SeaWorld Zookeeper Wendy

I thought about working at SeaWorld and
working with animals. Growing up in Oklahoma, I wasn’t really exposed to dolphins
and killer whales or sea lions, penguins. And it all just was mesmerizing to me, to
be able to be close to the animals and to see the trainers build relationships
with these animals, and I saw how dedicated they were and it just looked like an amazing environment, and group of
people to be around so— “I’m going to start working at SeaWorld” I started an education department and
absolutely was mesmerized fell in love and knew that this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. In my over 20
years here at SeaWorld, I’ve been really fortunate to work with all kinds of
animals. Sea lions, otters, walruses dolphins, pilot whales, killer whales I even work with our
animal ambassador teams which are amazing animals. Sloths, and beavers and exotic
parrots so my experience has been an amazing journey to be able to say I
actually work with these and every day. I think it’s important to continue to do
this because just like that little girl I was when I came to SeaWorld, all those years ago, I was moved and inspired you know it’s
neat to see a child say I’m going to do a beach cleanup or I’m going to learn
about conservation and seeing dolphins right in front of you Or killer whales right in front of you it changes people. I’ve seen it happen. Day in and day out. And that’s why we’re here We’re here to inspire people to teach people about these amazing animals.

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