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– [Voiceover] Hi, it’s
Parris from Epic Review Guys, here with my aquatic assistant. Today, we’re trying out
a high-tech solution to an age-old problem,
which is foggy goggles, and and the solution is a bottle of Spit. Here on vacation in
Santa Rosa, California, Epic Review Guys is going to test out a bottle of Spit at the hotel pool. Now, the problem with goggles is, you get in the cold water and you get condensation on the inside, which people call fog, and when they’re fogged up you can’t see. Some people will spit into their goggles, and rub it around, and that’s supposed to
keep them from fogging up. Well, we have a bottle of Spit. This is supposed to be
stuff that does the job without all the ickiness. So you’re going to try
to swim around a little, and let’s see what your goggles look like, and then we’ll try it with the Spit, ok? – Ok. – [Parris] All right, get swimming. (splashing) So after swimming around
in that chilly water, have the goggles gotten foggy? – Yup. – [Parris] All right, let’s take a look, see if we can see inside. Ok, so you’re having
trouble seeing through them? – Yup. – [Parris] Would you ever
spit into your own goggles? – Uh, maybe, if I didn’t
have the bottled spit. – [Parris] Ok, well,
let’s spray some in there and give it a try. We followed the instruction and rinsed out the inside of the goggles, now a spray on each side
and mix it around in there. (spritzes) After you spread it around you you rinse it in the water once more. Rinse off any excess,
’cause, strangely enough, it says, “Do not get in eyes.” And let’s give it a try. Is it clear to start with? – Yup. – [Parris] It’s clear right now? – Mm-hmm.
– [Parris] All right, so the test is when you get in the water. Give it a go. Ok, you’ll need to splash
around a little more to see if it actually works. What’s your initial opinion, though? – It’s so much clearer,
it’s like clear before. It’s blowing my mind. – [Parris] Oh, wow, really, all right. Go do some more swimming and we’ll check back with you in a little bit. – ‘K. (splashing) – [Parris] Ok, how’s the water? – Wonderful. – [Parris] That’s good. And how are the goggles? – Extremely clear. – [Parris] Have they gotten foggy at all? – Nope. – [Parris] Really? Can you take them off? We’ll try to take a look
inside and see if we can see. That’s amazing, though. What a difference, huh? – Yeah.
– [Parris] Show me the inside. Well, I don’t know whether I can see a difference from before but if you say they’re clear… So the Quick Spit Anti-Fog
looks like a big winner. After 10 minutes is it
still clear in your goggles? – Yup. – [Parris] That’s really amazing. This was about $6 for this bottle. Looks like it’d last
for quite a few sprays, and I imagine it’s also
good for people who work and have to wear safety-glasses
all day that tend to fog up, or if you’re diving and using a mask. So if you’d like to learn
more about Quick Spit, we have a link down below this video. Check it out, worked well for us. ♫ Shopping is easy ♫ When you know what to buy ♫ At Epic Review Guys ♫ We give stuff a try ♫ What does the fox buy? ♫ Nobody knows ♫ But before he goes shopping ♫ He watches our videos ♫

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