SeaWorld’s Mako Rollercoaster is More Than Just a Thrill Ride

— and we have a whole new shark realm, and a new
coaster called the Mako roller coaster now it happens to be the tallest,
longest, fastest coaster in Orlando, and that’s hard to do in Orlando, and it’s also
important is going to attract a lot of people to our Park. Once they’re there
they will in the queue line of our coaster, they’ll be able to see the great
work that guy harvey’s Research Institute does some of those videos over
there on the screen moving videos those are actually videos from the shark
tagging itself our guests will be able to see that they
can go online and see if they can come on Guy Harvey’s website and see it, and
they learn why there’s a benefit there. to be able to supply what SeaWorld needed
in terms of our footage and educational content has been a great privilege, and working with the
Seaworld team has just been fantastic.

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