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I don’t know what my mom would do if I
just like quit ballet bonus to a barley fresh or maybe she finally gets off your
back roast beef to a barley yet SK 80 you
guys really have to play skate right now trying to have an existential crisis
here we paid five bucks and I need lunch money so yeah then you get starved my
friend so your crisis got me thinking tricky Newton’s third law says every
action has an equal and opposite reaction so you think my mom what makes
me quit skateboarding hard to argue with Newton
I’m with Donnie your mom is so hardcore steal fish to judo yeah
but she could surprise the only thing that surprises me these days sweet Jake
Rosati sk8 might explain Jake stop glitch it says we all evolved from
aquatic bipeds what does that even have to do with feet would be so cool no more
socks or shoes no way dude I hate seafood okay check this fakie Benihana
to a Superman to a sex change Jake you can’t do that combo no choice need that
cash the head I’m starving Oh personally I don’t think we evolved
we just become our parents or some reaction to them so my theory is we
evolved from microbial life you know it’s germs the trouble became here I
look like a meteor from some other galaxy what you say we’re aliens exactly
I gotta say having your own do a photo cruise around in would be so wicked
sound system and that UFOs one sweet bro well technically sound waves couldn’t
escape the antigravity field it would take to power a UFO another turbine recover confiscating
just observe for now oh not again I take it this is yours now
you listen here mister I don’t know who you think you are but you’ve got no
right to manhandle my son like that your son and his friends were in my subway
yard making trouble again it was my first time on the hoverboard I know what
I mean uh my new board yeah whatever the excuse you should keep him
on a shorter leash hey my mom what to do she’s the best mom in the whole world
and if you ever tried alright Jake all right just settle down I’ll handle this
you get to your room and you you think about what you’ve done was that too much what I do mean I don’t
know lady he’s such a good kid so sweet and usually so well-mannered I’m a
single our time who’s in oh geez look forget the yard
meet me at Molly’s I’m starving three more fries to break the record you
gotta see this teeth Beatriz well that is a lovely outfit but
uh breakfast started two minutes ago sorry mother I have to go back to my
dance shoes I almost forgot the recitals today
goodness gracious how could you possibly forget the recital uh what recital Oh
ignore your father we are both dying to see your new
routine so tell me citrus what composer are you dancing to today Tchaikovsky or
Stravinsky really Beatrice such behavior is an embarrassment oh that’s funny I
thought it was a call to arms oh darn it beaten again incorrigible
both of you may I’ve excused now well good luck honey we’ll see you at the
recital Beatrice I’m so sorry man
oh look at my flow I’ll be more careful next time so there won’t be a next time yes
aiya I want you to wear my heirloom to the recital our heirloom way you don’t
mean yes the Fairchild move I was thinking in case your routine goes
poorly again at least this time you’ll look positively enviable wow I’m
speechless it just looked so divine on you I
remember he broke his jaw and while these burgers are killing
everything mo he makes his killer just was all free my dad said she needed more
attitude to be a waitress but I think we need to dial down her sass meter no I
like her except she always forgets the ketchup yeah you know what you need to invent
honey sell foreign ketchup hmm problem with ketchup
that’s got no swag for fries like these they deserve me you’re delusional
the only thing males good for is scrambled eggs enough with the ketchup
sorry bro Kings earned one I’m so sorry fresh that was totally my
fault no no it was mine I should have all right King look for saving my man’s
kicks be there in five
no I said Jake do not come I will kill you
seriously Julia got a three I’m gonna get and what your daughter’s wearing the
necklace is a bit much it’s an air dance sorry mrs. Fairchild fresh doesn’t get
out much let’s put her out of her misery we need a second opinion Wow
that was interesting ice cuban-born minutes 37 seconds a man’s made from
boiling water 375 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact it’s called the Pemba effect
named after the Tanzanian guy who discovered it hope I pronounced that
right okay so next up I’m launching my first weather satellite my satellite
doesn’t just monitor weather she actually makes weather moving on so
here’s the deal my dad’s good at a lot of things but bargaining is definitely
not one of them don’t get me started on our tragic sprinkler system I am gonna
make the rain water the garden where Dad gross stuff for our restaurant so you
guys get to see me launch my satellite and then he’s reset with me and
ballerina applause cheeseburger oops Sookie send a returned working on
new invention but thanks rocket ship rain cloud tomato carrot oh eggplant my
satellite 10 miles up in the troposphere bob is right my dad is not an intruder
hey chat meet my Maker hey technically he’s not my maker I’m
adopted but he used my PB&J maker that’s one
thing he’s really good at on the side I don’t know your last favor didn’t go so
well oh yeah this will be much safer almost
100% certain it should just take a gentle mentioned my dad used to be a pro
skateboarder maybe it’s the apocalypse yep shoulda known Jerry time know what’s funny when we were noobs we
actually thought this place was scary I still have nightmares about trashing my
first pair of Jordans here well I still have nightmares about those nasty elbow
pads Jake used to wear ones he never washed not funny miss those pads well we
didn’t ask you King come on Jake the bag on King four kids got no filter I didn’t
beg on this I said we didn’t ask his opinion on what scary see what I mean
you can’t take anything he says too seriously I don’t know would explain
things speaking of tani she wants us to meet
her at the yard she’s got something to show us says it’s
out of this world with like 12 alien emojis
on Crete skateboarding how did you bat turbine we
found it’s kind of anti-gravity technology neutralize the magnetic
properties can’t you reel him back in with that
remote it only works up to 10 feet away he’ll be fine so like I was saying if anybody finds
out you invented a hoverboard a real hoverboard every tech company in the
world will send guys on steroids to steal it I can see it now we all get
taken into some cheap motel room you know kind of really gross wallpaper and
the interior gave us no way I break unless they mess with bhumi maybe I
should make the technology open-source you know free it’s not like I invented
it I don’t even think it’s from this planet but you’re right tricky for now we
should keep this secret I mean what if somebody got feathers hello sports world I’m Jacob this is
fresh we’re here today a DeLorean Park for what I’m sure will be a memorable
skate lesson perfect day for high seventies light wind low noob count what
everyone wants to know is can tricky really teach you Tony to skate good qjs
hard to say with so much at stake now I’m thinking moly steak sandwich
special sauce fries in the game now call me harsh but I don’t give this lesson
much more than three minutes tops which would have to be considered a
failure let’s not jump the gun JK maybe those tools surprise you so first things
first honey just try balancing there you go
bold move going solo an early fall could record confidence you said a mouthful
attention so thick I could eat it with a fork
yeah like lasagna let it go Jesus no way to get ahead of yourself concrete is not
your friend come on oh my did you see that fresh
that little noob just took a nasty spill okay fine I’ll teach you the simplest
trick I know Tony it’s called tic tacs just blessed it’s
hurt let’s not turn like this oh man why’d you have to mention candy
breaking news JK tic tacs or mints mints are in the candy family they’re like
cousins so I don’t know just try it well technically the sound it makes
sounds like it doesn’t okay I’m gonna teach you a 180 instead oh oh maybe it’s
cuz you control the turn radius with your toes you know tic and Tricky’s gone
to her happy place this lessons over at the two minute 47
second mark did I crush it or what you shredded it
Jeff oh ooh Molly shredded chicken taco ma’am wear slacks for one of those go
there bro mother walk Jax I’m gonna do it ninety-two sour cream
there’s no trick call the 90s flash of salsa I’m out of here let’s do this Simbu me mama haven’t seen it fresh
haven’t seen you eat breakfast either Gramps it seems like we need more noise forget the yard Mimi Louise I’m starving they’re all so you can read now none where is it Kevin where’s Bumi tickle
monsters got no mercy Thanks you always know when I’m having a
bad hole Don you guys aren’t getting the gravity of this situation
anti-gravity you’re missing the point today is not just some ordinary day here
comes a sermon today is the day skateboarding as we know it became this
thing and what I mean is this hoverboard ‘el change everything and the four of us
could have become like I can see it Wow so what do you think cool man cool
but you got a trip oh dude did I it’s a colorful ah but not in my yard

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