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[Music] well summer is around the corner if you’re planning a trip here at CL Chuck you got some new things happening lots of great things we’re always trying to give our guests experiences that matter and inspired them to preserve wildlife and today we’re gonna introduce you to turtle Reed I want you to meet my buddy this is Chris Havel he’s an amazing Aquarius and he knows all things turtle I’m gonna leave you in his capable hands and then I’m gonna go check on some of the other areas you know the old cero favorites that we’re gonna bring you to okay so Chris you have a handful of turtles here two different species so let’s talk about that I’m sure they all have a story tell me that what we have here they do they all have a story here so we do have two different species we have both green sea turtles here and we also have one loggerhead sea turtle and the loggerhead sea turtle that’s the one we’re gonna focus in on today that is Big Mama so Big Momma has a great story behind her she was actually a rescued sea turtle she was found in 2010 floating motionless off the coast of Mississippi and when they found her she had shark bites on her back she was missing portions of her front flippers and her back flippers which is why she was brought in and she was rescued but due to her injuries that she sustained US Fish and Wildlife and veterinarians and the United States government agencies deemed her a non-releasable turtle and what that means for her is they did not feel she was fit to survive in the wild on her own so she needed to be placed in a Zoological Institute where she can live happy and healthy for the rest of her life and she can finish telling her great story and inspire people to care about sea turtles and learn a little bit more about sea turtles and some of the struggles that they face out in the wild okay we’ll get to feed Big Momma today and that we have the two different turtles they eat different things our green sea turtles are vegetarians they’re going to eat more of vegetable matter like green leaf lettuce and romaine and collard greens and green peppers and all sorts of healthy greens Big Momma who were going to be feeding here in a moment is a carnivore so she eats only meat so today we are actually feeding Big Momma squid so that’s what she gets today she gets a variety of different things during the week she’s a hungry happy turtle I like Big Momma I like her appetite alright so let’s try being her then give her something to eat there she well I’ve had such a great time getting up close with these beautiful creatures at the turtle reef but now on to some of our old favorites so here it’s sea lion we have a ton to offer we have our sea lions Tonight Show that’s only during the summer we have our sea lion high school show which is tons of fun but one of our favorite shows is actually our sea lions at play show and that’s where we actually give you guys kind of a behind-the-scenes look and how we train and interact with all of the animals so do you want to meet one of our I would love to yeah one of the and I think we might be able to meet one of our animals we’re gonna meet Leon he’s tons and tons of fun okay you want to see some of the fun behaviors that he does now what I want you to do is face me okay right you’re gonna put your hands like this okay you’re gonna bend down at the waist like this I just want you to shake back and forth okay ready one two three go nice and big not yet no no trip to sea roll is complete without visiting what the orcas absolutely still have workers we still have shoes here and I want to introduce you to one of our premier Orca trainers this is Julie Julie nice to meet you Wow first of all what magnificent creatures yes absolutely who do we have here well we have from right to left here we have Takara who is the mother and the matriarch of our pod here we do have five kilowatts total but this is three of them right now okay so that’s Takara in the middle there we have her oldest daughter Sakaki who’s nine years old and then we have Camejo who is her five-year-old daughter as well so a lot of research done here and obviously you get to be up close with these beautiful creatures [Music]

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