Shop till we drop in Orlando | ช้อปแหลกในออแลนโด้ ฟอริด้า (TH/EN)

HELLO GUYS Now we are at the Orlando outlet let’s do some shopping!!! there are some many shops let’s go take a look the stores are lining all the way down like this I’m in DKNY They sell bags and clothes like so Now in Kate Spade in front they say they are having huge sale going on let’s see will we get anything their bags are so cute and they also have a 20% off on top of the sale here is the super sale area which will be even more discounted on top of the sale again clothes at Guess are also having a good deal and they are cute as well you can come and take a look we are now on the opposite side of the road the outlet is huge, it’s on both side of the road on this side there are Forever21, North face, Uggs and Gaps we’ll see if it is worth it to across the road here what else can we buy? let’s go it’s big so ready to shop go!! and there are more up here there are too many thing, I didn’t know where to start I’m so overwhelmed here are Victoria Secret’s mists and lotion they smell amazing OMG!! What did I bought!!? Oh my god I can hardly even to carry it time to go home Look at my arm look at the marks and redness they are all from carrying shopping bags not by getting beat! what a disaster! can you even see it?

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