STEP UP: High Water | Meet Odalie

(slow grooving music) – Everyone keeps trying
to tell me who I am. – I thought I knew all the
white girls from College Park. – They don’t know me. (energetic electronic music) This is cutthroat. (audience cheering) As real as it gets with the
best dancers in Atlanta. But that doesn’t mean
I have to act tough just to prove myself. Maybe we could look
out for each other at the auditions tomorrow. – Alright, let’s get it. – I’m here for the same
reasons as everyone. – You can only be the
artist you wanna be if you stop hiding. (sensual grooving music) – To maybe one
day be remembered. But I refuse to
compromise my beliefs. (energetic electronic music) And if you think that means
I don’t want this enough, then watch me prove you wrong. (energetic electronic music) (electronic rap music)

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