SeaWorld gives sneak peek of new KareKare Curl water slide

welcome back new this hour a behind-the-scenes look at the big wave curl the newest throw right at SeaWorld’s Aquatica water park and nuisances mark Laymon had the great and easy assignment today on showing us what to expect from the new ride you know it’s a beautiful day outside some would say the perfect day to enjoy a waterpark and a quantico’s newest attraction just over my shoulder here behind me well today the theme park gave us a chance to see what it’s all about they call it the curry curry curl karikari is a maori word for waves and that’s really the inspiration for for the type of attraction we put in and the big wave curl is the highlight of what Aquatica is calling their newest thrill ride just gives you that weightless feeling such a thrill we think our guests are really gonna enjoy it for the second time in less than a year the waterpark is opening a new attraction for this one riders pair up first making sure they don’t exceed a weight limit then they’re off on a tube where riders are facing each other to see the look on the person’s face that you’re riding with is great the other exciting piece to that ride vehicle is somebody’s almost always facing backwards so of course we had to give it a try for ourselves the first part of the slide is nice and easy but then it’s a 50-foot drop into the 35-foot wall the ride leaving you a little soaked your blood pumping and designers hope you’ll be coming back for more I think the guests are gonna come back and ride this time and time again and the good news is you don’t have to wait long to experience the ride for yourself the curry curry curl opens up to the public when Aquatica opens tomorrow morning we’re now reporting in Orlando Mar claim and getting results new 6:00

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