SeaWorld San Antonio – Review (San Antonio, TX)

back in spring of 2017 I was able to go
visit SeaWorld San Antonio located in you guessed it San Antonio Texas today’s
review I will only be discussing the park in not Aquatica which I was not
able to visit this was a rather unusual theme park this park is rather large and
spread on over a nice piece of property however walking through the park I
noticed that there really isn’t much to do in form of thrill rides SeaWorld has
great white an inverted bnm coaster one of the many Batman clones out there just
like all the Batman clones great way is a forceful smooth and overall enjoyable
experience obviously if you’ve been on one of these you know what to expect
steel eel which is they are equivalent to a hyper coaster it’s not quite 200
feet tall so it’s not an actual hyper coaster but it looks and acts like one
steel eel is a great coaster this ride is just loaded with airtime
from the beginning to end it’s a little rough but not enough to deter me from
marathoning this coaster wave breaker the rescue coaster was still under
construction when we visited the park but it looks like it will be a nice
family coaster finally journey to atlantis’ the last thrill ride at the
park except I’m kind of forgetting about the river rap is ride located in the
back of the park but I did not get to do but anyways journey to atlantis’ it’s an
enjoyable water coaster but overall forgettable
it’s basically there it’s nice to to get wet when it’s a hot day especially in
Texas so sticking with the rides the only other rides left in the park are
located at sesame place there’s a kiddie coaster and just a handful of small flat
rides for the younger ones but this is SeaWorld
so most guests come here to see the animals how are the shows I can say that
for the most part the shows are well put together the beluga whale was probably
my favorite the show was a little short but still exciting unfortunately Shamu
the orca whale show was temporarily closed because mama whale just gave
birth a couple days prior we were able to see mama whale and her
baby in the pool but it wasn’t any organized show my two-year-old daughter
just loved seeing the animals which is what definitely SeaWorld is geared
towards the younger audience so much so that their rollercoasters feel oddly out
of place with all the shows attractions and rides
we only needed a few hours to do everything in the park during our visit
the longest wait was actually for the kiddie ferris wheel it was like 40
minutes long way too long but every coaster was practically a walk-on so
what I recommend you visiting SeaWorld sure especially if you’re an animal
lover they are the main attraction however if you don’t care to see the
shows you could knock this park out in a couple hours
steel eel is the standout attraction at this park so definitely don’t skip it as
I mentioned earlier we didn’t visit the waterpark but it does look like a lot of
fun I guess you could do both parks in the same day thanks for watching and if
you haven’t subscribed already please click on the subscribe button and check
out some many other content bye bye you

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  • Y'know, I visit Fiesta Texas so much, I sometimes forget that this is also my home park. I agree with pretty much everything you said, the animals are the highlight imho (along with Steel Eel of course). One of my favorite things to do is knockout this park in the morning, then do ZDT's in the afternoon to fill up the day. As for Wave Breaker, it's a really fun family coaster, but I would've preferred something closer to Manta at SW San Diego. Also I think it's sort of funny that there's 2 Batman clones in the same city, but that's Six Flags' fault. Good review, if you visited Fiesta I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  • Fair review, there are big things to come from this park in the next few years, including new animal attractions and a brand new roller coaster!

    Rio Loco is a great rapids ride, you should check it out on your next visit!

  • As you guessed it, in San Antonio.
    No, i thought it was in Seoul.

  • Spin Move

  • SeaWorld San Antonio looks more for shows, my money is only for the dolphin lagoon in discovery point

  • I have been on Journey To Atlantis and it was vary scary when you go down the water part you can't breath because it will be going sooooooo fast and HAY I live in Big Spring Texas and it is vary beautiful

  • there is now more rides

  • thx for the info

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