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Today, attention to one of our newest inventions
with swim spas. We’ve been working for over two years now on this fully new system. Right
now the whole frame is stainless steel 316. Even the thing where the water comes through
is also stainless steel. So its a very high quality swim spa now and we have been working
on improvements on the flow. And I will show you the unbelievable power in the flow. So
it’s for recreational swimming but really also for training possibilities for swimmers.
Let me show you. Allover, this is really the perfect swim spa. As you can see there’s a
nice gentle stream. Very wide and the good thing about it is it’s fully transparent.
So if i do the crawling I can still look under the water and see what I’m doing. So i’m in
control. This is really the best thing on the market. This is a great swim spa. The spa
is easily controlled here by a knob and we can do from very slow. So if people need to
recover. And we just helped a person, he had a heart attack, so he had to recover. Had
to do a little more excercise. So he is doing it of course a little bit slow. He’s getting
his body moving again. But you know, you can do as fast as you want. So from very slow
to a little bit more. A little bit more. This is more or less the triathlete. He has to
swim two three miles and if we have Michael Phelps who needs to sprint, we can do it really
powerful like this. Now you really have to swim into a wave. This is really, really strong.
On two sides it has a step so I can really easily come into the swim spa. So on two sides
we have the steps and there are two seats on both sides. So maybe before a little massage
or after the swim experience we can have a beautiful massage. And rest a little bit and
enjoy life. Two seats in this swimspa and they are adjustable. The power is adjustable.
There are a lot of jets in it. So the massage is perfect. There’s a big skimmer in here.
The water is always sparkling clean. The best on the market. The best swim spa.

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