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I use a swim ex pool to for my acute patients to help work on pain control and for my sub acute status post patients that have had rotator cuff repair or total hip replacement or total knee replacement
and is use the swim ex current to help assist the range of motion or to
help strengthen them the bouancy of the water provides for a less compressive environment so it is a really good way to get patients back
into weight bearing activities that they’re not quite ready for on land so we can get them into walking jumping into running earlier than you could on the land side
because it is less irritating to the joints the great thing about this swim ex pool is
they’re removable floor you can have shallow and deep water
which aid in decompression of the spine and gate work when you have the panels out the water comes to chest level which takes about ninety percent of the
patients weight so they only put 10 percent of compression on their joints and on their spine when you put the panels back in that brings it up to fifty percent where
they have fifty percent weight bearing on their joints and their spine all in all the pool with the panels gives your more versatility in your approach to gait problems and balance problems and weight bearing we also like to use the the pool alot with our athletes who are progressing into running so with our acl reconstruction surgeries knee surgeries it’s really a
good tool to use build up there endurance and their muscles to work on
their body mechanics and then you can progress on the back on the land
once they are ready for that potentially back into whatever their specifics turf of field is.

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