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Hey, hey! We are on Perhentian Island. How are you today? I’m fine, and I want to thank everyone
who congratulated me on my birthday. – Yes, we forgot to do that in our previous vlog.
– Yes. Many people have asked what
you got for your 7th birthday. I got this watch. You can spin this thing. I also got… Harry, could you bring me
the gift you gave me… The dog. Yes. – What are we doing today?
– Snorkeling. – Yes, we are going snorkeling.
– Then you can test your watch, Alma. – Yes! What? But then it will break?
– No, no, no, no, no. – Is it waterproof?
– Yes! Cool. And we are off to new adventures. Ouch! Ouch! – Is the sand hot?
– Yes. How nice, Harry. Mommy, do you know how I will
float down to the bottom? How? I want to float like a ball, like this… – Hello.
– Hello. I am your guide today. We will go to the big island for snorkeling
and we will stop at three points. Our first stop is Fish Point. After that we go to
Shark Point, and our last stop is Turtle Point. – What did he say?
– Our trip will take about 3 hours. – If you have any questions, you can ask me.
– What did he say? – Okay, perfect.
– Mom, what did he say? He told us that we will stop at three places. First we will look at fish,
then we might see turtles. – And sharks?
– I don’t know. – Can we see sharks?
– Hopefully! Oh, wow! This morning we saw a lot of sharks,
but now I don’t know. What? He said “hopefully”. Maybe. You can see the reefs. The coral reefs. Oh! That’s where the fish hang out. What? Can you see the lighter areas on the surface?
It looks like big rocks. – Yes.
– That’s a coral reef. ♪ Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday… ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday… ♪ And this is for you. Are you ready, family? Yes! Come. Are you ready? How good do we look on a scale of 1-10? 10! 10. I think it looks like
you have had a facelift. – Let’s take a thumbnail.
– Yes. Okay. Hey, hey! Good! Hello, diver! These are so tight. Not good. – That’s a good thing.
– Why? Because water won’t get in. – What time is it, Alma?
– 3:30 PM. Nice! – It works.
– Yes. This place is called Shark Point. There are sharks here. They are called Blacktip Reef Sharks. …Shark Point. Yes, Shark Point. They are not dangerous to humans,
and they might be a little scared. To lure them over here
we will drop some fish in the water. – That are dead.
– Yes. After 10 minutes the sharks will smell the fish. That’s when we can jump in and look at them. Does it seem scary? A bit. – I think it’s scary.
– You do? Yes, it’s ingrained in me because of Jaws and stuff,
but I know that sharks aren’t dangerous. Most aren’t. – Exactly.
– But it’s still like… Jaws! It will be so exciting! I can not believe that we just swam with sharks! How cool?! – Super big.
– Yes, super big. A lot bigger than the one we caught
when we went fishing. Yes! Yes, yes. We caught a shark when we went fishing
in Kaikoura in New Zealand. But these are bigger
and we swam with them. But sharks are supposed to be big
so that their shark fins are super big. And their shark fins
are supposed to be sticking out. – That’s right.
– Poking out. – These weren’t that big.
– No. What did you think, Almis? – Good.
– It was so cool! Hello? We just swam with sharks! Yes, that was actually really cool! You look so good with the goggles
all wonky on your forehead. – I dropped “looking good” a long time ago.
– Yes. No but, that was really cool! Does my hair look good? No, not particularly. Joanna always asks me to make sure
her hair doesn’t look bad, and she thinks I often miss it. And now… This one is on me.
I call it “The Swimming Goggles Hairstyle”. We have arrived at the beach
we visited in our previous video. This is where we will be looking for turtles. Quite a lot of people are here to look for turtles. I get why the turtles are so popular.
It’s such a magnificent animal. – Yes, indeed.
– But I feel like… Is it okay down there with so many people
in the water looking at it, and taking pictures. – It popped its head up.
– Yes. It popped its head up like “Who is here?”,
and then it swam back down. “Who is here? Huh?” “A human is coming towards me!” Yes. Maybe the best thing to do
is to just leave them alone. Yes, but everyone wants to see them.
Everyone thinks they are so cool. Yes, they are so beautiful,
and they can live for 50 years. 50 years old, Almis! Yes. That’s older than me and mom. By then it has probably seen quite a lot of people. – Its shell was super old.
– Yes, super old. Are we happy with this trip? Yes. First we saw fish, then sharks,
then Ninja Turtles. – Woho!
– Turtles. ♪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ♪ ♪ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ♪ ♪ Heroes in a Half-shell,
Turtle Power! ♪ Yeah! How did they make the ocean? – How the ocean is made?
– Aha. – It came from the sky like rain.
– Aha. A gas cloud from outer space
mixed with another gas cloud from outer space. Then it turned into water. It was pulled towards the planet
and then all the water rained down onto the planet. And oceans formed. – Then there were super big pits.
– Yes. Super big pits far, far, far down. But how did sharks and fish
and stuff like that get there? It took several million years. Bacteria and small animals began to exist. Then the animals got legs and fins
and swam around and started eating each other. Eventually there were sharks. Our friends at BuBu Villa recommended this excursion,
and it was a perfect adventure for the whole family. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up… …or down. Leave comments, ask questions,
and take care until next time! Bye bye!

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