SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION in breeding live-bearer ornamental fish, update to my KOI SWORDTAIL

Good day backyard hobbyist welcome back to JBM Aquayard good morning and how are you today if you will notice this aquariums at my back this are my aquariums in my house I recently transfer this today and I already added water because I will put my grow outs of guppies and swordtail at the same time because in my house I am not using this and I put few fish in this racks because in my house has no more space so that I am transferring my other aquariums here in my backyard since in my backyard had more space that’s why I planned to transfer this and this stand starting to have corrosion that’s why i need to clean then I repaint so that the corrosion will not spread and this is a little bit expensive so that I transfer this here in my backyard so that I can take care this aquariums and aquarium stand keeping ornamental fish is very exciting because we have many varieties to choose from we have livebearers, we have cichlids tetra’s barbs and we have goldfish and there’s more strain and varieties we can choose from and the one I choose is this livebearers and I am focusing on this although I have other strains but I am focusing in breeding live bearers and you know why? because they are very easy to propagate and very easy to sell in the market specially this guppies that’s why i am focusing in guppies and other live bearers because I can easily produce ornamental fish in breeding this live bearers and the other thing I am considering why I am choosing this live bearer and focusing on this because live bearer are sustainable since my backyard started recently less than a year maybe this backyard is just 6 months old that’s why i need more products to produce and I saw the opportunity in breeding this live bearer, because everyday I am producing and harvesting fry here in breeding tanks and my ponds that’s why breeding live bearer is sustainable the other product which is sustainable which we can add in our backyard is propagating fresh plants or this called aquatic plants, and this is bacoba plants and if you know the exact name you can comment below aquatic plants is very easy to propagate specially if we will do the immerse technique, because in immerse technique they can easily grow and they can easily propagate this aquatic plants as you can see every week I am cutting the the new sprout here in my main source of my aquatic plants I can get more every week because it has many new sprout and if the plants is regularly trimmed they can have more new sprout if you will regularly trimmed them and this is the technique I am doing in my aquatic plants that’s why I can easily propagate this aquatic plants because every week I regularly trim the main source of my aquatic plants then after i trim I am transferring them here in this new container and they are growing in new container and this is my products now and ready to sell in the market because they are the good one to sell and this is the one of my live bearer I am propagating here in my backyard and this is koi swordtail and the other called this sanke or showa sword tail because of their color, that’s why they called koi sword tail this is very easy to propagate because they are live bearer all you need to do is put hem in breeding net cage because they are fry eater that’s why they are not good in the technique I teach before which is natural breeding technique and if you want to propagate them you need to put them in breeding net cage and so that if they gave birth the fry can exit in the breeding net cage then the breeders are still inside and now I will show to you my produce of this maybe I have 50 to 70 pieces of this since I started this 3 pieces 2 female and 1 male and now they are continuing to propagate because of they sustainable breeding ok now we will go to the grow out of my koi sword tail and this is the grow out of my koi sword tail we will check them now and this is about 1 to 2 months old already and they are in juvy size now I have here maybe 50 to 70 pieces and now we will catch them to see their actual look and this is my juvy size of koi sword tail I have 50 to 70 pieces in here at the same time I have more breeders before my breeders are 20 pieces but they are sold to my costumers going in here if they saw this they really want to buy since they came from far location i dont have any options that’s why i sold, but I keep few breeders at the same time I have more breeders now that’s why the propagation is continuing of this kind of live bearer and this has a new batches which is smaller and I am growing them in my house so this is the example that breeding live bearer is sustainable and if you want to propagate ornamental fish live bearer is the best to choose like guppies, platies, mollies sword tail and other live bearer ornamental fish and if you want to do this in business this is very good and effective because they are sustainable and you will not run out of stocks as long as you will not sell your breeder everyday you can harvest fry and every they your stocks are growing you can sell and you have new batches and that is what I mean for sustainable you cannot run out of stocks and start it in hobby and if you propagate them you can start to sell until you can master the process and that is the time you can start this kind of business and if you are new to my channel and you want to learn this kind of hobby of keeping ornamental fish and later on you want to engage for this kind of business just click the subscribe button below why you need to click the subscribe button below? so that you can learn more because we have many videos in this channel in different kinds of information in keeping ornamental fish and if you are subscriber of JBM Aquayard if I upload new video you will notify if you can also click the notification bell and that is very important so that if I upload new video you can see it and that can be related to the thing you need to know and related to the things you need to learn and thanks to all of you and see you once again in our next episode only here at JBM Aquayard

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