Smartphones That Can See Through Clothes & Walls

okay let’s move on there’s a new chip
being developed by researchers at a texas university our university of texas
at dallas can give smartphones be long envied
superhero ability lewis to see through walls are closer other object i’ve heard about this a little bit yeah it’s a small inexpensive microchip which
can discern tera hertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum and this can work along with sienna all
west technology behind processors that are usually in
personal computers are smart phones were televisions and the combination of these two means
that you can put this into the back of a cell phone with the transmitter and turn the device into basically a uh… you can see through objects
which is obviously creating a lot of privacy concerns but also exciting a lot of people with
some of the possibilities of what they might be able to do with this thing and uh… i never fear testing it with a limit when right now they’re saying the kind of uh… dispel some of the
privacy concerns they’re testing it with a four inge we deftly have to be four inches away
from something to see through it but it seems you could modify that part
pretty easily when he hated yes if your pro at this stuff there’ll be people out
there modding phones and probably legally sit to extend the range of this is a
tear her to ban wavelength baldy between microwave and mobile phone
signals and uh… or rather they fall between
the microwave used for mobile phone signals and those used for infrared
light for night vision goggles and there there are some interesting medical implications here right in the instead
of having to have potentially uh… a cat scan or m_r_i_ depending on
how this works for certain things you could just use
one of these screens and put it up to somebody which is a pretty big
development yeah but i mean i i i think when it comes to that i work i
would rely on the on the more advanced expensive uh… technology on which first how tomorrow
ice people said idea i think maybe that sounds like who do i think i want to
rely more on the opinion of the doctor yeah well i can change the question is
whether you think if you had a little in that case you have the opinion of a
doctor or something that actually you can look into the body with fruit i mean now there’s gonna be two
things the youth can look into the body with i mean which would you charge more well i’ve not much time on earth m_r_i_
machines but they don’t have to be a self liner
with you don’t my question is whether this thing is the f_a_a_ approved uh… technically yes right you know i don’t think it’s a pity
s_a_e_ commuters dinners are and why wouldn’t this be well pedophiles
i would be concerned in action if you just had a guy’s standing around by the
playground it looks like he’s just honest bonus and israel looking under
kids clothes i would be worried about that well at this point to get the kids in
his keys pitching a tent in his pants then it’s probably safe to assume that
the guys have to know that well drilling that that’s how you would
determine out that that would be my conclusion this is this technology
actually has been around for years but now it’s starting to become are tested
in some of these more consumer applications incident smaller lot of things getting smaller no
question about that alright on today’s bonus shell woman
compensated by her employer for sex injuries incredible story will talk to louis about whether he’s
had any kind of on the work on the job of problems like that also google maps reuniting assigned with
his mother after twenty five years and parents who we have a lover addicted
acts and spending back after this date in david that michelle back david packed with dot com

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