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  • Good, so if something is directly underneath it, it wont ever find it! 

  • MH370 isn't in the ocean. Thus it wont be found. Not in the ocean. Someone might want to call Rolls Royce, they monitor their engines in real time. MH370 has RR engines. It's worth a try. No?

  • They stopped at 15,000 Feet. That object down there is like at 22,000 Feet. Thus, came back to the surface automatically once it hit 15,000. Just too deep.

  • Maybe yellowfin no ?

  • this is becoming a waste of money

  • Interesting Technology. We are certain to see more Ocean exploration in the future.

  • Can we use aquatic creatures in Search operation by placing cameras and gps locators on them because i have read that blufin can go depth of about 4 miles whereas aquatic creatures can go beyond that by using modernized equipments on them can help the search operation because if there any bodies related to these incident then there may be a chance that these pass near by and images can be taken out from that which may help search operation

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