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for a detailed list of materials and
links to where you can buy them check out the description section for this fly
I am using a Gamakatsu b10 s inside six but if fishing saltwater an SC 15
probably will work better the thread I am using today is Danville’s 210 flat
waxed in fluorescent orange now start some type of hook wrap I’m using pearl
tinsel braid by fly tyers dungeon tie it in securely then bring your thread up to
just shy of the hook I now make touching wraps up the hook shank with the tinsel
braid making sure to make an even taper on the bobby then capture the braids and trim off the
waste now wrap over the end of the braid with your thread building up the thread
to about the thickness of the braid pull out some starburst stuffing also made by
pliers dungeon or you could also use ISTEP align the fibers of the dubbing by
pulling apart several times then cover the hook shank with the dubbing and make
sure it’s even on all sides now tie that dubbing in with a few wraps also
ensuring the dubbing is on all sides of the hook shank pull back the forward
facing fibers then tie those in facing rearward as well clip some water soaked
in olives this is also by flat tires dungeon if you don’t have this EP silky
fibers could work as well tie that in in the center of the bunch then pull the
forward fibers rearward and tie those in as well
clip another bunch of water silk and tie those in on top of the last Bunch in the
same manner keep in mind you don’t need very much of this wrap around the head a
few times to cover the materials and make a small head now grab a peacock
tail feather or you could also use some pre-cut peacock herl when selecting your
fibers make sure to get the longer fibers more towards the base of the
feather also one side will be darker and the other shiny choose from the darker
side pull off three to five strands and make sure the tips are aligned and also
the curves are all facing the same direction then tie those in so the curved is
downward and the tips extend to about where the water silk fibers end now make
quite a few wraps building up the head and covering all the materials you also
want to wrap back on to the fibers a bit so the orange will show through past the
eyes you’ll see what I mean in just a minute then what finish your fly now we’re
going to trim these materials to shape get creative here and trim them how you
want for me I wanted them to angle back upward toward the top
this makes the silky fibers move a bit more in the water kind of like a
fishtail stroke the fibers back a bit to make sure they are where you want them
once you’re happy with the shape go ahead and stop trimming now we will
select some eyes use whatever color you want but the size is really the key they
have to be small enough so the orange thread shows through the back but large
enough so the front part of the head is not showing through
I selected size five millimeter eyes those 3d eyes have an adhesive back on
them so just place them on the head of the fly when placing the eyes make sure
they are behind the hook eye but far enough forward so no thread is showing
in the front make sure both sides are aligned properly now we’re going to be
using a UV curing resin made by solar as called thin hard
fill up the cavity made by the two eyes with the resin turn the fly upside down
and right slide up a few times until you’re happy with the shape then simply
cure the resin in place with your UV light go ahead and fill the bobbin
cavity with the resin and if you need to change the shape at all just use your
bod kin to ensure it’s how you want it then cure the bottom part as well if you
still aren’t happy with the shape you can use more resin to build up parts of
the head once you’re happy with the shape of the head
I like finishing the fly with another UV curing resin made by solar as called
bone dry it’s really thin and can be painted on with the built-in applicator
it cures really quickly and without any tackiness it also creates a really nice
shine on the head and gives it a nice finished look also it will make the head
even more durable and keep from losing the eyes on hard strikes from fish and
there we have it your fly is finished as you can see the fly sinks very slowly
the way the materials are tied in keeps the fly swimming upright and the way the
material is trimmed makes the tail part of the fly move very gracefully the
pearl belly mimics a baitfish belly and the olive color is pretty common for
most baitfish patterns however there are many colors of water soap so go ahead
and get creative and tie them in whatever color combo that you want the
orange thread acts like a guild line you could also use pink or red as well hey
thanks for watching if you like this sort of thing please subscribe leave
your questions in the comment section and don’t forget to check the
description section of this video for a detailed list of materials used I will
see you in the next video now you guys go catch some fish

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