Swarovski & Freshwater Pearl Wire Wrapped Cluster Earrings – DIY Wire Wrap Jewelry

In this lesson, I will be explaining all the
prep work as well as how to connect the components of the Swarovski & Freshwater Pearl Cluster
Earrings. I recommend you have everything I outlined
in the supplies & materials lecture readily available when you start this lesson. We will be utilizing techniques taught in
the lessons on Working with Jump Rings, Earwires, Wrapped Bead Links and Headpins. If you need a refresher on any of these techniques,
those are the lessons to revisit. So here we go: Using your flush cutters, divide
the two inches of the silver plated medium curb chain into two 1 inch lengths. Next, we will be dividing the 32 inches of
26 gauge silver plated round wire into 16 two inch lengths. Here are the components we’ll need to make:
two earwires; four wrapped loop headpin links with a Swarovski bicone and a black cherry
pearl; 8 wrapped loop headpin links with a Swarovski bicone and a mauve pearl; and four
wrapped loop headpin links with a Swarovski bicone and a white pearl. So let’s put all this together. I will be making one earring first and then
repeating the same exact process for the other. First, let’s create the basic earring. Attach the earwire to the one inch length
of chain. I have provided a printable layout document
that details exactly what links go where. I strongly recommend using this document for
reference for this next portion of the project. We will begin at the bottom of the chain with
two of the black cherry links. Alternating sides, add the links to the chain. Depending upon how you want the end product
to look, you can either add one link to each chain loop or two links to one loop, skipping
every other loop. For the purposes of this lesson, I will be
adding one link to each loop, alternating sides. Repeat this process with four of the mauve
links. And repeat it again with two white links. Thus completes the first earring. Repeat this exact process for the second earring. Looking good!

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