SeaWorld Zookeeper Lorena Uses Her Love of Animals To Inspire Others

As a kid, I was the one in my family
that absolutely loved animals All animals, and particular: dolphins.
I was that little girl that had her bedroom full of dolphins. And on birthdays and Christmas
everyone gave me something with dolphins. Naturally, SeaWorld was the place to be. I grew up in Mexico and right
across the border in Tiajuana, Every two years or so, whenever my parents could
we would come to SeaWorld and I would go directly to the dolphin show. And say “that’s gonna be me one day.” I took the steps to come to work at the world and I did in a few seasons with the rescue and
rehab program manatees, sea lions, seals, and then
finally dolphins. I did get to work with the dolphins. Which was my dream and now
with otters and hopefully there’s going to be other animals that I get to work with in
the future I have met people that when they find
out that I work with animals that are excited and want to know everything
about it I tell them I work with sea otters and
there have been some people that don’t know what a sea otter is. It makes sense Sea others are a threatened species, so
then that’s my opportunity to teach and make them love sea otters and it’s also
important— the education part, just even the smallest thing of how not to litter I’ll never forget how when I was a
little girl and they learned that trash was very damaging to animals, I was in the
car with my dad and he was about to throw a trash out the window and I stopped him, I said
“papa— dad, what are you doing?” And he said that he’s telling me the story,
like he looks at my face and he saw my big eyes and said
“wow, what I’m doing is wrong.” “so I’m not going to do it anymore” and ever since my dad doesn’t litter either and that that power that little
kid has for me it started with the love of animals.

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