Seeing Colors Differently

– [Wendy] It’s like my world is washed out, and I see fewer shades of
color than most people do. – [Maureen] So normal
people see a million colors I may see as many as 100,000,000. (bell music) – [Wendy] My name is
Wendy; I’m a producer at CNN, and I’m colorblind. – [Maureen] My name is Maureen
Seaberg; I’m a tetrachromat; and I’m an author. Tetrachromacy is the presence
of a fourth cone class in your retina. If I keep naming my invisible colors maybe I’ll have my own
Crayola box one day (laughs). – [Wendy] When I was in Kindergarten my teacher called my parents because I was coloring
the leaves of my trees and the trunks of my trees the same color. Because I couldn’t
really see the difference between green and brown. – [Maureen] The only time
it was ever overwhelming is a paint contractor came to my house and brought no fewer than 32
samples before I was satisfied that it was a true beige. – [Wendy] When I pick
out clothes, that’s hard, I have been known to buy the outfit that the mannequin is wearing because I know that that goes together. – [Maureen] You don’t want to
go clothing shopping with me because the sales people
tell me, but it matches and I can only look at
them sympathetically and keep looking. – [Wendy] I never think like,
oh, if I weren’t colorblind it would be so much easier
to get dressed in the morning. It’s just, it’s kind of part of me. – [Maureen] I guess I’m a
unicorn or something. (laughs)

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