Stabilizing the Shore | Remotely Operated Vehicles Take on Explosives

These machines are critical to keeping
people away from explosive hazards. Any robot is an acceptable loss, where no person is. So the people involved with
testing this equipment have been, Marines from 1st EOD Company,
and the Rapid Capabilities Office, and the Naval Information Warfare
Center out of Point Loma in San Diego. We are looking to figure out a solution to the problem that the Navy and Marine Corps has
with operating in littoral environments. The Navy has limited assets and density
to take the Marines all the way to shore, so we hope that we can complement
what they currently provide and increase the depth from the
bench to get Marines safely ashore. I think that the work that we have
done here will make a lasting impact. Operating these type of unmanned systems will
definitely give the Marine Corps a capability to move from the deep water all the way onto the beach.

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