SHE’S AQUATIC! | drawing a mermaid everyday | Mermay Day 04 2019 | Illustration Process

I’m so excited! it’s May! and in May
artists (at least a few of them) like to come together and draw like a butt ton
of mermaids ♪ I’m gonna be trying my best to post every day in May over on my
Instagram so if you’re not following me on there you’re missing out on at least
29 [30…actually] other drawings. I’ve been focusing a lot on using pencils and sometimes
throwing some digital color on there but I’m having a lot of fun so I decided to
carry that into today’s video. I’m currently trying to figure out the
layout of the sketch and I can hardly see what I’m drawing and this pencil is
honestly giving my hand a cramp, this is the only rose-colored Col-erase
pencil I have left so I’m trying to make it work. I just can’t get enough pressure
to get something visible so I’m gonna try and MacGyver this pencil onto this
Ohuhu marker. I guess I’ll just like tape them together – that way I have something
to hold on to because like I’m squeezing my fingers so much it’s just making my
whole wrist-it’s like shooting up my arm so that can’t possibly be anything good I don’t know how much tape I’m gonna need… but hopefully this will work for now I’m a genius!… so it’s not a perfect solution but it is
a solution nonetheless and honestly this is much more comfortable to hold – I’m
still not able to get those dark lines that I’m looking for but the plan
is to use Copic markers on top of this so I’m going to sketch with this Col-Erase colored
pencil then I’m going to ink with maybe a Sakura micron or something and then
use Copic markers over top of that so the lighter this is the less I’ll have to
erase so that’s always a plus but the lighter it is the harder it will be to
see which could lead to mistakes… I’m not too worried right now cuz I’m still
laying out the sketch but as soon as I start making some like definitive
decisions I’m gonna have to darken some things up [baby voice:]
we can’t forget wittle
blub fish I think the first time I drew a blub fish
(you know what…. we’re probably nearing like eight years…) I used to draw them next to
like mermaids whenever I draw a mermaid so they have
become a tradition to try and include them into Mermay sketches. I do
forget on occasion but when I don’t I’m very happy. blub fish honestly started as
like just a circle with eyes and then the tongue sticking out and they were
always cross-eyed and looking back I (don’t think I realized this at the time)
but I did them as almost commentary on my art because it was like my opinion
of my art was just 𝙗𝙡𝙥𝙥𝙝𝙩! — and so that idea like further evolved so when I
would draw mermaid in a pose I would try to draw this circular blub fish like in
the same pose but with the crazy 𝙗𝙡𝙥𝙥𝙝𝙩! face, I don’t know I’ve just really fallen in
love with these guys and then last year I actually made like an extremely
limited run blub fish back when I had my Etsy store opened and it was actually
a blub shark and when I made it a shark I had to give it like this sort of nose
and it just it brought some anatomy to the blub fish that it didn’t have
before. and since then I feel like my blood fish have improved so I kind of
tried to include that same snout but just a little bit smaller because it’s
not a shark it’s just though it’s a wittle fwishy so yeah we’ll get back to
that this pose is a little weird… looking at it but like it fills the page
so I think I’m just gonna go with it anyway so I sharpen this pencil and now
I’m darkening up some of these lines some reason with this pencil sharpener I
can get bolder lines. not entirely sure why how did I not give blub fishes his
little tongue?! here we go 𝙗𝙡𝙥𝙥𝙝𝙩! and then his eyes would probably bend-see if
you move your mouth over to the left there it’s gonna squish up and then that
skin has to go someplace right so I’m gonna squish it right over the eyeball
and that just makes it feel more 3d I don’t know three dimensional (that means
the same thing nevermind) #when-you- -correct-yourself-but-you-are-already-right-so-now-you-sound-as- -dumb-as-you-felt don’t forget her
seashell bra – when it comes to doing mermaid bras I don’t like to keep them
too simple even though I do like looking at artwork they’re very simple I like
it’s some kind of detail somewhere lately I’ve done like rope for the
straps like sea rope that they had to like scavenge,
I like to think about the mermaid like “how does it live?” “where did it collect
its clothes?” “did they make them?” themselves?” like those sort of things – I’m
not entirely sure what to do with this so I’m gonna leave that come back to it
later let me just try to figure out how this looks in a 3d space sometimes
adding these like circles like pretending the bodies in a cylinder
shape and sketching that out can help – what if she’s
like leaning on a bubble? okay now I’m going on a bit of a bubble frenzy but
how do you stop they’re so cute and rouundd they’re like blub fishes but without
faces or is the blub fish a bubble with a face?! so this pose looks like she’s like laying down but she’s also floating
in the water looking…yeah but like I said, it fills the page very well –
we’ve got a bunch more mermaids to draw I can improve later that will be something for
tomorrow me to worry about Im gonna add a big bubble behind her that I can like
fill in with a solid color and then for the tail I saw on Instagram it was
actually my own drawing from last year, last mermay, I drew this one
mermaid that had-it almost looked like hair for a tail so I kind of want to try
and do something like that so I’m gonna stick to sort of a tail shape so that’s
these shapes and then inside them I’m gonna add like some swooshy hair bits you
know you know go crazy with it I really want the blub fish to be like squashed
on top of her hand here make them look comfy cuz usually I draw the blubfish
kind of trying to recreate the pose that the mermaids doing but in this pose in
particular-no actually!! this does look a lot like her pose I think we’re good
because like her hands up and her other hands down and then he’s just looking
the other direction so yeah okay its just working out fine – and then for the bra
think I will go with the Rope straps I think they’re fun to draw they add like
a little bit of texture without being too distracting and then what if there’s
like either ropes or something like you know I can have those like beaded fringe
what if there’s some like of that-oh but what if it’s like coral (thats kind of
shape a coral) I have this like a little tiny eraser this came in like a Scrawlrbox years ago but is working really well
because Ive been doing a lot of pencil sketches and then that has that like
little tiny point that I can use to get a little tiny erasing I think I’m just
about done with the sketch but I want to try something here with the hair but let
me just try this I might not go with it it’s kind of weird cuz I have [the hair]
getting skinny of that little bit I don’t know about this um no probably not
right? I’ll keep thinking about it but right now I’m going to ink – I’m
going in with a 0-3 fine liner and I’m planning on hopefully building this up
in some spots to give it some line weight and variation (that’s the word) and
then if I need I can like go up to larger sizes, my favorites is a 0-5 and
then when I’m feeling a little really crazy like 0-8 so I’m trying something a
little different here with the 0-3. the eyes I kind of want them to be lighter
like usually I would just fill this in black-ooh, I think itd kind of cool to try
and color those in and see what happens I’ve been doing that a bit lately and I
don’t know I’m intrigued by the idea like even though I’ve been doing it I
prefer it with solid black but I’ve been trying to add like variation to my
characters so I’ve been forcing myself to do it – this pen works really
well for like the tiny details of the Rope I’m impressed so I’m switched over to the 0-5 pen you’re trying to use this to like fill
in some of these areas give it a little depth
screw it I’m just going to the 08 I’m gonna fill in these spaces a little
faster – I keep going over the lines over and over and over again with like the 03 and the 05 and it’s getting old – i want some big bold 𝙢𝙢𝙢!! lines I just realized I
made her forehead like non-existent, was that only like that in the sketch?! I’ve
kind of left the hair so that I can make it long if I so decide – you can see what
the tail I usually keep it super rounded but I tried to like corner off some of
the edges does that make sense ooh, that was a good line. did you see
that? [laughs] alright last thing here I just need to do this tail I like can’t talk
when I’m doing the big swoops that’s a fun shape to draw.
look at that thing! just figure out where the rest of this bubble goes some reason
the sketch over here disappeared oh well I drew that line I guess I’m not going
to do the long hair yeah I think I prefer the bubble kind of filling that
space instead of the hair – the hairs interesting I could probably explore
that idea further and like another sketch make it more of like the focal
point and not just some weird element that’s just you know on the drawings
that’s probably the best decision. here’s my finished inked piece maybe I’ll have
the line art available for you to color if you’d like I’ll have it linked in the
description if that’s the case, but yeah! let’s move on to coloring this!! if you
want to go pause, print that out, color along go for it! I don’t want to erase this
completely so I’m gonna really lightly erase so I’m not gonna push too hard and
erase some of the pink lines because I kind of like the way they look under
Copic markers sometimes to color this! I’m gonna need markers!! here they are! and for the
color scheme I’m kind of seeing like greens and yellows so let me try this
yellow yeah that’s very pretty well maybe this green hello [dog walking about]
Hello doggie! well those
are very similar maybe I’ll try a darker green next to those littleyeah look at
that! see how much lighter those look next to that dark color that’s because
there’s some contrast between those two colors whereas the first green and
yellow they’re like a very similar tone and there’s not a whole lot of contrast
between those like it’s almost hard to tell where one color ends and the next
one begins – which can be nice for blending if you want to create like a
fun ingredient – then I’ll use that greenish blue for the bubbles I think I
think I’m gonna go green skin so I’m gonna use the yellow for the hair and
then blend that out into this green look at how that looks when it’s just the eye
shadow some reason I always color this way
when I do a face I like to color under the eyebrows first and then the
nose and the cheeks it’s just a process let me do this fast so that I don’t get
too many streaks and try to blend it into that yellow. see how you can’t
really tell where one ends and the other begins works pretty well for this
specific scenario color in the chest here I’m probably gonna add a lot of
shading to this but right now I’m just doing a base coat and adding a little
bit of variation by going over it a couple times with the same color so it’s
kind of like experimenting where I want it to be darker without like going in
with a darker color and you know maybe making a mess if you’re wondering what
paper I’m using I literally bought this paper for like writing letters with pen
pals and stuff and one day I got lazy and I didn’t want to get up and get my
marker paper so I used this paper for markers and I was like “oh! this is! oh! [kisses air] this is [kisses air again] blending!
that’s so nice” and like it only bleeds through to the
other side if you like layer like five times or go over the same spot like five
times with the same marker that’ll do it too so I do have to be careful not to
get it on my desk or anything underneath of it but it just works so good I’ll
have it linked in the description it was kind of just like the cheapest cardstock
that was a5 size that I could find on Amazon – I don’t even think
it has a brand name, and I’m using this purple for the shading now it gives it a
little bit of a hue shift but this specific marker is very light so I can
layer it over top of these without making it you know look too purple it’s
very transparent (that’s the word) so I’ve kind of been avoiding using that dark
green I’m a little nervous but I think I want it for the tail we need to go we
got to do it for the contrast I’ll just test it over here holy crap that’s
dark I could use this lighter color for under the bubble so it’s kind of like
you’re seeing through the bubble – that’s a little light I might have to darken that up we got to go big or go home!! ooooohhhh this hurts me this is the only way to get
better! just do it okay it’s actually a lot harder to get like a solid color
with this dark marker it could be running low maybe but I doubt it cuz I
don’t use this marker very much. I’m just gonna layer it a couple times and
hopefully get rid of those streaks and then I can also actually use that to my
advantage and maybe make scale shapes like some spots here and there it’s kind
of interesting and then this tail I guess let me get the same colors the
hair – why does this look golder over here than it did
over there? does this look darker than it did on the head?
interesting. Oh maybe it’ll just dry lighter okay I’ll just give it a sec let
me add some green hue shifts here and there make her look a little murkier
and then when I get to where the tail like where the tail and the fringy tail
bits like intersect I’m gonna try and blend the colors together a little bit
better – make this like other green the light green so that’s the one I use for
the skin tone and I’m using us to like blend these two colors together and
that’s working really nice oh that’s pretty
look at that gradient! I’ve been coloring a couple bubbles here and I’m using this BG 11 to fill in the center most bit of the bubble so I
leave like a white edge around the lineart and that gives it a little bit
shiny ness and then I use this green and create like a shadow and then blend
that out with the BG 11 again, look at that it kind of looks like water doesn’t
it? and I just have to do that for the rest of this big bubble just fill in the
center with this color add a little green for shading, blend it out with the
light blue, do the same thing down here now for the seashells I was thinking
yellow but as we experimented before the yellow next to that green there isn’t a
whole lot of contrast so I’m gonna go in with the dark green oh this looks
alright it’s just very dark -d arker than I’m used to
but look at that contrast so for the Rope I actually layered it with the
yellow and then went with a light green over it so we have that color it’s like
a new color but it still feels like it’s part of the color scheme and then we
still need the color in a little blub fish down there so I’m gonna make him
the same color as her hair so this golden yellow and then maybe I’ll add
some green spots or something we’ll see I don’t want him to look too
plain and cartoony next her – what I could probably do is add like a little green,
that’s a little too much – some green blushes, there we go! that adds like you
know that hue shift I was talking about with the hair and the tail so it just
gives them a little bit more interest and he’s got freckles!! and they have the
same color eyes – thats cute so I’ve tried a few things to try and
add like more detail to this but here I’m using the Sakura Decorous white gel
pen and I’m adding some highlights to the eyes and the cheek and the nose then
I’m trying something different here with the hair does that look at aquatic? it
looks kind of wet feels a little bit like Star Wars-y, you catching my 𝘥𝘳𝘪𝘧𝘵? and I like it wonder if I could do that to the tail in some way, what’s cool
about this white gel pen is I can actually paint over it with the Copic
marker so what if I draw it like these scale shapes and then I can go over them
with like a light green and that’ll give us some like visual interest to the tail
and hide some of those streaks that I wasn’t able to get rid of can’t forget some
shimmer! like a little bit of a highlight it kind of like follows the length of
the tail – it’s kind of cute and when I paint over that it’ll feel a little bit
more cohesive not crazy white – I really like the way I did that hair so I’m
gonna do the same thing down here by the tail – add those like dots and squiggles
just adds like another layer of detail that wasn’t there – honestly like the
first layer of detail, my artworks not that detailed wow that looks kind of
interesting I like-y so I let everything dry like 10 minutes and now
I’m gonna go over it with this yellow, is that obvious enough? – I feel like it still
looks white I’m gonna go over it with like the skin green, this seems a
little bit more what I was looking for oh yeah look at that! I just like the way
it looks layered over top of the other green color honestly, it’s more what I
was hoping for — and here we have it! look at her! I really like those like white
gel penny bits where I like went over with the light green I think that’s my
favorite part yeah here’s my finished illustration for
today’s Mermay – again if you want to check out the other drawings I’m doing
this month they’ll be a link to my Instagram in the description so yeah
thank you guys for watching I hope you all have a delicious merMAY full of
mermaids! [laughs] that didn’t really work. anyway! thank you guys for watching I’ll see you
guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles!! BYE! ♪ ♪ ♪

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