STRUCK with ‘INK’SPIRATION! | Experimenting with Brightly Colored Dr PH Martin Bombay India Ink

today I’m going to be playing around in
my sketchbook, I was especially inspired by these two dr. pH Martin’s Bombay
India inks when I saw them next to each other, I was just like “oooh! that’s a gorgeous!
I need to stick those two colors together in a drawing right now” so
that’s what I’m gonna be doing! – grab your sketchbook and yeah let’s get started!! ♪ I will be filling this entire spread in my sketchbook so both of these two pages
and I started it out with a very guilty pleasure sketch there on the left and
you’ll notice I have some Copic markers up at the top there and I also picked
them out because they were very similar to the colors that I had chosen in the
inks and I thought they might complement each other nicely or if I needed to like
try and get some different details that I might not be able to do with the inks
I could do it with those because I’ve never used Copic markers with inks and I
thought it’d be fun to experiment and see how well they work together… we learn
a very valuable lesson that I will enlighten you all with when we get to
that point – but here I’m sketching and sketching is my very most favorite part
of any illustration I just like the sketching process it’s why I love having
a sketchbook because you just open it up and you
throw something on the paper and I just enjoy that process of starting with a
blank page and turning it into something and I definitely enjoy it a little bit
more than finished illustrations which every time I create a sketch I always
like it more than if I take it further to like completion and I don’t know if
that’s just because I’m not as good at those following steps or if it’s just
because I know how much more fun I have with the sketching process and I put
more time into it because it’s the part that I love – so yeah Here I am sketching
that girly, you can see she’s got her shoulders scrunched up and she’s
being all cutesy because that’s what I love to draw! – once that sketch was done and I
had it the way I liked it I grabbed my Bombay ink and a calligraphy pen with my
favorite nib on it and I began inking out the character one of my favorite
things when people use ink is your ability to get those fine lines with
your dip pen and then you can also grab like a brush and fill in larger spaces
and the way that contrast is between like the white space and the dark space
of the ink is *oh!* that’s just my favorite part when I see other people do it and
so I’ve always been trying you know, to try and imitate that in
a way that I think looks good but in the end it always looks like I
made it so…[hesitant inhale] that’s either a good or a bad thing —
now here’s actually a really good example of how you can take a dip pen
and use it to fill in larger areas and you can get that seamless blob of ink
look that I really like so I just go in and fill in a space and because the ink
is much wetter, I would say, then like a normal pen, when you go over those areas
the liquid just grabs on to itself and it just creates that flat surface that I
really really like look at it just underneath her sleeves the shadow mmm I use the same technique and actually exaggerate it even more with this back
foot so her back right foot that’s her right, our left, but it’s actually on the
right of the left foot…[realization] (that’s really confusing) but I just feel the whole
thing in with the dip pen I didn’t need to like grab a brush and it still fills
in the space and looks like a flat even coverage of ink now whenever I create
something in my sketchbook I don’t know where I’m going to take it so this is a
good example of that because I’m actually blocking in some shapes and
creating some dynamic contrast between the character who’s filled in white and
the page that’s also white so by doing this it now separates that character
from the page and gives them just a little bit more body and makes them look
a little bit more substantial I also decided to grab the yellow ink and just
drop some in there and see what happens and see how it blends without actually
touching it and just letting the ink do whatever it wanted to to create some
like fun texture there and as much as I love to experiment to make messes and
try new things sometimes it takes someone telling me what to do to really
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actually offering two months free access to the site. [end of sponsorship] this next sketch I decided
to draw the same character although I didn’t realize it till I did that big
poof of hair on the top of her head and then I was like “yep I guess I’m just
drawing her from a different angle” so this is me approaching that character
and seeing what they’d look like from a different angle thinking of them as a
real individual and how these different character elements that make them who
they are would look if they just turn their head slightly because sometimes
when you come up with the idea of something it looks cool the first time
you draw and then you tried to draw from another angle and you’re like “ooo….okay
no that’s actually really weird” – problem I had when I was inking that first
little sketch was that I didn’t erase the pencil at all and I was kind of
getting a little confused by where the lines were so for this one I actually
erased a majority of the sketch but like left enough that hinted at the general
idea before going in with the ink then I grabbed that magenta ink and started
outlining the character I didn’t do anything too different with this one
even though I was still trying to experiment with it – I basically just
inked this the same way that I inked the other one, other than that erasing the
sketch thingy majiggy that I did and then I started blocking out this ones
shape as well to try to give it a little bit more contrast from the page and I
kind of wish I hadn’t because this is where I I don’t know it just got a
little messy (messier than I would prefer) and even though this is creating
contrast between the character and the page the fact that I have that Sketch up
and to the left that has a very similar blocking out technique it makes these
two sketches look very similar and thus creates less contrast overall on this
page and that is what I don’t like about it- for the next sketch I want to see how
this big hair floomph would look from the side so I decided to draw a portrait
view of this character, let me know what you think we should name her I feel like
pink and yellow or such vibrant colors we haven’t gotten to the yellow yet but
trust me it’s it we we fill a lot of these empty white spaces with yellow as the
video goes on – so I feel like her name should be like very perky and fun like I
don’t know Priscila!? hehe I don’t know-
this character already has a little bit of a vintage kind of retro theme to it
so that little extra hair floomph on top of her head I feel like really goes a long
way to look a little bit like a beehive and gives it that like 1950/1960s vibe
so I tried to exaggerate it in this side angle and really ‘floopmh’ it –
I mean that’s the only word I can use to describe the way that looks and to break
up the hair near the top of the beehive I added a couple flowers because
I am approaching the hair in a much more simplified style than I may have done
like a year ago I’ve been trying to really think of things as shapes and
simplify them – it does have a little bit of a downfall in the fact that this
doesn’t really look like hair it could be mistaken for a hat so I do add a
couple extra strands here and there to try and really emphasize that this is
her hair especially when I go in with the color because I end up coloring her
hair pink and then for this one I also erased the sketch and then started
adding in that magenta ink but this time I played around a little bit more with
the tones and took that hair piece that’s further in the distance instead
of adding hatching like I used in the first sketch I actually filled in that
entire shape with the magenta ink and I just find that visually pleasing – while
those were all drying on this next sketch I was still very much intrigued
by this character’s hair style so I really wanted to explore it even further
and decided to draw it head-on this gave me the opportunity to add some
extra lines and really try to push that character design and make it a little
bit more unique and not like every other character out there it also looks a
little bit like I Dream of Jeannie so that kind of goes against what I just said –
but I added that like a little swirly up at the top of the bangs because I kind
of consider these little swishes around her forehead to be bangs and they all
come out of like that high beehive up at the top, but to create the distinction
between the bangs and the hair I added a little like curly swirl up at the top
and I thought that was kind of cute and unique for the next sketch I wanted to
draw the outfit again because I thought it was a fun outfit I liked that drop
shoulder ‘floophy’ and the little scalloped edges I just want to draw the whole
outfit again and I also really wanted to play around with what I really liked about
that side profile illustration, the way the hair that’s behind the character is
filled in solid so with this one I really emphasized elements of the
character that are further away will be filled in solid and I feel like that
just gives that extra oomph that I was talking about at the beginning of
today’s video where I was like “I really like with ink when people do this and that” you know
it’s where they have those solid chunks of the ink and then they have the
thinner more detailed bits of ink and it all just like work so cohesively it
looks cool so this is my attempt at furthering that in my own art and you
may have noticed that even in the sketch I filled in those areas with pencil to
see if it would look good before I went in with the ink and this one I’m not
happy with the hair, the hair is definitely evolved throughout these
sketches and become something that it wasn’t maybe necessarily in the sketch
before and this is one where I was like “mmm, no, I need to tone it down a bit don’t
really like the way it looks like a ponytail” because in the other ones it
almost looks like the hairs down but there’s like some kind of pillow in her
hair that gives her that volume whereas with this sketch it looks like it’s a
ponytail of some kind and I wasn’t having it nope wasn’t wasn’t the where I
wanted this character to go — I’m also not a huge fan of the face in this
particular illustration I feel like it lost something that the other sketches
had like none of them look like the exact same person one after the other
but this one looks the furthest from the others in my opinion and since I had
such large areas to fill in with the ink I actually used a paintbrush to fill
them in and I just made sure that the brush was very saturated with the ink
before I went in to fill it in because if you don’t then you kind of get some
splotches or you can get a little bit more opacity and I didn’t want that I
wanted to look very similar to what color I was getting with the dip pen — one
of the last sketches on this page I’d call more of a doodle because it was
just one of those quick like let’s-draw- something-with-crazy-big-eyes-and-have-a-lot-of-fun-with-it sketches, and I just I don’t know I was very swooshy, very
expressive and had a lot of fun with it and down here I kind of
did the same thing because too much white space in a sketchbook for some
reason gives me some kind of anxiety like I need to fill as much as I can, I
just drew another little character down there this time a little bit more
emotional like she has a face that’s expressing an emotion is what I mean by
that and just getting used to drawing this character and finding out what
makes this character look like this character so what do I have to do to
make it recognizable and the more you draw a character the more you’re going
to realize what makes this specific character this character and this is one
of my favorites just the very expressive happy picture gives her some personality
takes her away from that like flat supermodel just staring at the camera
look gives her almost a story like ooh what’s happening that’s making her feel
this way? who did she see? who is she in love with? or what thing did she see? what
passion does she have? these kind of sketches are always fun to draw and I
feel like I don’t do them enough — now that the ink is dry I just had to
experiment with the Copic markers on top of this profile sketch here and see if
the ink blended with them or if it would stay permanent and I could just use the
markers on top and some areas were smudgier than others – I’m wondering if I
just need to wait 24 hours for the ink to dry because I’ve heard things like
that and don’t have the patience for that so you can see it’s smudging around
but maybe next time since I’m really [in a quiet voice, like she’s telling a secret:]
“falling in love with these inks guys
like they’re really really fun and like line arts not like my favorite thing but
like when I use these things it kind of makes me happy and I don’t know, i think i’m falling in love, they’re pretty cool” [back to her normal voice:]
so maybe I’ll try this again and let it dry 24 hours and test it again for you
guys so yeah let me know if you I’ll let you know
regardless cuz I’m gonna try it so I don’t know why I’m saying that that’s
just anyway even though it was bleeding a little bit when you would add the
Copic markers on it I realized there’s a lot of white space on this character and
I could probably just avoid the ink right? [with the markers]
that’s probably famous last words but it worked fine I like it cuz with these
markers I have some very very light toned yellow markers and because of this
I can kind of blend them around and like blend it out to the white page and it’s
it’s just very subtle color and I really like that about these markers in
particular and so I decided to use these to color the face and just add some subtle tone to the face and get the nose a little bit of tone and the cheeks you
know here and there and I’m really happy with the way that looks it’s exactly
what I pictured do you realize it’s a pun when you say “the drawing turned out
exactly as I ‘pictured'” … okay now the hair was a little bit of a
different scenario I wanted to be able to fill that all in but there was a lot
of like inky lines like little tiny ones that I really didn’t want to bleed with
a marker so I decided to add water and a little bit of white ink to the magenta
ink blend that all out about and then color in the hair with that and oh my
gosh doesn’t this look like delicious sherbert like that color is gorgeous it
just makes my mouth water – it looks delicious [voice sounds like it is coming from a PA system:]
please refrain from
consuming the art. thank you. {click} imagine if that came over the PA system in a museum, haha — because of this mixture of ink was a lighter tone I was able to layer
it up and get like a little bit of a shimmery shine on the hair which I feel
like makes it look a little bit more like hair and a little bit less like a
funky hat so I’m happy about that one now I gotta be honest I fell in love
with that pink hair so I decided to add the pink hair to every single sketch on
this spread so I started with like the one on the far left since that one was
the most dry and on all of them I gave a pretty obvious and exaggerated shine
of white which I actually go over later and lighten up
well darken up the shine with more pink cuz I start layering up the pink and
making the hair have some more dimension and giving you that shimmer and I really
like that so it’s all about like layering up lighter colors and they
become darker and more pigmented but you get those like variations and it’s not
all one solid tone you know so while that hair was drying before I added the
next layer I mixed up a pretty light half water mixture of the yellow ink and
started coloring in the dress — I wanted this to be a very flat tone so I just
quickly went over the whole thing before it dried so it looked pretty even and
solid then I actually accidentally mixed a little bit of the yellow
with the magenta and it actually made this really pretty perky pink skin tone
that I really liked so I decided to fill in the character’s skin with that and I
also if I added a little bit more magenta to that same mixture it made a
fun blush color for the cheeks and so that’s what I did with these characters
on the side besides that side profile one which I obviously already colored in
the face like I mentioned earlier I didn’t like how those two sketches on
the Left were very similar with their like pink blobs behind them so I grabbed
some yellow and just elongated the blob of the second character and stretched it
out underneath the other three sketches on the right page this just like I don’t
know it just grabs it and it just pulls your eye further to the right and I like
that about it I think it’s fun and then I also blended those two colors together
so it’s a bit more of a gradient and I don’t know just like look at that ink
mmm just the way it spreads, ain’t that fun? I like close-up shots like that it’s like
watching Juicy Ink, if you have never heard of Juicy Ink go watch her, she does
like the awesome shots, awesome cinematography, awesome art, she knows
what she’s doing go watch her thank you. then one of the last things I did over
all of the sketches was I took that mixture of magenta and the yellow but I
made it a little bit more heavy on both the colors so less water heavier on both
magenta and the yellow and I use this to shade in the dress I just love it it’s
like this it’s like a pinky orange color and it looks so good on top of that like
yellow dress the tone just it’s so pretty I love it and like here it’s
really obvious right there under the bust like the way I use it for shading
doesn’t that look good next to the yellow mmm!! and I also did it on this
sketch over here – I think that one it’s also very obvious because I keep adding
more layers as it dries and then here I tried to add some more blush to the
knees and the toes but it was a little bit too magenta so it kind of like
altered the entire skin tone of her legs and I had to like bring that up to the
face too because then her face looked too light compared to her
and just looked like a self-tanning disaster so I just darkened up all of
the skin tones which I feel like lost a lot of contrast there — then I took one of
my favorite white gel pens the Sakura Decorese white gel pen and I used this
to add some little highlights here and there or specifically that one character
is really blending in with her backdrop because when I was adding in those
backdrops it was to make the characters white of the page stand out from the
rest of the white of the page and now that I’ve colored in the character it’s
blending in so I need to add some separation between those two Pink’s yes
they are different tones but they’re too similar for my taste so I added a nice
white, I call it the sticker outline, I just love it it makes everything look
paper-thin and fun, I just love it okay so here’s what I came up
with for today I had a lot of fun experimenting with these inks and I was
just so inspired by these two colors you never know what’s gonna grab your
attention to make you want to draw something — I want to thank Skillshare for
sponsoring the channel and allowing me to bring you more improved content in
the future, I’m very excited about it so thank you for that but yeah here’s what
I drew for today let me know what you drew today or if you drew along I always love
to hear that and yeah thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week
now if you have a delicious evening full of waffles!!!! BYE!!! ♪

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