Shrimp Channel Support 1 – Aquatic Haus 🦐 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hello guys and Welcome to Mark’s Shrimp Tanks. If you’re new to the channel and want to see more content like this where I go over shrimp, all shrimp stuff/DIY/breeding/etc. hit that Subscribe button over here and Bell Notification over here so you don’t miss a thing, okay? Thank you guys for the 14,000 Subscribers! I’m really really happy I’ve gotten this much so soon, because, um, this is what my program today is about actually. There are a ton of channels that really don’t get the recognition they deserve, and that is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna have a series on me promoting other shrimp channels, it will be through collaborations etc. We’re gonna have a couple of the bigger YouTube channels on here as well, I will be hosting them. But I think what we’ll do today is I’ll start with a guy that I’ve known about for a long long time, and I don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves, his channel is absolutely fantastic, His video editing is next-level. So let’s take it away Aquatic Haus! What’s up guys? My name is Nick, also known by Aquatic Haus. I’m honored and excited at the same time being invited by Mark from Mark’s Shrimp Tanks allowing me to become one of the featured channels in his shrimp series. Let me bring everyone on a short walk around through my tanks. So, at the moment I have 2 shrimp tanks and 1 planted tank, and the other one is the Bucephalandra tank, or you call it the bu-ke-phalandra. So the first tank I’m gonna show you is my planted tank. So this planted tank has fish and shrimps in it. I’ve thrown multiples of shrimps into this planted tank and I’ve never seen them appearing for months… until today! I was surprised that I finally got to see some shrimps appearing in the planted tank, and also surprised that the fishes actually doesn’t disturb them. I believe feeding well my fishes will keep them away from eating my shrimps, especially the baby shrimplets. So I have a couple shrimps in this tank and I have 2 types of painted back shrimps, one is a red color and the other one is orange. I also keep some Amano shrimps in this tank to keep algae in control. So the Bucephalandra tank, or the Buce tank. In this tank there’s a very little amount of livestock and there’s only a couple of shrimps, such as Extreme Black King Kongs, BKK, and a couple of Shadow Pandas. But I rarely see them appearing in this tank as well because there’s a lot of places for them to hide, so I rarely see them coming out. Next to that tank is my Bloody Mary Shrimp tank. This tank is horrible to look at, it’s so messy it’s packed with moss and Buce and Trident Fern at the side, but I’ll do a re-make for this tank soon! Well if you guys are interested be sure to head over to my channel and subscribe, and stay tuned for that video! So this is my newest 2ft tank, and currently you’re looking at some Albino Sky Blue Guppies, but these guys are just temporarily here. I’ll be transferring them out when this tank is cycled. This tank previously was a 1 and a half ft. tank which I housed my Pure Red Line Shrimp. I’ve bought only 10 back from a friend and over a couple of months they’ve bred a couple of times and I’ve actually sold them all off and I’m planning to get even more high grade PRLs soon. I’m just waiting for a friend of mine to get over to Taiwan and get me some even higher grade PRL for me. So I’m super stoked for that! And I hope you guys are excited for me as well. I do a lot of videos, and I like to take lots of photos and videos, and I’m constantly updating to Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. So I hope I could get even more support from the community and we will grow together. Once again, Thank you Mark for this special invitation and I hope you get to 15,000 subscribers soon! So those who are watching this video, be sure to hit the Subscribe button to Mark’s Shrimp Tanks channel and also mine, if you wouldn’t mind 🙂 Well that’s all for now guys, see ya!

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