So I’m gonna talk a little today about Shrek and his influence on not just myself
but on society as a whole. So I’m gonna start with the first Shrek, which was, uh, really groundbreaking stuff. I mean the CGI was — —was really crazy. And they look — now if you look back, I’ll probably show you a clip right now. If you just keep watching, I’ll show you a clip. Probably I’ll show you Shrek going [imitates Shrek] “Donkey!” [normal accent] Or something like that. And you can see how life-like his, uh — —um— — features are. [imitates Shrek] “Donkey! Like that. And the first time I heard him do that, I was like [impressed exhale] Is this for real? Mike Myers? [impressed exhale] I couldn’t — can’t believe the expressions that they’ve got on his face. I was like — — like this is something [low-pitch distorted stuttering] Donke— [slow-motion broken record effect] —ey Donkey and talking, just makes for lots of fun. [Ethan] I thi — I think Shrek 3D came out. So, I’m putting on my 3D goggles and I’m watching Shrek and Donkey going at it. With those facial — — gettin’ out of the screen at me like,
[imitates Shrek] “Donkey!” Now we’re gonna move it on to Shrek 4D. Also known as Shrek four… — ever after. Cute little title. Nice play on words, huh? [muffled] Now, Shrek Forever After — [takes a drag] — is just the beginning because Shrek 5 is in, uh, pre-production right now. And that’s due to be out in 2015, so stay tuned for that. I mean, I’ve heard that they — it takes the artist like one month — — just to perfect one little hair on Donkey’s, uh — — Donkey’s, uh — Eddie Murphy’s Donkey lip. That’s just the beginning of it. I mean, the Shrek [exhales] universe has just really begun. It started in 1999 and that was, uh, twelve years ago. But I feel like… uh, I mean with Shrek 5 coming back we’re gonna see a real revitalization of the Shrek franchise. And Shrek is more than just that. It’s a way of life. It’s a way of living. Whenever I talk to my wife, I call her [imitates Shrek] “Donkey!” And she looks at me and she goes, [imitates Donkey] “Shrek, what you talking about, man?” Hey Shrek, you remember, uh, Princess Fiona? “Donkey!” Shrek, remember when you saved Princess Fiona and she turned into an ogre? That was her true beautiful self inside. And he goes like, uh, “Donkey!” Is it illegal to smoke, uh, marijuana on YouTube? Ah, I’m just kidding. This isn’t marijuana, this is tobacco. I don’t smoke marijuana. I don’t — I don’t — — don’t support drug use. Only Shrek use. Use Shrek responsibly. Shrek you later, guys. See ya. [click click] [fart noise] [quiet] “Donkey.” Signing out. Shre-shre-shrek.

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