Submerged inside a 6ft Water Balloon – The Slow Mo Guys 4K

Gav: Hello I’m Gav
Dan: I’m Dan Gav: We’re the Slow-Mo Guys Dan: Welcome to this video Gav: We’re in- We’re not good at being fast. We should stick to being slow. Dan: I think we should, yeah.
Gav: It’s still June Gav: Which means more giant balloon. Gav: The more I say it, the more I think it’s not-
Dan: [laughs] Shutup! Dan: Just get on with it! You suck. Gav: So this one, we’ll put you on the balloon… IN the balloon. Dan: IN the balloon, ON the trampoline.
Gav: ON the trampoline.
Dan: Right, okay. Gav: And uh, we’ll have you go… completely inside the balloon. Dan: Okay. So I’ll drown, basically.
Gav: And maybe- Gav: And maybe using the trampoline, I’ll try and pop the balloon by jumping next to you. Dan: [laughs] Alright.
Gav: How about that?
Dan: Sure. Dan: Sounds comfortable.
Gav: Yeah. Dan: Compared to last week, sure. Gav: So here you find yourself, once again, you’re getting into a red balloon. Dan: Yeah. Gav: Just removing the remnants of the previous balloon. Dan: Okay, right, how did I get in this last time? Gav: You started filling it and then you- As it got bigger, you just put both your legs in and then I genie-d you in. Dan: You genie-d me in? Gav: Like remember you were a genie for a second?
Dan: Oh yeah. [Both laughing]
Gav: You look like- You look like a weird genie! Dan: That’s right, yeah. Okay, right. Gav: You’d think for most people, that would be an unforgettable experience.
Dan: [laughs] Gav: But for you, it’s like “How’d I do that again?”
Dan: Yeah. Dan: I’ve just not been working out recently so I’m fat right now.
Gav: [snort] Gav: B, don’t let other people tell you you’ve been- you’re fat or anything. Gav: Don’t let James Buckley tell you you’ve got fat. Dan: It’s not James Buckley I’m worried about. Dan: This is the part I hate.
Gav: What is? Dan: Gettin’ in the balloon.
Gav: [laughs] Dan: Just looked at it and I’m like, “I’ve gotta get- I’ve gotta get through this.” Dan: I have to get through that.
Gav: [laughs] Dan: Alright, every Christmas, it gets harder. Gav: It is annoying, the way we shoot. Cuz we shoot like, a year’s worth of videos at a time. Gav: And if you’re not feeling fit, you’re gonna be that way for like an entire year on camera. Dan: And it’s on the Internet as well forever.
Gav: Yeah. Gav: [snorting]
Dan: [struggling] Dan: Well, one of my legs’ in. Dan: I f-I hate this. I forgot how much I don’t like getting in a balloon. Dan: Dammit! Both: [laughs] Dan: Ugh, okay, oh yeah. I’m good.
Gav: [laughs] Gav: The genie’s back!
Both: [laughs] Dan: Currently, right, because I’ve been- I’m wearing a thong at the minute right now. It’s all jammed up up my arse. Dan: I think I’m ready for the final stage of insertion. Gav: Okay.
Dan: Which is, first of all, the shirt comes off. Dan: To reveal this. Dan: And then- Dan: And then… somehow- Gav: This is the “underneath” view.
Dan: Ay I’m-
Gav: This is happening here. Dan: [grunts]
Gav: [laughs] Dan: Shoulder’s in. Shoulder’s in, boys. Gav: He says as it pops out.
Dan: [laughing] Shut up. Gav: I don’t know why but it makes you look really small. Dan: It was much bigger last time. I swear I waited. Now I’m just in this really small balloon. Hang on. Dan: Oh that’s better.
Gav: Yeah? Dan: This brings back memories. It really does.
Gav: [laughs] Gav: Okay, so I guess I’ll just jostle you around now until it pops. Dan: So you can take the hose out?
Gav: Yeah, I can take the hose out. Gav: Alright.
Dan: This is already very disconcerting. Gav: You ready?
Dan: Okay, I guess. Both: [laughs]
Dan: I feel like I’m in a washing machine! Gav: Well, I’m clearly not heavy enough or strong enough to jump and break the balloon. Gav: You look abit- You look a bit sad, just there. On your own in the middle of- Dan: I’m actually quite happy here.
Gav: Yeah?
Dan: Yeah. Dan: It’s not exactly like I’m doing any work, is it? Dan: Just sat in a pool of water. Dan: Not got much air in here. Gav: Oh wow. Gav: [laughs] Just a bloke in a balloon. Gav: [losing his sh*t]
Dan: God! Gav: Did you almost drown, under there?
Dan: No, but- Dan: I’ve not got out before, so I was wondering how long it was gonna be. Dan: If you want, I can do that properly from the inside. Gav: I think it’d be good if you went under- Gav: And jammed your face like through the front of it until it popped. Dan: My face isn’t sharp enough.
Gav: Just open your mouth and your teeth will pop it. Dan: I can’t get, like- It’s cos of the way the balloon’s shaped. I’ll have to like- It’ll be impossible. Gav: I’d go under, swim to the uh, front-
Dan: Swim?! Dan: Swim! Dan: *sarcastic* Hold on, I’m just gonna choose front crawl. Dan: Fuggin’ mug. Gav: I reckon if you press your face to the front, reaaaally hard and like kicked off the back as well, you would come straight through like an arrow. Dan: I don’t think so. Gav: Alright, let’s check your clearance. [laughs] Dan: What is it? How close to the ground am I? Gav: You’re about a foot.
Dan: Is that it?!
Gav: Yeah. Dan: God! Dan: Not getting the uh, “jumped around” effect anymore.
Gav: No, it’s not really- Dan: It’s gonna pop soon, anyways, so- Dan: Let’s do it quick. Gav: Facial expression as you come through like you’ve just champion-ed a womb.
Dan: [laughs] Dan: Jumped through. Right, get me the screwdriver and get some scissors ready just in case I can’t break through. Dan: Okay. Gav: Good luck.
Dan: Cheers, B. Dan: You ready?
Gav: Ready. Gav: There he goes. He’s in, he’s completely in. Dan: I popped it with my head! I couldn’t get my mouth there. Both: [laughs]
Dan: I popped it with my head! Gav: Oh dear, you were in there for so long!
Dan: [laughs] Dan: I was trying to get it with my mouth, cuz I was like this, I was like- *flopping* trying to get my mouth on it, but couldn’t. Dan: So I was like “Screw this.” I just went- *Dan noises* and just popped it. Gav: Loads of it leaked out.
Dan: Did it really? Dan: Were you scared that I was just gonna get trapped in there? Dan: You could see my face trying to bite it and I just couldn’t. Gav: I don’t know why you were trying to attack it upside down, but it seems like the hardest- Dan: No, because- Because the way the trampoline was. Dan: It was bent like that and like, broken my back to be able to do it the right way up. Gav: You can see your eyebrows so clearly.
Dan: [laughs] Look at me in it! Dan: It’s ridicul- [laughs] Dan: See if you can see the moment where I’m like “You know what, sod this. Just gonna use my head.” Gav: This is one of the weirdest sights I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
Dan: So strange, look at it! Dan: Oh yeah, at this point, I was like “You know what? I’m just gonna stand up in it.” And just try and do this. Gav: You actually look like a baby in the womb. It’s like that Massive Attack video.
Dan: It is! That’s exactly what it’s like. Both: Oh! Gav: It came away from under you.
Dan: Did it? Gav: Yeah.
Dan: Goodness. Gav: Look at where the split starts. Dan: Oh yeah. Gav: Came from underneath. Looks like one of those Star Wars doors, I think. Gav: And you’re still completely inside water.
Dan: Yeah. Gav: That’s ridiculous.
Dan: Oh no! Both: [laughs]
Dan: Look at my knob Dan: We can’t have that. Dan: Can’t have that!
Gav: Oh no! What are we gonna do about-
[laughs] Dan: We can’t have that! Dan: That’s ridiculous.
Gav: I’m gonna have to censor that.
Both: [losing their sh*t] Gav: Oh no! Gav: We’re gonna get flagged for inappropriate con- Dan: Look how- Dan: Oh, I’m so like fat and pasty and I just- my knob’s just right there. We can’t have that! Dan: Look at it! Gav: Well, uh, these cameras are known for their clarity and detail but- Dan: You’re- You’re gonna have fun editing that, I’m telling you. Gav: That wasn’t the detail I wanna see.
Dan: Yeah. Gav: The future version of me is already traumatised from having to k- Oh, I’m gonna have to keyframe it! Dan: You’re gonna be looking at that, for ages. Gav: Explain to the audience what the raw footage looked like, if you had to explain it. Dan: Kay, the raw footage, I’d say, if you got like a thin napkin-
Gav: Right.
Dan: Right. Dan: Covered a sausage and a tennis ball and sort of, slightly wet it. Dan: And then it just slowly flickin’ around. You could just see everything. There was nothing left to the imagination there at all. Gav: Well, hopefully, the next video will involve just as much giant balloon but slightly less- Dan: Of me. Yep.
Gav: Penis. Gav: Feel free to follow us on Twitter, buy some merch. Main channel, second channel. Gav: And, next week, brand new giant balloon video. In Giant Balloon June. Dan: Yeah.
Gav: That’s not a good name.
Dan: No.

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