Sugar Skull Beauty BEGINNER HOW TO PAINT acrylic painting | Ayala Art + Art Sherpa

[opening theme] Hi everybody! It’s Cinnamon Cooney, your art sherpa, and I’m here to finish that art swap I started with Ayala Art and Mixed Media on YouTube. Now, if you check my little “i” up there, my little iCard, I have links you can quick go click to see what she did with my painting. And how she started what I’m about to open here. I haven’t looked. I haven’t… I’m gonna be surprised with you! It’s super exciting. I’m really thrilled about it. So we’re gonna be opening this and then I’m gonna, I don’t know, come up with something. Paint something and then I’m gonna send that back to her and she’s gonna send what she painted back to me. And then we get to collect each others art. It’s pretty exciting. Um, this is sort of my version of happy mail. Because of that I also have another package to open from Leola. She does those gorgeous necklaces you guys are seeing on facebook. I don’t know what she sent me. You know how excited I am that she sent me something. I’m really thrilled when I get stuff like this. She got it right to my post office box and I’m really thrilled. So I’m gonna open this one first. We’re gonna discover about the necklaces first, just real fast. Ooh! [gasps] Oooooohhhhh! Ooh! Could I “ooh” anymore? But Ooh! Alright, I got cool cards. So, can you guys see that? Look what she sent me! Are you dying? I’m dying! Are you dying? I’m totally dying! This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna wear this everywhere. I’m literally wearing this to the next little art thing that I’ve gotta do cause these are incredible. Are they not- They’re so pretty! Leola, thank you! These are gorgeous! So, Leola Burgess Butcher. This is her. Look at me! I’m showing her card right there. Hopefully you guys can, uh…. See this. So you can buy these from her. Um… And now I have some. I have some originals! So I’m excited about that. And we got a note from her. And…. It’s a long one, so I’m not gonna read on the air, but Leola, I’m gonna read this right after. Cause, you know. And it might be private. So I’m gonna put that over here so I can read that after. Now, here is the package I got from Martha. Again, iCard if you wanna go see how she created what I’m about to open. Let’s find out. Let’s use scissors. And she’s really good at packaging. Let’s find out what she sent. That’s why I don’t have paint out yet. Cause I don’t know what I’m looking at. And I don’t know what colors I’m gonna use. And I have kind of a thought of what I’m gonna do, because she’s she’s doing a 29 faces challenge. There’s a bunch of people, if you search 29 faces, right now, you’re gonna find people that are doing daily faces. They paint a face like every day for 29 days across this month. If you were into big eyed girls, and waifs and all that. That would be something you could find and she’s definitely doing that. I think- Oooh! So this is a canvas board. Oooh! And…. It’s wrapped in wax paper, which is you know, really good, cause if you’ve got acrylic… So, let’s… This is what she sent me. All these fabulous colors! Fabulous colors. Right, there on the up close cam you guys can really see that. I’m so glad we have an up close cam, because we’re gonna need it. And we have a note. Hey Cinnamon! Thanks for playing with me. Do anything you want to this canvas. You can use the same…. Umm… Uh… Wrap to mail it back if you want. Well, I think I ruined that. But I’ll get it back to you intact. Don’t worry. It’ll be totally fine. Slright. So we’ve got this. And… Um… What are we gonna do here? Let’s look at it some different directions. You know hot up top- You know, I’m really feeling the cool colors up top. And I’m kind of feeling this space over here. And I know I’m thinking of doing kind of a face. So… Umm… How bout we do something like a sugar skull? Would that be fun? I think that could be fun. So I’m gonna do- I’m gonna show you this really cool thing, where you can take a canvas and you use the canvas to do a half face. Ok? So I’m gonna kind of block in my face shape, which is that I’m going to make an kind of almost rounded egg. Obviously, as always, I will ask Chuck to help me with the traceable. Right. And I’m even gonna bring that up to the top, for a second. Right. Cause actually it would round out, but for the purposes of that, I don’t know if you guys- Yeah. You can see that there. Ooh! I love the up close cam. And I’m doing a half face, guys. Is what I’m doing. So what I’m sketching on my own canvas is I’m actually, I often do that, I like get a line, I adjust a line, I tweak a line. Now if this up here is my forehead, about right around this area I’m gonna wanna make a brow line. I’m gonna make that socket shape that I know is right here, cause there’s a big eye socket that’s there. And I’m gonna do a half nose. Right? Half nose. So that’s a little curved line in. At the bottom of it, I’m gonna curve like a little smile up. And another little parenthesis out here and I’ll get a little nose in. And then I’m gonna come and bring a mouth here. Because we know that we’re gonna have at least a mouth under the nose. That’s about two fingers under, and that still gives me a little room for my chin. Right. So I’m gonna do the whole face here, in this half space, and I’m gonna put my eye shape in which is, you know, almond. It’s like an almond. You know, if you’re working this out. Remember we’ll have a traceable of this because I don’t want drawing skills to be what stops you from doing something. And there’s lots of places to work on those drawing skills. You could go to Ayala’s, uh…. Youtube channel. Work on those face skills. You can go to all kinds of places on YouTube, work on faces. I got a lot of friends out there doing that and I love what they do. So I’ve got this sketched in. Super easy. Super fun. Now I’m gonna put out some paint colors. So, if she’s going to be a sugar skull, I’m actually going to paint her in… I’m gonna start out with a little white. A little black, and maybe a little blue. To shade her in because often times the faces are powdered or lightened to be like a skull. So I wouldn’t do a traditional skin tone. Interestingly enough. I wouldn’t even try to start that. This is dioxazine purple, so I don’t want it. I’m gonna do some phthalo blue. Now I’m probably gonna put out… I’ll put it out now. I’m definitely probably gonna use some… Oh my goodness! Cad red, at least. And some dioxazine purple. And some….. For sure cadmium yellow medium. I’m gonna put out. I’ll have a materials list down there. I may or may not put out the burnt sienna and the yellow ochre. I’m not actually sure yet. And I’m gonna grab My half inch angle brush, which is, you know, my multi tool. And I’m going to…. I’m going to make a very light gray. I’m gonna add a little blue to it, though. Cause I don’t want just black and white. I want some tonality to it. And I’m gonna start painting in- Ooh! Look! She’s got this interesting texture here. [gasps] Which I can completely work into the sugar skull, that I didn’t know til I started painting it. Look how that showing up. Can you see that on the up close cam? See that texture right there that she’s… She’s put in? So I’m gonna think about that texture a little bit, right? Now I know my socket’s gonna be a little bit darker, so I’ll probably come in with some darker tones there. Just getting my paint on. Like I always do. You know that first layer of paint, that underpainting. You know. Even though I’ve got kind of an underpainting going, here, with what she’s already sent me. You know, I’ve gotta get the underpainting of this face going. See I’m going like this now? One of the things I’m gonna do coming up is I’m going to do a live, beginner beginner broadcast. I’ll put that up on the schedule so you can see what that’s gonna be. Where we just talk about stuff like what if you’ve never touched a brush? All the stuff. Like how I work my paint. Where I go from the little edges. How I’m mixing it. Like, really drilled down. Drilled down. Cause a lot of people have been asking for that, and I’m thinking that’s something that I will absolutely do. So this very light gray happening here. I’m gonna leave a little space where I have my nose in, cause I’m gonna come in darker. And I’m gonna get a little more blue, and a little more black. On my brush. And I’m gonna come in under my eye socket. What I’m doing is creating sort of just… This is going to be darker. Right here, and it’s gonna come along the nose. You know. I’m blocking in values. A lot of times you’ll hear me talk about blocking in. I’m blocking it in, right? What I’m saying is I’m going to want deeper, darker shadows in these spaces, and so I’m sort of putting those in. I’m going to adjust them later. Right? I’m gonna work them later. I just know that I want them there now. This is gonna be really interesting on her little face. And this won’t take too long. This little sugar skull won’t take too long. I’m gonna get some more of this dark color and work a little neckline here, I think that I want her to have. Get some more paint. I want a little neck line here. Of some sort. Darker color. So this is a little more, if you’re feeling kind of confident in what you’re doing, you could follow along with me pretty easily. If you’re real, real new, you know, enjoy this. Watch this. But do some of the other paintings. So that you’re a little more ready for the art language that’s coming. Right. So it’s not as stressful. You’ll be here before you know it, and then come back and do this. You know. Cause on some of them I like explaining every single step and every single action. And it’ll be like that, um…. Live, where, you know, we talk about the beginning stages of painting and what you can expect. I’m getting a lighter tone here. Basically what I’m gonna be doing is creating a lighter value over the cheek space. And then a darker value under the jaw line and around the eyes and then maybe possible a little bit at the temple, and we’ll shape out the nose a bit. So those are the things that I’m looking for. You know. As I’m painting. And I’m lightening up this space, cause I know you know, she’s got her little sugar skull going. We’ll work the lips in a little bit. And probably shade all that out. Just a little bit. Maybe a little whiteness right here. And I’m gonna come back. With a dark color. Right under here. Just shade that out. Just shade that out. Bringing that line. My pressure’s about a medium brush pressure. Medium brush pressure. As I’m looking at this, I’m trying to decide if her hair’s gonna be down or it’s going to be back. And there’s a weird part of me that thinks it might be back. So just in case I’m gonna put it back. Right across from the eye here I’m going to imply that there might be an ear that we’re just seeing peeking out. Now I may take this out, and I may leave this in. Hard to say. I just want that little shape there. Just in case I choose to put it in. And I’m going to put some white here. Which will eventually be the eyeball and socket. Just gonna work that in. Real simple shapes that we are thinking about. And paint areas that we’re blocking in. A lot of times I rough these in real fast cause I know I’m gonna reshape them out as I go. And there’s just no point in being stressed about it right now. I’m gonna get a smaller brush. I’m trying to find a smaller br- Oh! Half inch bright. Love my half inch brights! And I’m gonna kinda of… Work the nose a little bit even though I may come and do that dark shape that you often see on sugar skulls right there. I’m gonna work some of this lighter. Just to feel like, alright. I’m working this shape out. But I probably will come through and darken this in some decorative way. Right? In some decorative way we’ll do something. And I’m gonna start thinking about the lips, and I’m gonna stay in the black and blue. I’m gonna resist getting over into my red. And I’m gonna come here. I’m going to put in what I feel like is my mouth shape, my basic mouth shape. Which is this little smile. It’s very rude. It’s very rudimentary. It’s not complicated. It’s just a little guideline and I’m gonna give myself a little lower lip here. And I know I’ll have… A little shadow here. So maybe I’ll think about that line. But I know this is gonna go up much further and now I’m looking at this, so I’m like, alright, I gotta drop this chin down, just a little bit. For it to make sense. I’m gonna pick up some white paint. Shade some of that out. I want that to be down there a little bit, and we’ll work that out in a second. Where did my towel go? I don’t know. That’s so funny. I’m always losing my towel. I have a towel, I put a towel down, and then I lose my towel. Ooh! A towel just mysteriously appeared…. I don’t know where it could have come from. [Cinnamon chuckles] The towel fairy sent it. I’m gonna add some more of this light color right here. Maybe a little bit on this jaw. Cause I’m just shading. Just shading this out and building up the shape that I’m looking to create. Cause actually there’s gonna be another shadow under her lip. Right. So, we’ve sort of adjust this line a little bit. And we don’t mind. We don’t mind adjusting the line. We don’t mind adjusting the line. I’m gonna take some lips…. Here. And by only doing half of it, we give ourself a little break from some of the things that make figure drawing a bit of a tribulation. I’m gonna shade where the lips meet. Pulling this out just a small amount. I’m also gonna add a little shadow coming up underneath. I’m gonna add a little shadow just coming up underneath. Blend that out. I’m gonna pick up some lighter color here. Pull this lip down a little it. And a lot of this is about creating the shadows between those two shapes. Cause they’re sort of like rounded tubes. You don’t think of it, but these are muscles and they’re rounded and you’re pulling them out. And I’m going to also add some shadow cause this is curved in. They’re curved in like this. So before I add the decorative elements, I do want to create some of these lights and darks. That would be happening inside the lip. And I’m gonna get a real dark, dark… I’m gonna start talking about that, and that’s probably something I’ll have to come back with. Later. I’m gonna take my black and my blue. Mixing it together. Right? Black and my blue. I’m gonna come here to my nose, and I’m gonna think about something here. Adding that darkened nose that you see on a sugar skull. Bring it out over here. Now I’ll still have to do all my nose shading. That I would expect to do on this nose. But I will be doing it in these colors. Right. So let’s get a little white. Bring it over to our blue. Let’s add a little highlight right here. And a little highlight right here. I wonder what Ayala is gonna think of this. You know. I think a lot about my friends. When I’m painting I think about the good things that they bring into my life. It can help me. You know, there’s a couple ways you can work through stuff when you’re painting. You can put everything that’s like really giving you trouble in your life onto the canvas. And really just purge it all out. Right? And that’s one way to feel much better while you’re painting, but another way that you can feel a little bit better, when you’re painting, is to think about all the positive things in your life while you’re painting. And then let that help you feel better. That way leaves me with a painting I actually want to keep. And the other way- I’m gonna add a high high highlight right here. Another high high highlight. So that we keep that shape going. We want the shape to be true. So we’ve got this crazy sort of little sugar skull. Little…. Nose happening here. And I’m gonna go, again, into my blue and black. Stronger in the blue this time. Right? You can even add a little purple to this mix. And I’m gonna come around the eye and start… Giving that that deep socket that I need to give in the eye. Now these eyeballs will be a little bit bigger than is realistic for a human being. It’s not quite a big eyed girl, but it’s a little bit like a big eyed girl. I’m arching this up. Just arching this up. Coming around. You know, we’re gonna do a really simple sugar skull soon. Probably before halloween. Live. Something that’s just real fun and easy to do and is a good starting place. I’m gonna make a little scallop pattern around her eye. So that’s a little decorative. Gonna get a little bit of this blue out. Little bit of this purple out. And pull a little bit of white. It gives me a very nice color. And right here just underneath this, I’m gonna lighten this up a little bit. We’re gonna keep working that. Lighter and lighter. Come up here, and add a little lightness right here. A little more lightness right there. Got that little shape happening. I like that! See, so that’s very interesting, and you know, we could take some of this above the brow line, now that I’m looking at it in shape. You could say some of these shapes might come up a little bit above the brow line. And that could be nice. For a pattern. And we’ll come back with some white lines and some different work there. Right? Now let’s get a small detail brush. Right? This is a detail filbert. But you could do your detail round. You could do a detail bright. Any of your detail brushes will work for that. And we’re gonna come in between the two lips. We’re gonna make a defining dark line. And this dark line is gonna go actually past the shape of the mouth. Into that skull smile. It what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna take it past that. I’m going to pull down a little point to show a little pucker in the lip. A little shading. And then I’m gonna pull a little of this darker line up. And this is before pull in the teeth. Right guys. This is before I’m gonna start putting those decorative teeth in there. I’m still working out…. Some of that lip shape. Ok. And details are really nice when you’re working out the lip shape. I’m gonna come down underneath here. and still pull… A little shadow happening. Shape that lip a little bit. So I gotta fix that lip shape. And sometimes you’ll be doing that. Somestimes you’ll be like, “Oh! I gotta fix that lip shape!” A lot of times you guys write me and say it’s hard, or the picture isn’t really pulling the way I want it to. And you know what? Sometimes that’s ok. It’s ok. It doesn’t always have to pull exactly correctly. You can adjust. You can let the paint dry. You can come in and be like, “How can I….?” Shape that the way I want to shape it and still have it be how I want it to be. And work those…. Work those details out. You know. How am I going to do that? I’m gonna come up with a very light highlight right up here, at the top. Light highlight. Pull some of this down into this dark. This blue here. This dark highlight. Come above the lip. Under the nose, cause there’s a darker shadow happening right here. I’m gonna use that blue and black. To create that. Shadow cast underneath the nose. We’re gonna talk about that a little bit. You know, step back. Look at your piece. And wherever you feel it’s not pulling how you want, you go back and you get it to do it. Gonna get a little blue and white. Need to pull like this a little bit. You just put back what you gotta put back. Where you need to put it back. And that will happen a lot to you as you are painting, where you’ll be like looking at something and, ugh, I don’t really like… I don’t like how that shape is or that doesn’t feel like what I’m trying to do. And if you’re seeing it, you can fix it. It’s an interesting thing. If you’re seeing it, you can fix it. It’s when you can’t see it. That it’s hard to fix. I’ve got a nice highlight here I’m gonna put along the lip. Just along the lip. In the center here. And I’m gonna get my detail back. Getting in my blue and black again. Bringing that little… Make that little shadow I’ve been trying to get. And now I’m feeling actually much better about that. Feeling better about how those lips are shaping out for me. And I feel like I could put in…. My black here. I’m gonna thin it with water a little bit to get the flow to improve cause on a heavy bodied paint… Now, if you’re on a craft paint, you don’t really have to do that. The flow’s already good. Your issue’s not flow. Generally the issue is coverage. On a heavy bodied paint, you gotta thin it with water a little bit to get good flow. But then you also have good coverage. So I’m gonna take these black lines across her lips. Coming down. I think I took that one too far. I’m gonna do it a little bit here, but they’re gonna be a little bit smaller as I go up. I’ll erase that one with paint that I feel I took too far. And that’ll happen. Sometimes you’ll feel like you take them too far. You don’t have to worry about that. You can fix it later. You want it to go above the lip line? Maybe you don’t, maybe you do. And I’m looking at that now, thinking I don’t really want that above the lip line. So, I can erase that. With my paint. Look at me. I’m erasing it with my paint. Oh yeah, that’s what I like much better. I like that. And I might curve this line back a little bit. Take it really across the face and curve this, just a little bit. And that might become something decorative. Now I’m gonna get a little… Red and black. And I’m gonna come in and do the tear duct in this eye shape. Just sort of this little round…. I’m gonna come on the inside of this eye. And a lot of this in here I’m gonna be doing more in red and black. I don’t know if you guys can see this. Can you guys see that? You’re working that inner tear duct in. Right? And I’m also gonna work this kind of red and gray. I’m gonna create a little shadow up here. On my eyeball. So, eyeball’s quite round, and the lid casts a shadow, and I know I’m gonna want to start working that. I think I need to ge to my half inch bright. Is where I really need to be. I’ll add a little purple to that. There we go. Get a little bit of white. Cause what I don’t want, interestingly enough, you would think I would want white in here. I actually only want a little bit of white. On the whites of her eyes. We’re gonna have those be a little redder than you might think. That’s gonna give a really cool effect. I feel more emotive. Come back into the black and red. Make sure I’ve got that worked out a little bit. Shading it around the side and the corner. Might even get into some stronger red here. I haven’t rinsed my brush though, so there’s a lot of pigment in there. A little bit of the red…. That’s gonna feel…… Real, but just enough off that it’s gonna give it a supernatural feel. Got some just white. I want some of it on my brush. And some of it here. And I’m, interestingly enough, before I’ve ever put the pupil in, I’m doing some shading. On what is the whites of her eyes. That is a very helpful thing to do, if you can see that there. Right? Right here on the up close cam. I don’t know how well you can see the red of that and how that impacts that. Maybe if I hold it up to this camera. There ya go. You can see the amount of tonality that we’ve got going on in there. Now I’m gonna take some purple and some blue. And I’m gonna make the pupil in here now. Make sure I’ve got it on my up close cam. So I’m definitely going to take it down almost to the bottom lid, but not quite. Hopefully that is helpful. Taking it down almost to the bottom lid. Putting this on. I’m letting it be quite large. And then I’ve gotta come and put a shadow back. Gonna get right into what I had over there. And then along underneath this eyelid I’m gonna pull this shadow down, right across the eye, and if I need more black, I’ll pull more black. I’m gonna pull this shadow down. And if you’ve been doing a few eyes with me, you’re gonna realize this shadow…. Is an important element…. To the eye. Pull it down, pull it down. Now, I can get into my smaller brush. Right? I’m gonna come along the upper lid. With just black.gona Ok. Pull a little but of the iris. Iris is gonna be open pretty big. On her… The iris is gonna be open pretty big on her. So you’ve got that there. Right? Then I’m gonna come in with a little more black. Darken some of that. On one side. Ok. And then I’m gonna get into this eye. Little purple over here. But with a lighter color. Into this eye, around the darkness of her pupil with a lighter color. Come in with a very dark color. Get the fluidity on this if you’re having trouble getting coverage. If it’s not covering, make sure you’re working how fluid your paint is. That’s definitely what you want to be doing. Working how fluid your paint is. This outer rim of her eye needs to be dark. Just a thin line. And I’m pulling even some of this color up into the shadow. So now we’re starting to get that definition. Now I’m gonna take just the blue and just a little white. It’s really a light color. I might even, to pop it, add a little yellow so it becomes an almost turquoise. In here, I’m gonna add this flick off just luminescent color coming up. As if there’s a highlight that’s shining through the glass of her eye. Also because these colors are not natural it will be a pretty supernatural feeling. Not Sam and Dean supernatural, but still supernatural. Keep referencing and that’s looking pretty good. She’s looking pretty good. Right? Then you’re gonna take a little white, and I like to make sure it’s just slightly off white. So if gray get’s into it or whatever gets into it, that’s always ok with me. Right across here I’m gonna add a little couple highlights, and than I will also here. Out into the eyeball. As if they are wet. And there’s a little water reflecting on it. I think this is gonna trip Ayala out. Martha out. I do. I think she’s really gonna like this. Now I’m gonna darken them and create a very dark shadow at the bottom of this socket and then run a very wet light highlight up there, on the lid. Right? So I’m gonna come here and create this dark shadow just where the eyeball is sinking in an eye, on this corner. Even right here. At the tear duct, because I’m gonna come in and create a highlight right along it. Get your highlight color. Again, I really hate to have pure white, but I want it to be quite light. Compared to everything else, it’ll feel like, but it actually isn’t. And I’m going to just… Create a line of… Even in here in the tear duct. A couple spots of light showing at the tear duct. And along… Below the shadow. Below that shadow. And the eyeball. If you need to thin your shadow out, thin your shadow out. See then, you’ve got that sort of white highlight happening. Get a light, light color going. Right along here. Right along here you’re gonna want a light light color. A little bit here. Under here. Gonna put it just a couple places right on the eye. Just to create that definition. That’s really fun. Right? I love this. It’s like snake skin or something. I’m not…. Sure I’m gonna pull something with it.I haven’t really… I’m gonna get some just white, and I’m gonna create some defining…. I’m gonna create some dots along this outer edge in the just white. Just something decorative. Something thoughtful. Let’s add… Some red… You can add a little purple to your red. Some red. In this lining here along the face. Let’s create a little design on the chin like you might see. Of a little flower. And again, fluidity will help you with this. Fluidity can make a big difference. Little petal here, under the lip. Define it. And then we’ll just say that there’s some… Little tendrils happening out into the face. Then I’m gonna add some of this red lining. That’s too much fluidity. I’m going to dab it with my towel. Then I’ll just take some dots here. A lot of this is like kinda fun cause you can think about like what the patterns are and what you wanna do and how you’re… How you’re working your sugar skull out. I’m gonna finish this is something a little more decorative, now that I’m looking at it. Up in her forehead. Where we’ve got this interesting texture. Hmmm….. Hmmm, maybe a little… Blue and yellow. Create a nice green, add some white to it. Maybe we can do something up here. Come like with a little leaf but it’s over this sort of scale texture. And that’s very interesting. That scale texture. It’s just some sort of net that she put on this piece that’s interesting to work with. I like to think that the mixed media artists are like alchemists. They’re like the alchemists of the art world. They have all these tinctures and interesting things to work with and they play with them in their studio. And they’re a little bit like magic labs. You know, like Harry Potter wizards. Is the feeling that I have sometimes. About that world. I’m coming with a darker… Defined line. Of this piece right here, just to define it a little more. Just feel like she’s gotta have… You know. I’m absolutely not familiar with like… A lot of this in real traditional culture actually has symbolism and has meaning. Mine here is just decorative. There’s a completely different reason for making it. I’m adding a little highlight to this. A little highlight to that. Coming with a much stronger one. Probably gonna have to put out some more white at some point. Got that there. Just add a little bit of that white. It’s going down… And then I feel like I want some red up into that. And then we gotta figure out what’s going on with her hair. Or what we’re doing over here. Or…. I need some red here. I feel like that’s necessary. Like, there’s a little blue. Peeking out in these leaves. I’m literally making this up as I go, so. You know, sometimes you’ll see stuff and you’ll be like, I really feel like that needs to be there! Maybe it does. Gonna add some more lines here. Some lines here. Here we go. Some lines here. She’s looking actually pretty good. I’m actually kind of digging her. I’m actually kind of really enjoying her. And I feel like I’m gonna do a dark hair. So I’m gonna do a little purple, and a little- Not a little purple. A little blue and a little black. And I’m gonna come here. Maybe…. Create a little tendril between these two events. I’m gonna just generate the background of some dark, dark…. It’s just some fun stuff for me. I’m thinking about it. Going around the ear. Still trying to decide about that ear. And I’m just not feeling the ear, so I’m gonna take it out. [laughs] I painted an ear and then took it out. Yeah. Sometimes you do that. Sometimes you’re like, yup, not feeling it! Take it out. Take out what you’re not feeling. It’s not worth it. You’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it. Just take it out. It’s just art. You can always paint it back in if later you woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and said, you know, I think the whole painting was dependent on that ear! Just put the ear back. Think I will move this to the side for just a second, to get a flow. Some tendrils here. Trying to decide how much of her hair I want to put in. Cause I don’t want to remove all of Ayala’s art over here. You know, and I feel like that was almost a moon there, so I may… Come back and paint some of that out. So I’ve got that there, and I’m gonna come in with a little white. And highlight some of this hair. Just to create a little- Where is my white paint? Little highlight to the hair, as we’re going. And I think she’s looking pretty good. Kinda happy with it. It’s a fun collaboration. Cause you do stuff you might not necessarily normally do. You might not necessarily… Ever do. And I really enjoyed it. I was really happy to be contacted to do it. It was really fun. I hope you’re gonna… If you haven’t already seen what she’s done, I hope you’ll go over there and check it out. Cause I sent her a very interesting little canvas. I feel. And she did a really cool thing with it. She made this beautiful, kind of, aquatic…. Well, really almost a mermaid. I really liked that. You know what. I’m gonna come back and play with that texture, cause I’m gonna… Yeah. I’m gonna….. Put a flower there, is what I’m gonna do. She gave me that texture there. I’m gonna work it. So I’ve got my red and purple. And I’m gonna come…. Putting these ever radiating brush strokes out. Do a couple more of those. Another one here. One here. She needs some flowers. And then I’m gonna get some white. And add some highlights to these petals. Pull it out. Just real simple stuff there. Just a simple, simple, simple… Simple simple simple little…. Shape. Simple, simple. Happy, fast little…. And I’m not doing twenty nine faces, but this could, you know, definitely have been part of it, if I was working on that. Collab with her. Now, see we’ve got flowers- Oops! Got flowers up there. Give it a little greenery. A couple little… Bits of greenery in… And I think we’re good. We’ve done- We have collaborated! Which, you know, in your life, life is a collaboration, right? With friends and people that you care about. And your family. Absolutely is. Pretty happy with her. Think she could have maybe slightly more whimsical hair. Blow around. More tendrils. Just take that and put it back through there. Oh, I like that! Slightly more whimsical. You know, you just look for that stuff. Where can I add that whimsy? What can I do? In my world. Maybe a little of this and a little of that. Just pop a bit here and there. Just a little bit of pop. Alright. I will show this to you on this camera real fast. How is that? Little happy… Imaginative…. Collaboration with Ayala Art. iCard. Obviously check description for where I hide everything. If you like this, uh, like, comment, subscribe, share it. Tell your friends. We will do a highly instructed one of these, that’s planned out, so it’ll- For real beginning, beginning artists. So we’ve got the beginning, beginning how to do your brushes. Just to whole bunch of information there on a live broadcast. And we’ll do a beginning sugar skull coming up soon. And another sort of romantic piece coming up as well, so check upcoming live events for what could be happening soon, and I will see you guys at the easel really soon. Buh-bye!

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