Should You Visit Rani Baug (Mumbai Zoo) In 2019? | Vlog # 29 |

So as this first light of sun touches my Face I Welcomes you Welcome Back to My Channel So today I have Come to A very Nice Place Actually this place is for Childre Since I am a Child myself So I Came to Well let me Introduce you the place Veermata Jijabai Bhosle Udyaan In short I came to Zoo Then let explore the Zoo Let’s see what we can find here So this is the Entrance Which is very close to Byculla Railway Station Within walkable distance And when you enter You will find here Ticket Counter or Ticket House Per person entry Charge Rs 50 Presenting T-Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex I wish he was Alive If he was Alive then I won’t be standing here now Funny Voice Okay we seen all the animals, now going home Well I am joking Real Zoo is Starting now So let’s go Zoo Ticket Checking Counter When you come here You won’t feel you came to zoo You will feel its some natural park Because I must say this place is well maintained Very clean and tidy Till now I have not seen a single Cage So till now Its feels like a Garden Lets See We spotted out first animal Ohh My Mother Deer saw me and gave such horrible reaction I didn’t understand whether I saw him or he saw me And This is our second animal of the day Nilgai Oh my god They are sharing cages They can go to each others cage Great Guys we found Tiger Baby Tiger Basically I am roaming for last 30 mins Two Animals Seen Till now I have seen 3-4 cages which were empty Let’s see what else we find out And now we have come to see The Spotted Deers These are the Two Spotted Deers Joking They are not Spotted Deers are here So These are the Spotted Deers And this is the Hippopotamus “River Horse” He has no tension of world around He is happy in his corner Me: Brother please come out I have paid 50rs I want to see you He won’t come out Hippopotamus Is in no mood to come out I just wasted 10 minutes Next Animal Barking Deer’s Cage Is gone behind me But there are not a single Barking Deers to be seen Well I got this extremely Zoom shot But there are no lane to go near that cage Its Closed So I managed to take zoom shot And Now we are going to see these Animals During the lane there is a place for children also Let me show you properly That is One That is Two Okay now let me zoom This is One And I dunno what is this(bubble) There he goes under water And that is the best I can manage To Show Muggar or Ghariyal Some kind of Parrot This is his Cage There’s one more Actually there are a lot more inside Actually there is a lot distances between cage and the fans So Its not a proper sight of Birds And there is this tree in between Wrong Setting And now this is Military Macaw There are two of them and there’s two In totally I can see four of them in my camera And I can’t see any in the ground So in totally there are four bird in here and this is the third cage There is a Parrot in it And Most Probably they seem Parrots And This Hopping one I guess may be his name is horning bird I dunno Something like this And in this lane the very last Cage is this There are lots of Birds in here And I believe they are Aquatic Birds If you noticed These all birds are standing like statues I guess this is some kind of strategy To hide from predators There are white ones full white There are Grey white as well This Zoo has Penguins as well So So let go and watch Penguins also and some other animals too So we will watch them as well And now we’ll go and see these Animals And there is my favorite animal “The Elephant” Let try my Zoom Those are huge Whenever I see Elephant I feel awesome I dunno why There is no proper Sign board here Means They are some direction Boards but only at pacific lane and then no sign faraway and there is no sign board for a proper direction to a particular animal or cage I took a turn twice And reach the same place where I started from And my last stop Penguins Now I am going to see Penguins And after that Home So these were the Penguins there was a blower A/C blower Some Penguins were standing beneath it For Cold Breeze I guess the environment of Penguins Is likely not recreated well by the Zoo But I got a chance to see Penguins Now this is my first time That I have saw a Penguins Okay Guys So this was My today’s Vlog In which I have Came to explore a Mumbai’s Zoo Well this place is very clean and well maintained But here you won’t find any Lion, Tiger, Bear Python Which Especially I have came here to see Python Because I have seen in a Video that Python is in the Zoo Which you won’t find here Basically that is not here Because I have shown you in the video also That everything and the Zoo is under going Upgradations And when the Upgrade Finished I wish All these Animal returns to this Zoo I guess you have Liked this Video If you do Please Like Share and Subscribe My Channel Please Like Share The Video And Subscribe to my Channel Thank You This is Suyeb Signing Off Byee

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