See the Cuttlefish’s Incredible Offensive Strategy | Animal Fight Night

[music playing] NARRATOR: A rival makes
a move on Romeo’s Juliet. Cuttlefish have just
one short season to extend their bloodline. Romeo makes his skin dark
and squirts an inky cloud. Ink is made in the
ink gland before it’s released into the ink sack. When threatened, a
muscular contraction forces it through the funnel. Containing the dark
pigment melanin, the ink acts as a smoke screen. The cuttlefish can also
mix the ink with mucus to create pseudomorphs, smaller
cuttlefish-sized clouds which act as a perfect predator decoy. The rival’s zebra stripes make
his intentions loud and clear. But Romeo won’t give
up on his Juliet. His next defense
is jet propelled. He sucks water through apertures
at the side of his head into his mantle cavity. He then contracts the
muscles quickly to force the water through the funnel. This pushes him rapidly
in the opposite direction. Moving the funnel lets him
quickly change his course so he can outmaneuver enemies. In the panic, the
rival grabs Juliet. Cuttlefish arms are lined
with suckers, which they use to secure their
prey and drag them towards their pointed beaks. This love story is
now a horror movie. Juliet breaks free. Patience Romeo explodes. He corkscrews his rival
with a triple barrel roll. Dazed and defeated, the
rival’s hunt for a mate continues elsewhere.

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