Simon Chang and Lynda Reeves

It’s great to be here after so many years. Here we are standing in your fashion empire talking about paint, and we are going to see the unveiling of your Fall 2012 colours for Beauti-Tone. “Yes!” “So how do you like being in paint?” “I love it! I want to create a palette and a colour heart that is very unique and make it work for people across the country, so this is really geared towards all the Canadians.” “Okay so its geographical.” “Yes, we started out with Canadian artists: Emily Carr, The Group of Seven, and Riopelle. We covered a country. The “Pacific Overture”, I really love Emily Carr’s tones, so greens and blues.” So you used the colours in the painting as a jumping-off point? “Yes, exactly!” That’s great! “You see how it could be contemporary as well as traditional? Then we go into “Fishing For Compliments”. This is very much the Maritime colour palette.” This is definitely softer, aquatic. “Yes, and also with the seashells, it’s very calming. Then I love this pallet, very cirque de soleil right? I mean, this is our success story and I love the whimsical colour, look at the pillows here.” Beautiful! And then we go into “La Belle Province”.” You even go hockey in here! “Yes, this is Canadian, right? “We’re Canadian, we love hockey! And I think Riopelle also exemplifies the beauty of the pallet here. Then we go into “Beauti And Eastern Township”. Every fall season, we all go and drive to the eastern township to see the fall pallet. And “Green Charlotte Sound”.” Oh that sounds interesting. “We also have “Nickel Black” and “Thunder Gray”. I want everything Canadian!” This Fall 2012, we can find this line at Home Hardware Stores across the country. “Exactly!” Fantastic, thank you! “Thank you!” I’m sure it’ll be a great success.

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