Slide The City big hit in downtown Wichita

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE — WAITED IN LINE TO SLIDE THE STREETS OF WICHITA TODAY… AS PART OF THE INDEPENDENCE DAY BLOCK PARTY. KAKE’S BRYAN RAMSDALE IS LIVE DOWNTOWN WITH THE THOUSAND-FOOT SLIDE BEHIND HIM. BRYAN WHAT WAS IT LIKE FOR THIS FIRST- OF-A-KIND EVENT IN WICHITA? GLORIA, IT WAS NOTHING BUT SMILES FOR PEOPLE AS THEY WENT DOWN THIS SLIDE. FOR ONE GROUP IN PARTICULAR, IT WAS MORE THAN JUST HAVING FUN “we want to be like kids again and just have fun.” MEMBERS OF THE ADVENTUROUS BABES SOCIETY SHOWED UP TO SLIDE DOWN THE STREETS OF WICHITA “we are all about for women to step out of their comfort zones, try something new in a fun and supportive environment.” AND THEY DID JUST THAT. nats: screaming, water slide noises THIS 1000 FOOT SLIDE HAD LONG LINES OF PEOPLE, WAITING TO COOL OFF IN A VERY DIFFERENT WAY “it looks really fun.” reporter: what are you most excited to see? “the water on my face because it is like a hundred degrees.” WICHITA BEING FLAT, THE RIDE DOWN WASN’T ALL THAT FAST. “that’s kind of what we were thinking about, in wichita, I’m not sure where that would be….” BUT THE END RESULT WAS ALL THE SAME “they are going to smile whether they are here or whether they are there, that is true.” AND FOR THE ADVENTUROUS BABES, THIS WAS MORE THAN JUST HAVING FUN “the bond that we have by doing this together becomes very very deep and it just makes it so much more fun to do this as a group.” SPEED WASN’T A FACTOR TODAY. WICHITA BEING SO FLAT TOOK CARE OF THAT. THE EVENTS ARE NOT OVER FOR THE DAY, FIREWORKS ARE SCHEDULED FOR 10 O’CLOCK TONIGHT. REPORTING IN DOWNTOWN WICHITA, I’M BRYAN RAMSDALE, KAKE NEWS. THERE WILL BE MORE OFFICERS ON PATROL THIS WEEKEND, BUT THEY’LL BE ON THE

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