Setup a bottom system for a planted aquarium

Celsio – Bottom heating cable It is used to avoid cold areas within the substrate
keeping it warm as in natural streams and rivers It enhances the growth of the roots of plants
and the biologic ecosystem of the soil Celsio is provided with a 30w transformer (220v~230v)
with a switch from 19w/24w according with aquarium’s size special suction cups and heating cable available in 4 and 8mt long Use the suction cups to fix the celsion
on the bottom of the aquarium Adjust the black mark according to water surface Press the heating cable into the provided suction cups
and place it along the bottom of the aquarium The special suction cups have two entries that permits
to fix the cable when it reaches each side of the aquarium TerraZero – Bottom Fertiliser rich in
Micro&Macro Elements for long term keeping It permits long term soil nutrition and avoids extreme
liquid fertilisation in highly demandind planted aquariums Open the bag carefully and spread out the powder in
the entire bottom of the area that you intend to plant AquaUno – Bacteria/Enzymatic Complex Open the box and also use a few capsules
opening it and spread the powder on the bottom It will promote a better growing of plants
and a bacteria fixation into the substrate It can be also used later with the use of tweezers
adding it on the substrate, on the filter or water column We have also developed the AquaUno in liquid that can
be used also during water changes or new aquarium Of course it will not replace the AquaUno Capsules but due our
natural an porous substrate, will provide also a good bacteria fixation After prepared the bottom with the addictives we
must cover the entire bottom with BottomMineral Make sure that you cover the TerraZero and AquaUno.
BottomMineral is a porous and very rich substrate It should be never let in contact with water column!
Its porosity will help on the fixation of bacteria and healthy growth of plants spread in a uniform manner all over the aquarium
covering the Celsio and also the addictives Then, cover the BottomMineral with ELOS natural susbtrate and be
sure that all rich substrate stay covered and not in contact with water. Use always the quantity enough of substrate to get at least
5cm on the front and 10cm on the back of the aquarium In Aquascaping usually it is used a higher slope on the back to
give more depth, so sometimes you will need a little bit more of soil Just spread out and make it flat doing the slope!
You are ready to start decorating your aquarium.

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