Strength Training Master Class Day 1: Filming with Erin Carson, Mirinda Carfrae & Tim O’Donnell

– Mornin’ Trainiacs. Got to Boulder fairly unscathed yesterday. We’re just about five hours
away from work time starting doing the strength training masterclass with Erin Carson, Mirinda
Carfrae, Tim O’Donnell. I’m diggin’ Boulder. I was a really big fan of Boulder last summer when I came here and I wasn’t sure how I
would dig the cold here, but there’s a community
garden right outside the place that I’m staying. I ate dinner outside last night and staying with my boy Tyler Ems. Check this out. Remember last year when he said “Just constantly in a state of trance”? (upbeat music) This is what I woke up to. What are we doing? Yeah, constant state of trance. (upbeat electronic music) (relaxed hip hop music) That was a super cool ride there. That crew got to be about as big as, I wanna say, 50 to 60 people. Back home, we top out at 32 and we’re like there are no more cyclists in this world. Right, rolling in to
our pals at RallySport. This is where we’re setting
up shop for the week. Lots of work to do. I gotta eat something here. (relaxed hip hop music) This is pretty nice,
we can work with this. We can really work with this. A little dark, but I got
lights, we’ll be good. – Hey, so this is Erin Carson and. – Tim O’Donnell and. – Mirinda Carfrae. – And we’re stoked to be
able to share with you guys some strategies that we use in the gym. (relaxed hip hop music) – Holy smokes, you wanna
get something done? You give it to some busy parents. That there was a four
and a half hour session and we did all the videos, one shot. And they are good! Those folks have personality. I think you all are going
to really, really like that because instead of a few
things, a few things. Instead of really heavy weight training, things that you would really expect to see in a strength training session, this was more about like loading tissue and activating muscle, stressing the body, but not in a way that is detrimental to your swim-bike-run as
most people would expect strength training to be a
fairly big load on the body. In this case, tons of movements that are just about activating muscles to improve our strength while
not overloading muscles. And then, in addition to that, instead of just talking
about doing something, pretty much all those videos are showing here are the movements that we do. Here’s how you pair some strength training movements together and what we’re going to do then is with the six audio files that we’re going to record tomorrow, then we’re gonna to talk about like how do you string this together? In addition to that,
Erin committed in there to create PDFs of these
are the workout clusters that you should do in
a chunk, in a cluster. Here’s where you should
put them in the season. Here’s how often you should
do them, here’s the rest. I like that, I like that a lot. Alright, I have to go
and find me some supper. Oh, that was good, that was so exciting! So what I’ve got to do now
is I have to go through about two hours of footage and think about, alright, people are going to see all of these video demonstrations of
all of the exercises. How can we, through the audio files, then start packaging
that up into tangible, alright, these are the workouts and the exercises that Erin and Rinnie and T.O. do and recommend. What can we do with those audio files and the PDFs to make sure that they’re things that you can actually apply? I’ve got a fair bit of work to do. You know, funny little
thing because I think that this video is currently fairly short. If you’re interested in what
I eat when I’m on the road, we got some cold brewed coffee, some coconut and almond
fatty creamer, almond butter. At night instead of going out for desert, I have some dark chocolate and
we’ll have one glass of wine. I like to have avocados
around for some heathy fat and good vitamins. I like to bring apples in my backpack when I go out working for the day. Bananas for after a workout. Then a whole bunch of bars. I wouldn’t really do this at home, but because I need to be on the go, my after workout really quick
thing is a PROBAR protein. If I need a pre-workout
thing, I like these RXBARs. During workout if I need
anything, chia seed bars, so not a ton of sugar in there. And I grab myself some sweetener free gum. There, probably got a
good video out of that. Alright, Trainiacs, I gotta start going through all that footage. Later.

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