Hey guys before we start the video, I just got to say that there’s a really exciting thing at the end of this video So stick around for that. It’s a secret collaboration. It’s something yeah, you guys are gonna. Love it you guys are gonna Marry it and have its babies and have your babies babies which is weird But you know make sure to stick around for that and yeah, let’s start the video. What’s up? What’s Up? My name is Jake Paul, and this is five weird stuff online the series where I make fun of your comments *Laughter* Just kidding my name’s actually *VladTeeVee Meme* Romney my editor Jonas is on vacation this week, and I don’t really know how to edit that well So you guys will have to watch my face without any editing in this video. I hope that’s okay This is what I actually look like mm-hmm Yeah, this is why I do YouTube anyway a while back I found this awesome Danish band called between music and they’re good at one thing in particular making the ladies wet These guys would have been happy to play the Titanic am I right Anyway the coolest part of this show apart from the water am I right. It’s the singing. They’re singing underwater It sounds really cool. Check it out That’s just so sick seasick you get it like water see No so today I’m gonna try singing underwater. Just like they did I’m gonna try singing some popular thongs thongs Popular thongs, I just received my underwater microphone in the mail, so let’s go check it out Yeah, so this is the underwater microphone, it’s about $200 but if you can’t afford that you can always go for the DIY version. I have it right here It’s a kinder egg inside on a piece of string as you can see they are Comparable and should work about as well so go for any of these really to other gadgets I needed to buy for this video that I’m never gonna use again It’s this underwater camera and this underwater mp3 player so I just wanted to address something I’ve been seeing a lot in the comments recently people talking about my disgusting teeth and yes I do have disgusting teeth and no I don’t want to brush them Thank you some people have been theorizing in the comments that might have like braces or like Invisaligns or something but I definitely don’t have anything like that Just deal with it, so this is where I’m setting up to do some underwater singing down here I have my laptop which is gonna be recording the audio. This is my audio interface It’s got two cables going from it over here It goes to my underwater headphones and my underwater microphone and this is my underwater camera which are gonna be sticking to the bottom of the bathtub sit stay still and This is my lucky kitty honestly. I think I might need the lucky kitty I’m alone in the flat right now the sound card is actually supplying electrical currents over to the microphone So if anything goes wrong I guess that the water could get you know electrical Okay, so it’s time to finally hear what it sounds like when I sing underwater shout out to Jen for retweeting the last video also Me and my girlfriend Beth are vlogging again on the second channel roomie talks We have two vlogs a week coming out Tuesdays and Saturdays So there should be a new one up there right now roomie talks check it out and Jones for the mother of god Forget that. There is a secret link at the end of this video to an amazing collaboration think you’re gonna. Love it, okay let’s go I Hope the angles still alright Dude is way harder than I thought it would be so much bubbles is well I wonder if the bubbles are gonna make too much noise when you’re blowing air out I guess that’s why the girls between music sing like the whale song thing. Do not push up too many bubbles It’s also uncomfortable, I know if you guys didn’t notice But this water is like already a really grass this video is gonna turn out so awful and got this stuff now though so like If I want to do a sequel I can do some more practice like Jesus Best cover of attention ever five out of five Jesus okay again, I think that’s about it I Got this stuff now. Got all the gear and I know it works I can do a sequel and do this better, but this is this is probably the best I can do right now Okay, guys. It’s time for the super exciting collaboration I’m so psyched about this so you get two choices here right now you have choice number one Which is me singing the longest note? I could ever do underwater sounds a bit dangerous But might be fun and shorts number two is that I will pour milk over myself in slow motion you guys choose one of these chooses choose stuff miau

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