Skeleton Horses!?! (The AQUATIC Adventure) | JPixCraft Adventures | Minecraft 1.14 Episode 4

(Minecraft Noises) I’ve done a few things and you’ve left the game. Yeah, it dropped me out. All right, I’m back. Whoa Yeah, that’s something Oh what you you know, okay, so I thought in bushes Yeah, welcome back That’s her little hidey hole. You want to go ahead and look straight up are these Let us kill my friend there’s a course. Yeah, that’s all over here Hi, how you doing, don’t hit me I’m about to die. I have a heart and a half so Okay, so um, yeah, I’ve done a few things to play so you ready yep, all right Let’s get some ground tour grant and Grand Tour Okay, so I added some berry bushes right where you spawned on purpose? So these are kill blocks this food, oh, so this is our little stash yeah, this is this is Okay, so moving on to over here. We got some more berry bushes. We’re playing the kelp sack Got a full on farm and everything yeah. Oh, yeah Pumpkins for no reason and I have some more pumpkin over here. Oh, we can go fight Enderman with those at least We can play interview pumpkins. Well, if you put pumpkins on your head you can stare at them and they want to attack you Anyway so ice I did save the boat for this episode So I have absolutely no idea what’s in this bill we got some treasures in there and come over here So over here I did build some darks Yeah, so if we come inside now, so yeah welcome to Yeah, there’s really much just Yeah, so if you just go ahead and follow me this is I saved these just for just for when you recording So I did do a little bit of my anyway, you were away And so if you come down here I’ve got some delicious Yeah, you still got a ways to go you scary cave sense, okay So welcome to the cave I discovered And um if you go ahead and come up here And this is the first thing you’re gonna see shiny middle end road Yeah, so I go ahead and give you the honor of lighting then that’s just one sadly. I don’t have an iron pick The roads Okay. Now if we come down so shiny can I eat it? No, no And if we come right here Other Currents okay now gives him to me I give them to me because You you know how you are valuable things. Yeah, I throw them away on purpose Yeah. Oh wait. I want to do something real quick Yeah, anyways, it’s a good thing I’m done with these caves So yeah, let’s go ahead and head back up top And I did I didn’t have to deal with any phantoms or anything we were going that’s good Which was honestly surprising to me that Were you able to sleep or oh, yeah, okay But I even stayed up three nights in a row sitting there waiting Hope I can just catch it a high screen shot to send it, you know So as we come back up to the top here we got I’ve got one more thing to show you Jumpin little bits of your food on me Dropping some crumbs on you, okay? You’re just like some of the things that I found. Oh That’s nice Yeah, so I did find three diamonds and find them my diamonds. I Got the achievement. You know what? I really thought about doing. Mm-hm was just like getting just a crap ton of gravel I was just too casing this thing and then mining all the rival back up and getting rid of all the water but you know my sponges for that Yeah it was 1:00 in the morning and I was doing all this and I was like You know what? I gotta be up at work for or I gotta be up for work at 5:30 in the morning It’s probably time. Yeah, probably down there. Okay and up there I did do a little speech platform a little wet a little speech platform cuz you know, I gotta have one everywhere I go Oh speech. Yeah Sparta. Yeah, there are two chests on this boat there’s one down here in the captain’s hill and I do believe there’s one here Underneath these chuckle. Yeah, there’s one right here So I’m already in that Which Oh Mary treasure map I mean I’m in the main area near source Yeah, I say I’m standing in a pocket of air right now What uh what you got cooking in there got cooking in where In the chest their treasure map Is that it yeah, I was just the treasure map in a bunch of paper In this captains course. Yes. Yeah It’s just this chest into you yeah Good. Oh, wait is there Yeah, there’s a there’s a kitchen chair. Oh, there’s another area. Okay Yeah, okay now I see what you mean Yeah dang Awesome now, let’s oh, okay. Okay Oh Remember you can’t breathe underwater crap After remember that time for you know, something something we didn’t notice in last episode What is that What is that I did come over here and mine a little cold, but I didn’t look to see what was actually in this Anything. Yeah, if it’s not just bricks, I feel like there could be something like behind the next blocks, but Let’s find out a little bit of was oh there’s a chest, okay I’m curious if you put this here no, no treasure treasure map and everything Kyoto’s Yeah, I think this is it Yes, so like that there was just there was just a treasure map in the chest yeah here I’ll throw it to you Let it flow I didn’t even notice this until out of Anyway, I didn’t even notice that until I logged on last night So I’m gonna give you the other map because I don’t know how to navigate worth worth of fool They literally go to the same exact location. Really? Right You want to pack things up here? Yeah, try and find a village try and find that treasure see if we can’t do both Yeah No, there’s crop Telefunken zijn chested. Oh wait, that’s right. You have to shave it first before you can actually have the face on that You have to shave it. Yeah, you have to get shears and shave the face off of it That’s not stranger. No, that’s rather strange. Okay, so if you want to go ahead and collect all the for sure That’s raining Yeah, it’s been raining a lot See if that happens every time I I’m in a world that just rains and cries Yeah, it’s just like you know what we don’t like this kid. That’s was crying that Back you ate the tear ducts Okay, so do we have literally everything we need Furnaces are empty Oh One pile of redstone Yeah, I’m pretty I’m pretty certain Yeah, I think I’m good. Do you need your pickaxe back? Oh Yeah, that’d be appreciated Are you grabbing the lapis I Did I did grab some lapis? Yeah, I grabbed a 64 stack. I’ll grab the rest. All right, so We’re done here. Yeah, we’re relieving our second home behind. Oh, are you gonna blow it up? We’re done here. Oh, I can’t wait. Let’s do it Okay three Glorious sent one glory. Oh, I probably need my bed. Oh, yeah, maybe Feel so good to be able to eat after one click not 30 clicks not 10 seconds of holding the button I was just having a Vietnam flashback to every time I’ve tried to eat Yeah, oh my god, that was a huge neck spike, I got hit by one too, yeah On the water again, I’ve almost crashed into you. Oh Let’s do that. I do have to stop periodically. Oh, there’s some more underwater rooms Might be a little rescue for us to go down there Yeah, it’s what makes it know that so we’re gonna probably gonna get ran into it with some drowns Yeah, but they don’t really bother you. Well, unless they throw those tridents at you. You just got to keep moving Yeah, gotta run. Oh Okay, we need to go back this way Reverse reverse I miss the squid Hey drowned get off. It’s around. Yeah. He was a riot up next to you They look there Do that Skellington go as I say you’re gonna shock you don’t get shot up in the hood Yeah Interesting we might be able to find a temple in here I just Jessica a tightness treasure Okay We’re still in the hood, okay, so a kid we win the product uruk’s So I thought it was on this side of the island But if it wasn’t so we need to go back the original 1k her started killing Then I think we might have to do a little inland watching. Hopefully this isn’t a dead end Oh my notification skills and your navigation skills or whatever no mine are non-existent Yeah, at least don’t think geez yeah, you have those natural like real-life navigational skills, I have nothing Yeah, that’s actually true Tried it now I black That’s only not as many drones as I thought there’d be We just but yeah our boats to paddle to each other All right, so we’re Least in this section. We need to be on the minute We might need to cross a little bit of land I Believe that is Oh Melvin. It’s like right up here. It’s here Yeah, yeah, yeah I don’t even have a shovel. This is a great here Like we’re at iron tools and I still don’t even have an axe or a shovel Newb adventures gonna call it the new the new been experienced adventures Gotten lanky I’m now is this like actually buried treasure? Yeah, it should be buried I Can’t deal with the rain anymore Just enough, yeah It should be just like rated they go a little bit deep It could also be a bit in the water as well so Therefore the worst Yeah granted I’m playing Minecraft so I’m already prepared for the worst because I make quality hours later Yeah, let’s see to avoid This point you might drown We might become one with the dream Huh the jokes, oh the jokes are great tangle Isis booby love would suit you I Need air oh Here it is Oh up up up up air Okay part of the sea we do this some part of the scene and this weekend in t4 our next house, yeah So what exactly just heard of the sea – I Think it allows you to like breathe underwater and mine underwater faster within its proximity It’s the only thing I can really think of that it’d be used before water related Just in case we ever come by here again, we knew we were here Let’s throw that map away So what you want to go back to that jungle, yeah Either jungle jungle villages, I believe silly interesting. Hopefully I can find it first I feel like we need to hit this up Okay, I found a chest old it is filled with all kinds of goods Yeah, okay so I’m gonna go down there and get the chest a seven gold Gold open some iron nuggets and some lapis Yeah, there’s another chest here okay going in Well, we got another buried treasure map under the water it’s like that ruin that we just found oh You know, let’s just hope I don’t get electrified yeah if I did that be like your fine Bit of fun Comedy in 2019 it can only be puns or you get arrested. Yeah Sort of feels like it everybody I can use the machines do you need Yeah, it’s right there There Oh Oh no, no, no. No, that’s not good. Lightning. Skeleton. Skeleton horses. What is this? I Don’t like this. This is not I don’t know, but I’m not too hard. So it’s gonna just screws boats Yeah, they don’t seem to be engaging they just seem to be drowning Right here you can use this boats. It’s right here I’m just gonna I’m gonna heal up real fast. I feel like there is a chest in this room Good luck down there Okay, I give up I don’t really know. I’m not a pro I’m the entire opposite of a pro. I’m in or you Let’s see how good my navigational skills are getting Yeah, we came to this channel didn’t we yes I think so. Oh, no, there it is Yeah a little bit here Okay, let’s go to that Joe Girardi So I don’t have a friend Peritoneal friend put him on your shoulder and say hello They actually just Elena I think you can click them, right? Oh, does that just like I’ve said yeah Or I think you put them on your head They do flies I Keep thinking it’s talk toggle downfall when it that hasn’t been that in a while Yeah Let’s hope we don’t get snuck up by a creeper If they took they took Glendon well, yeah, I need to make a texture pack where they’re like super weirdly colors Kinda like PewDiePie chicken freakin spy chicken. Ah No Yeah, that’s an old reference to an all of youtuber and not Golden Age. I mean don’t be offended. Mr He’s like 50 or 70 90 maybe At this point I may as well just push him to the fact that I called them all Yeah, well, here’s a blue parrot if you want another good parent. Do you want a little bit? Yeah, who’s my favorite colors other than yellow? Okay. Well, here’s some seeds See you little guy follows me Before desert there we go. Oh I I heard a little Sound and I thought it was a creeper Nope, and my parrot is on my shoulder. Oh did I just do that? Yeah Damn no, I got to creeper creeper creeper creeper creeper Geez, every time I seen creepers I go in to pull on PTSD mode Yeah. Oh God The lag I can’t do it Uh-oh. I thought he stopped for a second Like he stopped moving and I was about to just be like we’re done We’re gonna get blown up. Come here bird laying on my shoulder Do it. Yep, there is alright so you just have to walk into them then He’ll catch up eventually or not Actually on my single-player world Multicolored It’s so much easier to play the game with this mouse Alright that’s getting easier when I click it actually, you know does things instead of delay That’s About to drop out of the sky. There’s a pair of sticking into you leave me up. There’s one in your vagina as well Good there’s one set into your vagina Just one for now, oh and there’s a skull behind you you need to get a shield To the to the security pumpkin. Yep Owen are you going in the knee thing? That sucks vagina Anthony mm? I’m a comedian. I’m a Netflix comedian, which means I’m free Pretty much There’s a bunch of creeps around us to to you bird, we’re slowly getting closed in by enemies, I’m just I’ll just follow along Over watch out for the zombie right behind you Okay, mate right through there Yeah, um you have your bed right yeah Watch a creeper comes sneaks up on us blows us up

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