Substrate & gravel design in the Planted aquarium 2 different types (2 of 4)

what’s up fish tank people bringing it to you on a Sunday baby how
is everybody doing hope you’re having an awesome weekend I know I am I’m with
Jackson one of my original boys from oh you the Ohio University not Ohio State
Kay buys in the mix he’s the original owner of my 125 ended up selling to me
at a deal for like 400 bucks when he was moving Australia so that’s tight
he’s up there running flanked on the kids so I’m coming here to interrupt
this gorgeous little video I’m about to do for you all so it’s PC Sunday I’m
going to throw some species action but not really get into too much detail
because I’m in the middle of a three-part series probably will go on to
a four part series and I want to show today something that I’ve never done
before on film um last week we’re talking about the stand the tank and the
filters this week we’re going to talk a little bit about plant selection and
aquascaping but you’ll notice I’ve actually ripped this down so I’m going
to get a little more detail into the gravel I’m using everything but I just
want to touch on a few things before I get into this tank right here
today that I last week I just one of those
clarify a couple things one before you get rolling if you’re ever up doing a
tank you want to make sure you fill it all the way up and drain it before you
start like putting it in your house and all that I think that’s important
especially if you’re buying to use tank I think I mentioned this Urbani use tank
make them fill it up on the spot to make sure it hold water and another thing if
you’ve ever repaired a tank or using a repaired tank that you’ve had like
resale a cone or something like that for me a repair tank is like a
girlfriend of cheats on you you can never trust her again you might be fine
you might be good but you can never trust her again in my humble opinion so
just know that that’s my two cents on that if you’ve sealed it up great that’s
working good good for you congratulations so we’ve talked about
that today I want to talk about something that I’ve never done on video
before I’m pretty excited about it um I want to show how to do like the
gravel with two different types of gravel because I think it’s a cool look
I think a lot of people see it in these crazy you know escapes that have like
Valley and like a little white river of sand all that and this technique can be
used in a number of different ways you can do like you know a valley you can do
like a white river you can just segment your gravel but I want to talk about
some of the pros and the cons of it so what I’m going to do is I’m going to
take this wonderful black gravel right here and then full filter sand on the
other side here and I’m going to create a little bit of a beach like right here
and this can be used this application is kind of fun because if you had a tank
that you were looking at on both sides you could do like a little curve I had a
55 in the whole office with cork that’s one of my way old videos had that it was
slick because you could like see this little beach as you walk by and like
walk around it um you could also do it like a little little Escobar but you
kind of want to think about that from the from the started like howdy how do
you really want that because the planning does take a little bit of
planning going in and I’m going to show you how to actually do it um so what are
we gaining with this well when we do the two contrasts of gravel or whatever
we’re gaining a nice contrast um you know we’re gaining freedom of design to
do kind of cool stuff with not just one plain gravel we’re not limited to that
so I think that’s kind of cool um with this I’m actually using this black
gravel this is a little easier to keep clean in the dirted tank substrate so if
you have dirt underneath the gravel the black typically will make it look less
messy so I think I like that um yeah just just a cleaner look some of the
things that we’re losing though we’re losing with this gravel we’re losing the
ability to grow as easily you can still do it but it’s a little harder to grow
like the baby tears and the finer roots of the plants in this stuff just a
little too large for me my personal preference is and this is important to
take notes this is a the perfect size gravel for me is like the size of a BB
gun BB okay so if this was a little smaller I’d be golden with that but you
can make do with this big stuff um let’s see here so yeah what else are we losing
we’re losing the flexibility to change colors once you’re in you’re committed
ask me I know how I know about this with the flexibility of changing the the 220
I have set up I have it’s like brown white Beach and then black and I’m
committed the tuners want to gallon tank obviously
in a 40 tall or 39 if you perfectionist want to hear period ah you know I can I
could whip and replace a little easier but you do lose a little bit of
flexibility with this um the other the other downside is and I just I just want
to say this um you do lose that really like that mixing of gravel it will
happen so you will have black gravel any kind of most fish could move gravel or
you know it just happens like you’re in there and so you’re a little like sandy
white sandy beach isn’t always going to look perfect I’m sorry it’s just not if
it does you no good for you if you can keep it clean just know that they’ll
probably end up mixing over I have this my black in my 220 always has some some
gravel coming over in just a quick note I like all those aquascapes that you see
those a model scoop those are amazing they’ve got the path they’ve got the
whole thing those don’t always look like that okay that’s a great photo but like
those things do get dirty so just know that when you see those escapes like
understand it like it’s pretty much for a fun of those will kind of that stuff
will happen I mean it’s a tank so just know that it’s not always going to look
perfect and you have you run the risk of having the gravel mix it’s just how it
is so um the other the other one downside to is the pool filter sand and
lighter sand and stuff gets a little dirtier it’s been known to I don’t know
it just doesn’t look as clean with the dirty tank if anything comes on top of
it that floats it’s not as easy to disguise it would be a flat gravel so I
want to show this though all you need to do this I’m using a piece of cardboard
here the ideal stuff to use would be like a thinner like tagboard kind of
deal where it’s like a not quite as thick as this not quite as rigid but
this will work so I’m gonna roll with this and then you just kind of want to
figure out like okay what do I want here so my brain is been telling me I want to
do like a beach over here with like maybe this quarter of the tank and then
I want this big I want a really really big plant coming out here and then I
want a real low scape here so I’m thinking to myself alright I want this
beach how am I going to create this beach some people might say why won’t my
my stuff to like curve and go in so for me I’m going to
take this like this and I’m going to set it in the aquarium like so and this I’m
going to do it so I’m going to roll like this now when I said it is VI like this
is a little too little too rigid I’ll make it work
so what you do is you set it in here like so but then you tape it to where
you want it to be now I’m using electric tape but it really doesn’t matter you
just want to make sure it doesn’t shift on you so I’m going to tape this in here
and this part is a pretty critical part because you want to make sure you got
here he’s got a designer so I don’t really want this actually to be that far
one that’s a little too I don’t want my my white obviously would start here in
my black would start here but I got I don’t have it deep enough so I’m just
kind of like alright so where do I want to go so I’ll probably go over a little
bit more here you’re really kind of yeah this is the part where you really kind
of got to think it through and be like alright so what am I going to do so I’m
going to try to go right probably to here because once you’re in I mean
you’re in you’re committed so take this move this overs to pad and I’m really
going to shove this down I wouldn’t look beating that though I’m gonna shove this
way down get that in there with that and now I’m
imagining okay I’ve got my my white sandy beach they’re in my dark sweater I
like that I think that’s going to work I’ve got my good arch I also don’t like
to take this straight back I like to have like the I kind of say are words
that run off to or whatever so kind of leaves it a little a little curved
behind so like your your eye doesn’t just end at the back of the tank it kind
of takes you back and you’ll see that in a lot of the sweet aquascapes they have
it’s like you’re just like kind of keeps going and just like fades back so um
that’s what I’m doing obviously the front part is the most important so the
back whatever so I’ve got this here so what do you do we’ve got our tool is to
fill it with equal sides and then what we need to do is we need to have rocks
selected to soften that because you can’t just have like black gravel and
then just white say like boom so what I’m going to do is I’m going to use all
these rocks and you gotta have enough rocks to do it and I’m going to set
these around now I’m not going to do it with this skate but I’m going to show
you some of the plants what you can do is you can tie plants like this to it so
all you need to do is just take some black thread and wrap this around and
that’s that’s a very time-consuming thing but it will give you an awesome
look so you could do this is narrow leaf java fern all the way around I’m going
to do anubias not a petite I can do in between
and on these which will give us like a nice little soft edge and I’ll show that
in a second here but also got some bull bite as you can use so those are just
some options I’m torn out honestly I don’t really know exactly which I want
to use in this I’m going to kind of get it in there and look at it and then make
my decisions based on how I’m thinking the tanks going so let’s get into this
I’ve already got my my gravel here it’s already rinsed you definitely want to
risk your gravel just it keeps that like that floating stuff whenever it takes a
second just just rinse it so the most important part is right here so forget
all this back here right this is a part a little bit of water in there but our
most important part is make sure all right we’ve got this
nailed here so I’m actually gonna push that down a little bit down into the
dirt and I really want to pad this side in here so we really want to just place
it in there so I’m just take this top here really really set it along the
cardboard and really get a nice little wall little very little level I’m going
about an inch here with this you can go with gravel this size you can go a
little higher on your dirt cap it’s outside of the scope of this video you
can check it out the dirty tank guide but I’m going to go about a little more
than coming out leak at this round I’m only going to go three quarters of an
inch then I’m going to plant some plants probably in the next video and then I’m
going to add more gravel on top of that so I want to show this look at this roll
in here I’m going to go ahead and get the whole monty going just to cover up
that now you’ll notice I had the pool builder stand originally all over the
top of this I’ve since actually just stood of the tank off moved it all over
the one side and I’m rolling with the black essence right here so not just
going we will take a second look back we have it going alright so I’ve got my you
can see I’ve got about an inch here I want to make sure if I’m using the dirt
I’ve got it pushed down here I’ve got a high level here inside and I’ll show
this on grab the camera show it then I want to grab my pool filter Sands is
right I off and I’m going to just pause this in over
here I’m going to make sure I got my poop of the same is actually not put at
the primo it’s got a little stuff if that’s alright I’ll just go like this
and oh no see I see you’ve got a little a little dirt action going on over here
so I’m going to stop this right here before we get rolling and get that out
of there like this just push it down get that now mix it up on a tank and then
yeah make sure I’m going to cover that so we’re going to make sure that’s there
so got this nice see we’re not quite the same height so I’m going to keep bad keep and keep bad and you want to make
sure your gravels gravel yeah grab whole days would be the two different sizes
are at about the same height like so because you don’t want the one to just
like Paul it over the other one I’ve got this that actually worked out pretty
well out a little slump in here was that ah so we’re rolling like that I’ve got
this I’m going to just Pat this in you can see the levels here the the level
here is this okay so I’m going to touch along the side here make sure that I’m
going to show this here a second alright so got that so here’s where we are so we’ve got this
right here and we’ve got it okay and then we like it we look down we’ve got
this and that’s how we’re rolling okay so what I’m going to do now set this
back down for y’all and I’m going to take it I’ve got my rocks selected I
love these round rocks right here and I got DS and want to make sure you have
enough of these now what you could do is you like I said you could tie the bull
Vitus to it to kind of soften that you can tied the newbies not uppity to it
start going to ribbons you put in between because that’s a heavy repeater
actually I’m just not falling in love with this plan I know I’m late to the
game on it it’s a sick sick sick plan I do have it for sale um and what I’m
going to do now I’m going to rinse my hand off now I’m going to double check
all right my levels are good here at about the same prints it hand again now
I’m going to pull this piece of cardboard up and adding I’m going to
take the tape off the tableside hello all right so now we’ve got that
you all can see that and then what I’m going to do to soften the edge I’m just
going to take these rocks I’m going to set them along the edge you know you can
get crazy with the rocks I like these big round ones I think
attaching java fern to them would be nice but I’m just going to go around
like this and kind of just make sure this isn’t falling in on it too much
cooler sand on one side just kind of set these around on here like this and kind
of just create a little barrier there now you’ll notice I don’t have I don’t
have all of my gravel engine and the reason for that is I’m going to come
back in in the next video and show you how I’m going to aquascape this but I’m
liking where this is going I’ve got my rocks in here I don’t have all of my
gravel in because I want to be able to easier plant the plants in there I also
need to add more water because the dirt is dried out so I can get the plants
roots down into the dirt but this is where I am and I just want to show as
little like next week I’m going to show you more about this but I mean you can
get you know some nice I mean without even tying to it you can go and I put
the whole biters in the front I’ll actually move that so you guys can see
like they’re along the edges you can tie these anubius this is a nice spot for
newbies because you can put a new vias on the rock it will affixed to the rock
and then you can shove the roots not the rhizome but the roots down into the
substrate here so this is actually how I’ve been really really successful
growing a new visa my 125 for a long time again rhizome not in the dirt the
roots go down into the dirt I’ve got that and also this is regular baby tubes
not dwarf baby tears when I talk a lot about this in the dirted tank guide um
if you have the time you could plant this one by one by one and you’ll see I
just kind of messed up here see how easy that happens so I want to show just
gotta get those on out of there so those are out it happens but I could do this
all along the edge here and kind of come up so I haven’t really decided yet
to show you guys this but I think this is kind of a slick way to do it I
wouldn’t do this if it was your first tag but just kind of get to get the mind
what about how can I make this transition here so I might do the baby
tears I might do the narrow java fern so you can really get like a cool and this
this actually looks real sick when you have the the java fern kind of come off
there so that’s what I’m doing um you know welcome to subscribers thanks
everybody check it out this series if you like what I’m doing subscribe get on the link below get those top ten pants and tips I’m doing
it insane sale later today so you want to get on there and get that email know
what’s going on got a lot of implants obviously and I’m having a blast so I
hope you’re having an awesome week stay tuned next week to this series where I’m
going to aquascape this whole thing bringing the piece of driftwood that I’m
having a tough time getting to stop floating and yeah everyone make it an
awesome week and an awesome day love you tank own fish tank people like

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