[SOUL BAIT]_03 경북 배스! 둠벙에서 답을 찾아보자_얼지만 않으면 일년내내 배스입질가능

This is a small Dumbung located in Geumho River, Yeongcheon, Gyeongbuk. It’s a dumbbug next to the main stream. It’s a very famous point for the Daegu fans in Gyeongsang-do. The reason I’m coming out here today is because… We’ve had about a couple of major typhoons recently. The water blew big once. So now the main stream has a lot of flow. So there’s a lot more stable than the main stream. I’ve come to see Dumbbomb. There are many different forms. While there is also a Dumbap that is naturally circular in this way, If you look right here, make it long. There’s also a long mudflat with a stone shaft on the coast. That’s why Gyeongsang-do is so popular. A lot of fishing on the Geumho River. I’m sure you’re fishing a lot I am today in these dumbeong I’m going fishing to try one more time. Come on. This is a mini Bros. in the TEPS. Spinner bait. Tandem type. We’ll go first from the top and then we’ll go down. As you can see here, the land that used to be. The water is rising and it’s locked. And since it’s been raining hard lately, it’s been raining hard. It’s like there’s a lot of loose talk and stuff locked up. The entire depth of the water is 11.5 meters. I think it’s in between. I’ll scratch the coast where it used to be. It’s about 11.5 meters deep. I’m going to run it like I’m going to swim in the middle class. Now, this time, we’re going to Burning. just below the surface of the water The technique of operating spinnerbite just below the surface is called Burning. Usually when searching in the early morning or late afternoon feeding hours. And if you do this fast, you’ll have to me, There were a lot of situations where we could see a good doctor. You know, you’re famous. The reason why I’m being introduced as a good point is One of the biggest reasons is this accessibility. I think it’s because it’s easy to get to the car and fish right away. I also go fishing a lot now. if you look You can get out of the car and start fishing right away. I think there are a lot of places like that. Let’s just throw it here for a second. I’m trying to retrieve your gear. You’re so cute. Cute first count. On average, Dumbun’s baths are pretty good in size. This is It’s about 40 centimeters tall, and it’s usually about the average I mean, I’ve got a bus over 50 centimeters long. It’s also a point where you can get up to 60cm. That’s how good the environment is. And the bass in the main stream came in. It could be an environment where you stay for a long time. And the Dumbbug Baths, when you look at them, It’s sort of dull water color all year round. Bass sees a little less of a small object like this. There’s a lot of empty bats. You know, the baths in the murky waters. Heo Yeon… With a glazed bass a lot. They’re the ones who come in here and stay long. That’s the first number. That’s cute. I’m here. It’s a little better in size than it was in the first I didn’t cast him a few times, but he’s coming back soon. It’s nice to have a big bath. These little guys react with great energy. I think it’s more fun. You’re a big fish. It’s not the right time for me to experience it. A lot of little Bass’s coming up here. It looks like the gap is quite wide. From the little ones to the big ones. I think it’s a time of variety. Now is the time. In a way, there’s no way to catch a big bat. I think it’s a little more tricky. Now Like I said before. This is where we’re going all year round. Now, most of the floors are made of 뻘, During the summer of the season, there’s a lot of mare. It’s also where they’re buried. So basically, the color is a little murky. In my case, there’s a place like this. Spinervite with a little bit of a wobbly appeal. Or crankbite. I tend to use a lot of luer. It’s a little bit more like a static Luer. It’s just that Luer, who has a stimulating movement, I think it’s an advantage. here and there Let’s move on. This time, Spinavite and the other powerful waves. I’ll try to use the crankbite. Now, a lot of crankbates, you know, are going to have to go back to the masonry or rock bottom. He knocked on the floor from the hard bottom. It’s used to make reactions. Now, that’s a classic case of crankbates. I think it’s a good way to work. Even if it’s not like that, it’s like this. These water plants are enough to keep the water plants alive. I think I can use it a lot. In a place like this, you can hit the floor and wind it up. It’s gonna be a needle in a few seconds, and it’s gonna limit its operation. That’s why I don’t always hit the bottom. with the feeling of wandering in the middle class. I think it’s okay to try it. Crank-bite operation, as in any other luer. Like there’s no answer to loor fishing. I think there are a lot of ways to operate it. There’s nothing to throw right now until October. with a dense mire Because of the typhoon, I think fishing is really good now. They’re really big here, big kids. Yang Sung-hoon and I will be here this spring. They were both three kilograms each. Yang Sung Hoon staff then dusted off the biggest of the bass said. The biggest… Big Size It’s not length, it’s weight. I’m not a good thrower here. But the terrain has changed a bit, so I’ll give it a try. Oh, my gosh. Even the little dumbug that leads to the little waterway. There’s a lot of meat in there. You’d better check it out once in a while. This is a crank, I can’t play any more. The front was a crank, but the back’s a little bit higher. To target between reeds I thought spinnerbite would be better than crankbite. We’ll continue our attack with spinnerbite. No risk. This is Bass who asked me to burn the spinnerbite between the rocks. Oh, cute. It’s all connected now. And there’s a lot of aquatic plants like the mare. It’s a condition. It’s got all the Baths in it’s. I don’t think we’re just passing through this. If you throw it as you pass by, I think it’ll be great now. It’s very shallow in these places anyway. And because it’s early in the morning, In my case, there’s a place like this. When using spinnerbates I’m a quick navigator with Burning. Okay, Aigo Bass is coming over here. The timing is lousy and timing give the reaction I have to. The timing is not right. When Bass left me, I hit him with a roadwork. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t want to. I I don’t think it was a big size. I’ll try again. There’s a way for the water to escape from the dungbap. I’ll try to hit him once in a while. Okay, it’s gone. I’ve got a gonorrhea. I think I was trying to kick her too fast. on the feed I should’ve fed her. I hit him again. No risk. The little ones have been working on it all the time. As you can see, if this is the case, Small kids, big kids. He’s always responding. That’s why I think it’s fun. But now I’ve got only a small one, It’s not like there’s no big fish out there. A big fish was absolutely and so it’s where I am. I don’t think it’s bad. I’ll look for bigger fish. Now, this time, I’m going to use the crankbite. dark pinkish light and shade Let’s look at the pledge in an appeal-colored crankbite. Bass are visible, or between the reeds along the coast. I think there’s a band between these hills. Is this the same kind of mare in front of you? There’s a stem in the water. This is the crested edge. but now it’s made of stone. Hard Bottom’s made of stone. But since most of them are now, heavy flooring Heavy worms work against each other. Even if you’re using a worm or a flooring, a little light for a little bit You can use the boulder lightly. Or downshot. If you make a promise with that kind of preparation, Fishing on the floor is not bad. That’s the kind of thing between them. The crankbite has a needle… Okay, Aigo I pulled it hard while I was talking. I can’t get my mouth shut. Even if you get caught between those stems, A little bit like this, and it’ll come out pretty well. That’s how we talked about the attack. I was just getting in there and I fell in love with it’s gone. Now I’m going to have to freeze all four seasons. That’s where you can fish. This is The meat’s coming out. You don’t have to freeze. So I’m numb after and in winter. with a good sun Even if some of these blubber melts, That’s where the fish comes in. That’s why it’s so much fun. Okay, Aigo She just got a little sticky. So far, it’s been a bit of a coastal focus. He’s got a shot around the visible cover. Even though it’s just open-ended right now, It’s just a typhoon that’s made the water clean. There are still piles of mare and water in the water. Because it’s still a lot. I think he’s reacting in between. I’m gonna go after the open section extensively. I can’t see it in the water yet. There are still mounds in the water. There’s a lot of dizziness in the water. And in between, you’re going to have to crank it up. You’re touching the water. You know, it’s not like you’re trying to stimulate it. It’s one of the most interesting fishing methods. And actually my favorite crank bate. It’s also one of the techniques. There’s a cover in the water like this. When the bass around it attacks, Swisher like Colling Hustler can hit him. Or spinnerbite. You can go after them with those things. As you can see, the water here is murky. Because of those conditions, it’s not as much a static Luer as Swisher. The crankbite, which has this kind of irritating pulse, is a little bit more dangerous. I think it’s more advantageous. It’s normal. It’s not. I’m going to start with crankbates. After this attack, I’ll do it with a crank or spinnerbite. But if you don’t respond, Swisher. I’d like to try other languages. Stochasticly, I think the crank is more advantageous. under these conditions And before, when we made a pledge with the same crank, Because it’s buoyant at a rapid pace. I had to go outside at a fast pace, It’s the same crank this time. He used the prepayment to kill a lot of buoyancy, There’s a chance that you’ll be able to swim more slowly through the same depth of water. We’re going after him with a crank that’s tuned. It’s buoyant if it’s just a crank that hasn’s not Because it’s rapidly rising. I’d like to operate a depth of 1 meter. If the speed slows down, He’s gonna float and he’s gonna come from the floor. But if you kill the buoyancy like this, after he was put to sleep. Even if we operate at this rate of speed, We can travel up to a depth of depth. The condition that I usually use this method is, Mostly in places where the water is warm or water is turbid. at a fast pace When there is no response to fast and stimulating operations It’s the same crank. It’s a method used to make pledges that are statistically and delicately. In fact, I’ve caught a lot of them this way. I hope I can show you how to catch Bath today.

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