Snap Story: Motivational Speaker Peps Up Ford Elementary Students for STAAR Exam

– Hey PSJA Family, I’m
currently at Ford Elementary where third, fourth and fifth graders are about to get a special presentation from a motivational speaker to pep them up for the upcoming STAAR exam,
so let’s go check it out. (children laughing) – The clerk, the guy that works there, comes out from behind the counter, picks me up, carries me back to school. He’s friends with the principal. I’m busted. I’m sitting in the principal’s
office, and what do you do? Like don’t deny stuff
right, Ms. Villarreal? And be like, “No Miss. It wasn’t even me, Miss.” I had bad attitudes in elementary. I ask kids all the time,
“Tell me your dreams.” I want kids to dream big. I got a kid a couple of months ago, he told me in Denver, “I want to be” I said, “Yeah, your dream?” “A dinosaur.” (students laugh) “You want to be a dinosaur? Let me see your arms.” He goes (trills). That’s not a dinosaur fool,
that sound like Chewbacca. I was in Dallas, and this
one dude, six-foot six, 300 plus pounds, he looked like that dude from the movie “The Blind Side.” He stood up and said,
“I wanna be a ninja.” And we’re gonna go, right? That was the first hand I saw. Yes, right here. What is your name? (student responds) John, what is your dream? Something make your parents proud. – I wanna be a police officer. – Law enforcement. Round of applause right there (student answers) – She wants to be a veterinarian, help animals all around the world. Cats or dogs? (student responds) – Cats, round of applause right there. It’s not gonna happen that way. When you dream, you see the
journey, the steps, the process. Hey, has anybody in this
room ever had a dream that felt so real that
they thought it was? Have you ever had one of those dreams where your brain fooled your
body for a split second, like you were being chased by a pit bull, and you woke up kinda kicking? (students laugh) How ’bout this Sometimes, it’s not traditional college. Sometimes, there’s questions like “Well, is it in school? Is it in-state, out-of-state? Is it public, private? Is it community college?” And I would also see
like even trade school and military also as
access roads to education. Those are great roads. Have you guys had a good time today? – [Students] Yes. – Close with a couple of quotes, and you have to repeat after me. Say “You can make your choices” – [Students] You can make your choices. – “But your choices won’t make you.” – [Students] But your
choices won’t make you. (students yell) Being a bully, or being a hero? – [Students] Being a hero! – You guys made me so
excited about our future. Last thing I’m gonna tell
you is, the night before the STAAR, you need to go to bed. If you want three to five points higher on your STAAR, you need to
go to bed by eight o’clock. (students chatter) How many of you guys go
to bed at seven o’clock? How many of you guys go
to bed at eight o’clock? How many of you guys go to bed at nine? (students respond) Ten? Eleven? Okay, after eight o’clock,
your scores just dropped. You guys that say you go to bed at eleven “Well you guys, I need you to help me. The morning of my STAAR,
you’re gonna help me get five points higher on my STAAR.” And she’s gonna say, “How, mija? “I want tacos. I want pancakes. I want french toast.” Do you know that sometimes 35
to 40 percent of our students, before big tests, do not
have a solid breakfast meal? (students chatter) Hello, my name is Gabe Salazar. I’m a motivational youth speaker. I’m so excited to be
here at PSJA community to inspire students to overcome
and pass the STAAR test. I know it’s very critical,
but I know the students are equipped to be able to
perform well on this test when they make good choices, and I’m here to inspire them to believe that. If I could do it, if I go from
homelessness, abandonment, gang influence, and be
the first in my family to go to college, graduate,
students can do well. I’m Gabe Salazar. – So right now we just
finished listening to a motivational speaker, and I feel more confident about the STAAR. He told us how important
it is to get an education and how– stuff that you need before the STAAR to get your mind going. – We just finished with
the motivational speaker. He was funny all the way
through the presentation. Now I feel ready for the STAAR test.

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