SeaWorld Zookeeper Kylene Is Saving Penguins

I have worked with many species of
animals, including several species of penguins Like these guys right here at the penguin encounter. And that’s why I’m so excited to be headed down to
South Africa to work with the endangered African penguin. I get to work right alongside the
leaders at African penguin conservation now we’re going to be out there tagging
African penguins and looking at population studies. We’re also going to look at the quality
of their net sites and even doing some beach cleanups. Now a big reason we’re
doing this is we need to find the problem in order to find solutions,
because we want all of you guys to help so I’m so excited to be going down there,
getting all the facts, and bring it right back to you guys. So continue to love of all of these
animals and do your part of the environment and I’ll see you guys real soon!

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