Step Up: High Water | Dance Tutorial | Sage’s Livestream

♪♪ What’s up, everybody? My name is Kendra
and I play Poppyon the “Step Up” series.My name is Jade Chynoweth
and I play Odalie. Listen, it sure don’t get
no bigger than this. If you saw Sage’s livestream
and wished you could get in on the action,
guess what? We got you. We’ve got today
our choreographer on our show, -Marvelous.
-Whoo-whoo! He’s going to break it down
for you guys. Let’s get to it. ♪♪ ♪♪ So the first step, you’re gonna
have your arms out. You’re gonna jump and have
your left foot in the air. So, you’re gonna go
one, step in, two and three. You wanna pull back. Three, four. Yeah? And we’re gonna continue,
we’re gonna go five. Make sure these hands
are wiping together. And six and seven
and eight. Now from here,
I wanna push forward. So from here,
you’re gonna go one, two, then it’s like
a little jerk. One, two, now you turn,
three, land four. Now you’re gonna hop
on your left, right. Watch my hands,
I’m going both hands, switch. Now, tuck in my jacket
behind my back, right? Then it’s right hand and then I go and eight. Right? We’re gonna take it
from the very top and with all these details. [snapping]
Five, six, seven. And one and two, three, four. Five and six
and seven and eight. One, two, three, four. A five and a six
and a seven and eight. -[giggling]
-Nice. Okay, Marv, I think
I need that with music. But don’t forget, guys,
if you have any questions or anything, just rewind. Boom. You have the power.
So, let’s go from the top. -With music.
-Let’s get it. ♪♪ Five, six, let’s go. Five… ♪♪ One, two, three, four. Five and a six
and a seven and a eight. Nice, y’all. Did y’all get it? Even though we don’t know,
I feel like you guys got it. [laughter] Well, let’s push forward,
right? -Right.
-We just ended and eight. Now you’re going
to continue, so you’re gonna hop
on the left and drag the right out, yeah? ‘Cause you’re gonna crank
this box. So, this is eight. You have one, two. See, my right knee
is out. And three. Switch that box. And knees go out,
in, out. Five, six, seven, eight. We have one, two,
and three. Then you dab on four.
Yah! If y’all don’t know how
to dab yet, -we gonna dab today.
-You gonna learn today. [laughing] Know what I’m sayin’? Dab on four. We got five, six,
seven, eight. After that groove,
you come together, one, two. You’re gonna lean forward,
three, four. Now, I want sharp blades. Five, six, and then take
those blades and swing them around,
seven, eight to frame the face. -Let’s end this thing, right?
-Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s do this, let’s take it.
I think they got it. Give me one, two, three
and four. You’re gonna swipe five,
six, seven and eight. We’re gonna do this
one more time. I gotta give y’all room. Seven and eight. Gimme one, two,
and three, dab four. Five, six, seven, and one, two, three, four. Five and six,
seven, eight. One, two, three and four. Five, six, seven, eight. Nice. -See, that’s all we needed.
-And we’re done, right? -That’s pretty much it.
-That’s the end. We can give you a little
sauce at the end. Oh, let’s give you
a little sauce. -Know what I’m sayin’?
-A little sauce. You can go a little
seven and eight and just one, two, three, four. You know what I’m saying? Add whatever sauce you want
at home, such as… Add that little twerk
at the end, do that, too. It starts right away,
so just be ready to start. Alright, let’s try it
with some music, y’all. Y’all ready? -Yeah!
-Yeah! We’re gonna just be ready. ♪♪ One, two, and three
and four. Five, six, seven, and eight. One, two, three, four. Five and a six
and a seven and eight. One, two, and three
and four. Five, six, seven and one, two, three, four. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three and four. Five and six
and seven and eight. Let me see what you got. And we still got it. Hey! -Great job, guys.
-Look at that. Yo, thank you for dancing
with us. I hope you guys had
as much fun as we did, right? Yeah. And don’t forget
to subscribe to Step Up: High Water’s
YouTube channel to watch more
dope videos like this. -Peace.
-Peace out, y’all. ♪♪

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