll go check it out they
got Christmas lights out in the water I cannot wait for dark this park is gonna
look really nice with Christmas lights don’t you think Billy Billy guys I am
just a walking talking advertisement for Bud Light in case you’re looking for
somebody to sponsor Bud Light 300 feet you can see my
I believe we are women our descent down just waiting for infinity Falls to open
back up and then go on that right look at those pink flamingos it’s also this
is cool they’ve got the tasting sampler it’s 40 bucks for 12 of these with your
annual pass and you can test out some of the holiday treats and craft brew drinks
in the park basically I think it equals out to like $5.00 per snack or drink so
it’s actually a really good value it just kind of simplifies everything but
they’re doing the Christmas stuff right now so there’s a whole bunch of stations
you can stop answers go check out the shark tank first more thing holding us she’s she’s
everywhere walking in a fish tunnel here this guy he’s a chubby fish showing up
there a little bit they’re not shy sleeping Oh what’s happening here what’s really
going on Adam do you want to share a flamingo do you even have to ask
yes we just left and I’m already tired we take a break can we go back yeah we
head back in we’re not the only ones and if you get tired I’ll just sit back and
somebody else do all the hard work well short-winded here what’s that blue
short-winded here I’m having trouble hearing you over the panting that’s
coming out of my was this the esophagus chest I have a couple breathing what
happens if I have like extreme heart palpitations out here how do they get to
me do they like the meds come in another pink flamingos John Waters making makes
an appearance I think they just know their way home what service hey taxi us
in give us a break you mark that off your bucket list Adam oh I will so for
whatever reason infinity Falls is actually closed today so won’t be able
to go on that one there are some other coasters that we’ll try it would have
been nice to get wet on the ride but they oh I don’t know close for the
season Christmas Ale sampler there mm-hmm
trying to get in spirit and apple cobbler funnel cake fried oh boy
we’re gonna meet shivers the bear that’s his name shivers hey doing very cold no
he’s got a lotta he’s got a lot of fur red Christmas trees and the sea lion and
otter theater coming up next guys ah snowman late poles
how’s that football corndog no but it’s so good away I’m gonna wait to try one
of the pork sandwiches later for now I got Christmas apple cider Kraft good
while we’re waiting for the sea lions and whatever is gonna perform here and
it’s Christmas theme Oh no one wants to build a snowman a pogo
stick they just spinner now that ideas are
whether GI Charla that toy I know that sea monster knows how to picnic looks
like you once in our wonder city soccer oh no I for traffic all right Knight is on the way I think
that Christmas lights are out now oh yeah are we in the Christmas spirit
yet I’m loving it more Christmas treats here
winter wonderland hot Saudi hot cocoa jingle juice Jack Frost and they’re
starting the Christmas lighted show with the trees out here I’m really gonna miss Christmas I can
tell already break trains it’s snowing in Orlando again this is
really nice actually see why I’m gonna miss Christmas so much still have a few
or these to punch out so looking at the menus watching Peter Thomas don’t be a
Tater heater all right time to go see Rudolph Rudolph day
oh oh oh I gotta go say hi to this guy though what do we got over here around
the corner oh it’s Rudolph and Rudolph’s girlfriend
apparently got the Christmas lights going we got a
couple more shows to go to depressive yeah let see the other shows switching
it up from the alcohol and doing hot chocolate you get a souvenir Cup and
then refills are only 99 cents till 10:00 p.m. that’s a really good deal
welcome to pizza boy not sure what kind of pets we’re going to see but we’re
gonna see some tricks some talent our four-legged creatures all right cute show those cats were
really talented that was fast fun we got one more show got a head over to see
Shamu at the stadium for the finale there of the whales guys had a blast here at SeaWorld with
Adam the was a lot of fun glad I stayed in Florida thanks buddy
and a lot of fun the blog is alpha

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