Shave Fast or Slow… Which Is Better❓

Greetings Gents!
I’m Geofatboy for Somebody recently commented underneath
one of my videos they said good Lord you shave fast! Well that may be the
case but, it’s probably for a good reason. If you shave slowly, somewhat too slowly,
you’re gonna see that the razor kind of pulls on each individual hair as you go
down, but if you pick up the pace just a little bit, it zips right through, no
problem whatsoever. Give it a try speed it up just a little bit not too
fast where you’re zooming over it, you have to give the razor time to cut
the beard. Similar to a lawn mower if you go too fast when you’re cutting the
grass, it doesn’t have enough time to properly cut all the grass. But, if you
get that sweet spot right in the middle you can go fast enough and slice it off
cleanly, and it works properly. Let’s try this side. I’ll cut this sideburn Okay and
then slowly, I have a two or three-day beard growth. I can feel the razor kind
of skipping over the top of the hairs when I go slowly, and you really get the
audible feedback too of it kind of pulling on those hairs. But if you just
pick up the pace a little bit speed it up, Boom! It zips right through! So
there’s a possibility that some of you you just may be shaving a bit too slowly.
Just give it a shot. Put it this way: When it comes time to shave your face, it
might help you to pick up the pace! That’s it I’m gonna finish my shave-give
it a try see what you think. Some of you beginners, you might be a
little bit reluctant to shave quickly. You want to go real slow and make sure
you’re doing it properly and checking your angle. Sometimes it might pay just
speed it up a little bit. Just try it, speed it up a little bit. Instead of
going really slow and having the razor kind of drag and pop and skip over the
hairs, speed it up a little bit and it will slice cleanly right through. Check
it out. I hope you enjoyed the video thanks very
much for watching. Visit for all your
shaving supplies. I’m Geofatboy, Have A Great Shave, Have A Great Day!

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  • king and master of shaving , mr , George the Fat boy ❤

  • Good advice, Geo.

  • Great video. I never noticed that when I shave I do what you did, a little fast to prevent wasting time and not just comb my whiskers.

  • Great video sr, short and very informative. "I will try later today when is time to shave to pick up my pace" je,je,je. Love it.

  • Oh wow I did not know that. Thanks man will keep this in mind.

  • Slow and short strokes are great if you are a beginner. But when you get the hang of it I see no reason to go slow…. you are just wasting time.

  • Fantastic …. Will do. Thank you for this . Cheers from the State of Washington 🍎

  • Geo, Thank you so much

  • And  y o u  still r the master, who all started this. The teaching nvr ends. Shud y evr pass thru the Lion City, Singapura, let me know. Stay in my club, the Hollandse Club, the green oasis near city centre. Fun meeting y, cheerio Achim+

  • Cheers Geo, just today put a feather blade in a wilkinson butterfly and took it slow. Never again. Be easier to use napalm. Probably less painful. 😂😂😂

  • Sage advice. When you first start using a DE it’s only natural to go slowly to learn the technique.

  • Absolutely on target with shaving too slow!

  • What’s your opinion on preshave oils? My grandfather used to use a couple drops of olive oil before he lathered up. 😊

  • Good advice, thank you! I will go now into warp 6 and see what happens….

  • The best shaver on YouTube 👍🏿

  • I have some zits in the chin area so I go slow.

  • You don't mow the lawn with the engine idling

  • Great Video GEO! Thanks for the Quick Tip. Have a Good Weekend!

  • You got me to use a safety razor. I'm 27 years old and 6 months in I am constantly wondering why anyone would have transitioned onto the new style blades when they started coming out?? The shave is so painless and smooth even after 3 days of no shaving.

  • Great video, a true eye-opener! I have been adjusting the pace of moving the razor intuitively so far! Now, I am fully aware of what I do! Thank you Geo!

  • Thanks Geo 🍻💈

  • Hi Geo
    I was wondering if you could make a video on how to clean and take care of your safety razor after every shave. Do you use any alocohol? and how do you dry it to enhance its longetivity so tha it should not rust.

  • We got GeoFastboy.

  • I use feathers but I’m curious what would be a close second….astra?

  • Another good way to learn some good techniques is; go to a real barber shop that still offers straight razor shaves. Notice how the barber shaves you. The barber isn’t going slow, nor is he going to zip through either. You’ll pick up some very useful techniques this way. Another good one Geo! Cheers.

  • Great video. Thanks for the tip

  • I found that when I first started out I was being uber cautious. Now I have gotten a bit quicker and noticed a huge difference in my shave. Thanks Geo

  • Nice tip

  • Geo is right. Sometimes technique is everything! Thanks Geo👍

  • Greeting geofatboy.
    At first I wanna say small thank you for videos and any tips that made a lot gents have a great shaving at early morning like me to have a great day, then I have question that why non of having video that you post or the other shavers, we didn’t see shaving mustache area against the grain neither I. Is It wrong?
    The other question is, some times I get some acne (not pseudo folicullitis barbae) on my face after shaving (I shave everyday) and how I can get off this acne (is there any tips)?
    I use DE safety razor and arko men shaving cream
    Have a great shave, have a great day.

  • Shaving faster worked for me! Thanks for that tip.

  • Great stuff Geo, I’ve seen people mention it in passing before but never dedicate a video to explaining and demonstrating it 😌👍

  • geofatboy shaves like an artist with a straight razor too. I hope to be that good someday.

  • Great Tip Geo !

  • Hi Geo- Great shave and great shaving tips, as always! I hope you are having a great weekend and best regards, my friend!

  • Zeus the greek god of thunder hath spoken.

  • 👍👍👍video👍👍👍

  • Great info Geo. I take short quick strokes. Watching this video reminds me what a relaxing treat it is to take a proper shave. Looking forward to my shave before work in the morning.

  • Fantastic Geo, wath's up Man?🤔🤔🤔

  • Just ordered a safety razor. Still think I'm going to make a mess of it.

  • But what to do about bumps which comes when i shave beard in 3 passes which one is you says in your videos. I see your videos and i learn lot of things from your videos hoe to shave and how much pressure and specially the angle for the against the grain but when the hair comes little bit if i say in days after one day beard hair i get bumps from neck and chin area not very much but still getting bumps and i didn't get any irritation after shave and these is only because of your videos but after one day of shaving the problem occurs irritation and bumps. Because in some professional we must need to shave against the grain only because of the closest shave which we get only by against the grain but i search about it and people says that if you have problem like bumps than you need to shave only with the grain but what about those peoples who must have to shave against the grain otherwise they gonna fail on their test. Any suggestions for those peoples who must have to shave against the grain but having problem of bumps not ingrown hair because in my case i am not having issue like suddenly after shave irritation or redness but the bumps and irritation after one day of shave please suggest some idea which will help us.
    By the way your videos are very informative in shaving field!!!
    Thanks for your videos!!!

  • Okay I’ve been shaving with a safety razor for 2 months with the Rockwelll 6c. What’s another great safety razor I should purchase? I really want to get another. Any recommendation on one?

  • OK Geo, so I gave it a try this morning and by just increasing my shave speed a little bit my entire shave was much better. Thank You for the Great Advice! Shave On My Brother!!!

  • Greetings from the UK,
    Just moved my speed up a notch and mowed down four days growth with the R41 with brilliant results.
    Thanks for the tip.

  • Informative shave and catchy

  • a little dab will do ya

  • Wow. Relatively new shaver here. You described me perfectly – slow and cautious – but after watching your video I sped it up this morning. My best shave yet! Great video. Thank you!

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